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  1. M1tch

    Winter with a Tesla

    I’m expecting to see a range drop when I fit winter tyres this weekend. Already noticed a significant drop in range with the cooler weather recently.
  2. M1tch

    Winter with a Tesla

    I nearly didn’t make it back tonight. Not particularly cold either.
  3. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    40.4.2 this morning. This evening did an hours drive to a winter wonderland thing, the battery still wasn’t warm and had to manually brake - first world problems I know. We were there an hour before the return journey and the battery still wasn’t giving full regen when we got home. 5 mins of...
  4. M1tch

    Getting a bit cheesed off with software glitches

    You’re Not being pedantic, it’s sadly just a fact of owning a Tesla. Personally I think I’m on the best software version I’ve had in my 12 months ownership (although todays update has possibly changed that). Highs and lows, some good bits, some bad. I Still compare this to my last car, my...
  5. M1tch

    Winter / summer Tyre swap

    Just a sanity check as I’m having my summers swapped for winters and checking I’ve not overlooked something. 1. I’ve got the summers on and the winters in the garage. Wife’s car will take them to the tyre place. 2. I’ve got Jack pads for the garage to lift the car. It’s M3 so no special...
  6. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    Also spotted a quick access button for live view if sentry mode on with the new app update (with 2022.40+)
  7. M1tch


    I assume not as I’ve never heard of one….. And it’s a mobile phone 😉😂😂
  8. M1tch

    Cold Legs

    I had the cold legs issue in the summer when the AC was working, but now it’s colder I don’t. I went in to get the issue looked at by Tesla over the summer but I got it back as it was and they said it was all within tolerances and how it should be 🤯 Normally have the HVAC set to 19.5 - 20 degrees.
  9. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    After charging to what I needed to get me back and then shutting it down for 40ish mins before the drive back, all was fixed. Worked flawlessly all the way back. Wipers and lights were both still in auto when I started the drive. No idea what happened or why but damn I used TACC and AP a lot of...
  10. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    Thanks, I’ll check that later too 👍🏻
  11. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    It’s charged enough to get me back to work so it’s unplugged and hopefully will sleep for the next 90 mins and will see how I get on
  12. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    Ah thank you. Collected mine dec 2021. Hoping a few hours sleep this afternoon will cure it before I leave later - but it’s charging so not fully asleep. 🤯 Let’s see what happens later - I’ll report back
  13. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    Yes the preview of road markings, lights, cars etc is all still there. No, didn’t come back at all.
  14. M1tch

    Cruise control unavailable

    Drove up to Birmingham today and all was normal. On the way back TACC and AP wouldn’t engage. Tried a two button reboot, tried a two button and brake pedal reboot, all cameras are clean, all doors have been opened and closed to make sure that’s not the issue, seat belts were all on, not had...
  15. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    Oh! I’ve been double tapping since dec 21. Only didn’t double tap this time as I hit a bump and missed the second tap 😂😂😂
  16. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    If TACC is active and you pass through a new speed limit, you double tap the new speed limit and the car does the new speed right? Well, Not sure when it changed but now a single tap has the same effect.
  17. M1tch

    Significant reduction in SC pricing

    My robot is telling me to put it away but the grass is still growing so it’s still getting cut
  18. M1tch

    Model 3 windscreen cracked in impossible place

    I did but would have been an MOT failure as the crack was from the A-pillar to the centre of the screen on the drivers side so right in my eyeline. I temporarily fixed with resin but wasn’t ideal
  19. M1tch

    Model 3 windscreen cracked in impossible place

    I’ve just had my windscreen replaced - it cracked and I notified auto glass 8 months ago! 😬 Good luck
  20. M1tch


    Awesome, thanks both. I don’t know if we have a term for it - not come across one if we do. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  21. M1tch


    I can’t help with your question, but what is tailgating in British English? We use the word tailgating if you are following a car far to closely, like right on their bumper. That’s why I read this thread - “I’m going out on Sunday and plan on tailgating!” 😂😂 found it funny 👍🏻
  22. M1tch

    Broke charger cable?

    If you’re on about the blue cable (forgive the lack of technical term) it’s just a dumb cable that plugs into the car and chargers in the rain. Surely a bit of damp wouldn’t harm it? While not plugged in I’d check there are no obvious mould growths inside the heads and no remaining moisture.
  23. M1tch

    Switching charger

    I’ve got the Tesla one. Syncs with the app, shows exact usage and simple to use. 👍🏻
  24. M1tch


    Can you use the new door pop open feature?
  25. M1tch

    Apple Music integration…

    https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/1075/confirmed-tesla-is-adding-apple-music-to-their-vehicles-in-update Apparently it’s coming….
  26. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    They are coming in the Xmas update. I’d do a 20p with you but that’s 0.14 seconds I could have heating on when I loose…..
  27. M1tch

    App notifications - is it me?

    Go into general, settings and into the Tesla app. See what sort of notification you have set it to allow - or not 👍🏻
  28. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    Almost exclusively driving in the dark at the moment and following 40.4.1 last last week the HBA are amazing! As good as anything I’ve had before and I didn’t intervene at all this evening - first time in the nearly year I’ve had it! Randomly had this when I got out too - I’ve used the light...
  29. M1tch

    Auto Defogging

    Try these: Pingi Dehumidifier Car And Home LV-A300 - Absorbs Moisture Condensation Damp Keeping Windscreens Clear - One Reusable 299 g Bag https://amzn.eu/d/fMx7psW Used them for years on many different cars and they gently absorb moisture and leave a clear screen. Really helped with interior...
  30. M1tch

    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    How many of your “friends”, colleagues and family members had great pleasure at informing you about this today? I had loads! *^#$ers
  31. M1tch

    Tesla Navigation - which lane?

    Does nobody else have at least a good idea where they are heading and use those MASSIVE METAL SIGNS to assist you anymore?
  32. M1tch

    Free supercharging on service mode?

    Interesting, I’ve too wondered if once complete, the SC plugged the car in, would I be billed / pay overstay fees etc. might try next time.
  33. M1tch

    Sentry Mode while on holiday

    I turn mine off at home as the flashing headlights draws unwanted attention to the house and car. A ring camera or smart lights to mimic your being home would work better IMO.
  34. M1tch

    charge question less than 20% left

    Completely fine. You wouldn’t worry if your phone was at 20%, don’t worry about your car 👍🏻
  35. M1tch

    New iPhone widget

    I think you need to delete that widget to get the lock screen one.
  36. M1tch

    My speed limits have gone

    Good luck with that on our motorways. 59,40,50,60,(gantry with a speed camera) 30, 50,60,40,50 end of silly “smart killer” motorway, back to 70. 🤯🤯🤯
  37. M1tch

    My speed limits have gone

    Same here. Had a download yesterday morning but never an option to install it. This makes sense now but I have the same issue with multiple speed limits missing.
  38. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    I checked, I really do have a radio!!! 😂😂😂
  39. M1tch

    [UK] 2022.40

    11 months and didn’t know the car had a radio! 😂😂 will have a look later!
  40. M1tch

    Car Wifi Signal

    I normally only see my own AP which is close to where the car is parked. Last weekend when installing 36.6, I could see a good 10 plus networks. Not had that before - or since!
  41. M1tch

    It’s getting cold!!

    Good point! I noticed a 5% extra use last night on my commute. 😬
  42. M1tch

    First Long Drive - autopilot problems

    I wore shades all summer and no issues for me - unless it’s a later “feature”
  43. M1tch

    First Long Drive - autopilot problems

    3 hours for me this evening on 36.6 and no issues at all. HBA still not great on dual carriageways but apart from that, very good all round.
  44. M1tch

    It’s getting cold!!

    I’ll have a look 👍🏻
  45. M1tch

    What's your Tesla (origin) story?

    Such an interesting read this thread. So many different reasons behind the transition 👍🏻
  46. M1tch

    It’s getting cold!!

    Well it’s defo getting cold, the lack of regen braking caught me out this morning (nothing bad happened, just had to manually brake) and I still had a few of the cold battery bars after my 25 min trip. Pre-heating here I come 😂😂
  47. M1tch

    First Long Drive - autopilot problems

    ^^^^^ THIS!!
  48. M1tch

    App won’t let me unlock charge port

    Force close the app and reopen it. Mine has a different screen to that when charging
  49. M1tch

    Road tax incoming

    The government is going to take more of our money? Surprise surprise 🤯
  50. M1tch

    Aftermarket LED lights

    No, this isn’t another “what footwell lights should I buy”? One of the first things I did was upgrade the boot, footwell and console lights to brighter LEDs. Big fan of the quick change and it made a big difference. With no issues for 10-11 months. Now, I upgraded to 2022.36.5 last Thursday and...

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