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  1. apvbguy

    rear liftgate sunshade - No Longer Available

    rear liftgate sunshade http://shop.teslamotors.com/collections/model-s/products/rear-liftgate-sunshade this unit is sold out from tesla List Date: 4/22/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: rear liftgate sunshade -------------------------------------- This...
  2. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    that is great that you've donated so much intellectual property to the imaging systems community, did someone from the community shame you, intimidate you or demand your donation in any way shape or form of was the transfer of knowledge given freely? for the sake of making my point I will assume...
  3. apvbguy

    Does anyone NOT have a second (ICE) car?

    wow, I did not know that, is there a place where I can confirm this?
  4. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    it's called a dialog, someone makes a comment, then I make a comment, then another comment is made and voila there is a forum breaking out - - - Updated - - - maybe your assessment is correct, now all you need to do is prove it it would look better if you had your facts correct, if I am not...
  5. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    not to be argumentative, but is it your job around here to be arrogant? am I entitled to post my opinion here or am I not? you may not like me or my views but if this is a forum for the exchange of ideas, comments like the one you just posted are the ones that don't belong - - - Updated - -...
  6. apvbguy

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    you do reside in a state that elected and reelected a murderer (kennedy) and then a serial liar (fauxchohantas) to represent the state in the US senate 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blamo off to censorland
  7. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    reading this thread has made me better understand the root causes of road rage
  8. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    I haven't a clue as to how powerful the dealers group is in PA but I'd be very surprised if they were able to block direct sales in PA - - - Updated - - - my sarcasm doesn't convey well in a print format - - - Updated - - - that "hoping" is tesla's only hope at this point, and lacking...
  9. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    I have no secret solution, nor have I ever stated that I have one, what I do have is a greater understanding of the way trenton works and of how to interact with the state officials who can rule over your fate. I have seen what tesla did many times over and the way they approached things will...
  10. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    this make little sense, are you trying to sell a case of where someone is speeding, you move over for them and they slow down and tailgate you anyway? if so maybe a call to the authorities would be in order
  11. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    wow, a whole bunch money, time and efforts could be saved if the parties in this matter would just accept your proclamation as legally binding.
  12. apvbguy

    Questions for NJ

    maybe that is how things are done in the commonwealth, I've never heard of the dept of revenue, it must be a MA thing. I've bought numerous cars in numerous states(NY, NJ, FLA) and excepting one special case the sales taxes are remitted to where the car is registered regardless of where the car...
  13. apvbguy

    Tesla Sales Banned in New Jersey... hopefully not for long!

    since the FTC has no powers to regulate car sales in NJ it is irrelevant
  14. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    A redundancy
  15. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    the people who make those kinds comments appear as foolish as the ones they are attempting to mock
  16. apvbguy

    Tesla Supercharger network

    regarding snow and canopies, who would be responsible for clearing the canopies of snow so the solar panels work properly?
  17. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    this is a recipe for troubles! why go looking for issues when it is very easy to just get out of the way?
  18. apvbguy

    Other Driver Interaction

    how it's done in NJ - YouTube [Moderator: adult language in this video]
  19. apvbguy

    Questions for NJ

    it is as sorted out as it is going to get for awhile. at the galleries all you can do is ask, as per the law, you can do the whole thing online or you can go to chelsea, great people there I can't give you the particulars, tesla does not do trade ins, they farm it out in most cases the sales...
  20. apvbguy

    Regen and rear end collisions

    I've been driving in "B" regen mode in my LEAF for over a year and the brake lights do not go on, I've yet to be rear ended
  21. apvbguy

    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    try this site Outlet Adapters : EVSE Upgrade, Low-Cost EV Charging Solutions
  22. apvbguy

    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    check this site, maybe they'll have what you need EVSEadapters.com: Electric vehicle adapter cables
  23. apvbguy

    "Tesla" or "TSMR" for the "Make"

    some database manager figured that TMSR worked for whatever system he was programming, I don't get what has some people so riled up
  24. apvbguy

    rear liftgate shade - SOLD

    rear liftgate shade http://shop.teslamotors.com/collections/model-s/products/rear-liftgate-sunshade List Date: 4/22/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: rear liftgate shade -------------------------------------- SOLD --------------------------------------
  25. apvbguy

    rear liftgate shade - No Longer Available

    rear liftgate shade out of stock via Tesla List Date: 4/22/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: rear liftgate shade -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly...
  26. apvbguy

    All 4 Tesla superchargers in DE taken by ICE vehicles.

    great looking paint job! however knowing that location and knowing NJ's version of the human condition I bet that there will be ICEing issues galore. I hope I'm wrong
  27. apvbguy

    Model S - Trunk Lighting

    my very inelegant solution is to get one of those inexpensive battery powered LED closet lights that you can velcro to the top of the frunk and the few times that you need extra light you tap the unit and voila you have lighting, all for under $15. for example Shop Utilitech 3-Pack Battery...
  28. apvbguy

    Limited Tesla jacket on ebay - Infos? Real?

    just a tad pricey??:scared:
  29. apvbguy

    All 4 Tesla superchargers in DE taken by ICE vehicles.

    it certainly would be a low tech/inexpensive solution, maybe someone should get DelDOT to try it out
  30. apvbguy

    Nissan Leaf

    as of this moment the site is up
  31. apvbguy

    All 4 Tesla superchargers in DE taken by ICE vehicles.

    the flaw in the placement of the SC in Newark DE is that the SC parking spots are the closest to the entrance of the facility. People are inherently lazy and think that since they only plan on being inside for a few moments that it is ok to park illegally in the SC spots. I think that there are...
  32. apvbguy

    Tesla Supercharger network

    set out some vittles, maybe the gov will show up
  33. apvbguy

    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    2 cars guzzling the juice
  34. apvbguy

    5.9 in new car deliveries??

    5.9.84 was installed in my MS which was delivered 3/31
  35. apvbguy

    "ICEed" By a Tesla Roadster at Park Meadows SuperCharger

    People should think about leaving contact info on their dash boards when at a charger
  36. apvbguy

    Door storage space needed

    That bag will almost guarantee a smash and grab, the out of sight storage needs to be upped
  37. apvbguy

    Princeton study on U.S. Government - one reason Tesla is having so much trouble

    I did not read the full report but the headline itself is fallacious the US is not a democracy nor has it ever been one, it is a constitutional republic
  38. apvbguy

    Front Plate Mounting Poll

    One option missing from the poll is front plate not required
  39. apvbguy

    Staying in the car while supercharging

    I use the charging stops to streach my legs a bit
  40. apvbguy

    DC and Baltimore traffic help

    I've done Glenn Allen to Newark de and as long as you keep your speed below 65 and the weather is good you shouldnt have a problem the one issue you will encounter north of DC and Baltimore on a Friday evening is the tollbooths which can cause significant traffic backups, as others have noted...
  41. apvbguy

    iced by the cops

    or perfectly parked within the lines
  42. apvbguy

    Blatant plug for motel charging in Scottsdale AZ

    then this hotel should be added, these wikis seem to exist but they aren't "well cared for"
  43. apvbguy

    Blatant plug for motel charging in Scottsdale AZ

    maybe a wiki that lists tesla friendly businesses that we encounter should be posted. we should be spending our money where it is appreciated
  44. apvbguy

    iced by the cops

    here is the reply from the city of ventura via their FB page City of Ventura - Government Please contact our Ventura Police Dept Front Desk at 805-339-4400. As a reminder, community members may call the 24 hour non-emergency number 650-8010 to report issues.
  45. apvbguy

    random chitchat

    while we grasp that the "strip" is not to your liking I think that you might have missed the message
  46. apvbguy

    volt video

    need a laugh? watch this promo from GM/Volt Chevy Volt Performers 2009.mov - YouTube
  47. apvbguy

    iced by the cops

    try posting on the city's FB page
  48. apvbguy

    iced by the cops

    precisely, I've never been near ventura ca, I am just reposting the pic from another source in the hopes of wide distribution will cause more embarrassment for that police squad
  49. apvbguy

    Something Worth Thinking About

    Rule Britanniahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHNfvJc99YY J/S

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