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    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    My noise was more under the dash. It was a pretty easy fix. They said the dash wasn’t fastened correctly and installed some type of pad. They did bend the mesh a little when they took the dash off. They will be replacing this when the part comes in. The service center in LA is very busy and...
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    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Go for it! I had a 2017 Model X (5 seater) that was terrific. My only complaint was the poor rear a/c and the front end shudder needed to be fixed twice. I had no complaints about interior noise. I now have a 2022 Model X (5 seater) which is the quietest vehicle I have ever been in. The...
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    Rimetrix Laminars are here

    I am very pleased with the look of the black laminars I just installed on my wife's midnight silver Y. More importantly, she couldn't be happier. It is a quality product and fits perfectly. We really did not care for the original black and silver two tone Gemini caps. If those were all black...
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    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    This doesn’t seem like an efficient use of your time, but I’ll throw my order number #3428 in also!
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    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    I purchased the full set of Tesla Shields mats (waiting for delivery) and just installed their mud flaps. The mud flaps fit perfectly and we’re easy to install. I think they will do the job in protecting the sides of the Model Y. Thanks Tesla Shields for great and inexpensive products.
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    2017 Model X 100D, Autopilot, $75000. Must sell! Boston area.

    Ha. Daddy S - thanks for your support. For what it is worth, I have an offer close to my price. I’m going to miss my Teslas in London. Will be back in a few years and will get the latest then.
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    2017 Model X 100D, Autopilot, $75000. Must sell! Boston area.

    You are incorrect. My car has the midnight silver paint, which is a $1500 option. I have autopilot 2.0, which includes navigate on autopilot, summons, auto park and auto lane change which you would currently need to pay $6000 for under FSD. Those are features that I use everyday. Also do not...
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    2017 Model X 100D, Autopilot, $75000. Must sell! Boston area.

    Have to sell this week! Located north of Boston 2017 Model X 100D, Autopilot 2.0, Midnight Silver, 5 Seater, 24,000 miles, tow package. Only $75,000. Moving out of the country. Car is in impeccable condition. California car. Recent annual maintenance. Frank [email protected] 310-429-3222
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    2017 Model X 100D, AP2.0, $80,000, Boston area

    Last chance to own this amazing vehicle. We are leaving the country in less than 4 weeks and have to sell. 2017 Model X 100D, AP2.0, Midnight Silver, 5 seater, tow package and only 24,000 miles. The vehicle has recently had the 2nd annual maintenance and is in truly excellent condition...
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    2017 Model X 100d For Sale, Asking $80k

    Model X 100D, midnight silver, AP 2.0, tow package, 23,250 miles, just had annual service. This is the 5 seater and the back folds completely flat. Asking $80,000. Moving to London and have to sell by end of July. Car is in excellent condition and is located in the Boston area. Just drove...
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    20 Days and counting for a model X

    Sorry, I see you are in California also. I really need to get the car to Boston with my dog. We made the trip the last 2 summers.
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    20 Days and counting for a model X

    I will be selling my 2017 model x 100D, AP2, 20,000 miles, 5 seater, midnight silver and tow package. Great car. Just had annual maintenance. You won’t find a better model x. Where are you located? I’m in Los Angeles, but will drive it to Boston this week and sell it there. Moving to...
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    2017 Model X 100D, $80,000, Must Sell, Los Angeles

    Must sell my 2017 Model X 100D, 19,875 miles, Midnight Silver, 5 seat, EAP 2.0, Tow Package. Excellent condition - you wont find a better one. Annual maintenance just completed. Located in Los Angeles. Moving abroad in 3 weeks. Asking $80,000. Call or text Frank. 310-429-3222
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    Scroll to my post last Friday on the Model X if you are interested.
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    I think it is $3000 to add FSD. Im not sure if there is any benefit in doing that at this time. My version of EAP, that I paid $5000 for, will do everything that the current FSD does. Sorry, I have agreed to a sale already for the M3. My Model X is still available. You wont find a better...
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    2017 Tesla Model X 100D, EAP, 19,500 miles, Midnight Silver, 5 seater, $81,000

    It has EAP 2.0 and is upgradeable to FSD for $6000. The current autopilot is amazing and I have driven cross-country the last two summers using it. It does navigate on autopilot and will do lane and highway change by itself. I think Tesla is still a few years away from true FSD. The interior...
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    2017 Tesla Model X 100D, EAP, 19,500 miles, Midnight Silver, 5 seater, $81,000

    Located in Los Angeles and have to sell. 2017 Model X 100D, EAP 2.0, 19,500 miles, 5 seater (back lays flat) Midnight Silver, tow package, asking $81,000. Amazing vehicle. Just had 2nd annual maintenance. Text me at 310-429-3222 if interested. Thanks, Frank
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    I believe it is 2.5 on the Model 3. The ModelX I have is 2.0.
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    You may call me at 310-429-3222. It was built in 2017.
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    Thanks everyone for the advice . Shai, I am In Westchester. Have you driven one yet? I am also selling our Model X. Let me know if you want to look at either of them. Frank
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    Good luck. They are great cars and really amazing and fun to drive. You will never go back to a gas car.
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    I appreciate the helpful comments. I simply went into KBB and that is where I came up with the price. I see that I should lower the price - it was a starting point. I only qualified for the Federal tax break. Thank you. My new asking price is $42,000.
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    Model 3, Midnight Silver, LR, EAP

    We are moving to the UK and have to sell our Model 3. We are in Los Angeles. Excellent Condition, 10,000 miles, LR, EAP, Midnight Silver, Premium Upgrades, 18" Aero wheels. Asking $46,000.
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    2017 MX 100D, Midnight Silver, 5 seats and AP2 EAP

    Moving to the UK and have to sell MX and our Model 3. I will post the Model 3 separately. We are in Los Angeles. Excellent Condition, 19,500 miles, Midnight Silver, Tow Package, AP2 EAP, 5 seats (back folds completely flat). Most miles are from 2 cross-country road trips. Original owner and...
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    The Nag makes driving on Autopilot almost impossible for me...

    All you need is a little weight on one side of the steering wheel. Put 60 quarters in a sock, tie a knot and drape it through the steering wheel on one side. This works in my model x. I am attentive and DO NOT take my eyes off the road for even one second, but at least I do not get the nag...
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    long distance, coast to coast drive - tips, preparation

    I have done Los Angeles to Boston and back the last two summers. This year, the dog and I did the 3100 miles in less than 72 hours in my 100D Model X. The navigation route to the Superchargers is awesome. No planing is necessary, although be careful if it wants to route you through Canada. I...
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    AC Compressor dead, now X will be 4xx miles away when ready.

    I had a similar problem in my X last week on a Los Angeles to Boston trip. My ac stopped working in hot conditions. I figured out that the condenser had froze up. Once I let it thaw out while I was supercharging the car was fine. I am a little disappointed that the service center couldn’t...
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    Door closes upon pressing the brake even if no premium upgrade package?

    Yes, the driver's door will close when you step on the brake. It is a great feature that you will enjoy and you don't need PUP.
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    Has anyone received a 100D?

    Tesla just told me that my 100D Model X will be available on March 29th and that the hold up is an EPA thing.

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