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  1. ifung90

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    I'd love to have someone locally to do that black out front headlight mod.
  2. ifung90

    Racing Brake XT910 Brake Pad Upgrade For M3P

    I want to know how it compares to Endless EX90 (mx72 asia market). I'm running endless with motul 660 fluids + MPP stainless lines on my P3D front and rear calipers and it feels quite underwhelming. Not nearly the bite I was hoping to achieve. Not to mention brake dust level is higher than...
  3. ifung90

    Will Plaid 19s fit my ‘22 M3LR?

    You need to run at least a 15mm adapter to change the PCD. if the wheels are 19x8.5 et35, you'd be running a 19x8.5 et20 effectively on a 285. To run a 285 on a model 3, you should be running a 9.5" et35-40 in the rear. A 8.5 ET20 is approx 9.5 et32.5 give or take. So you'd probably need...
  4. ifung90

    Tesla auto wipers is a real danger

    I agree. I think it's pretty garbage too. For this price point of a car, should be better judged. Not to mention the wiper material is already subpar and makes steaks and noises fairly early in their work cycle. Disclaimer, I wash my car once to twice a week so the window and the wipers are...
  5. ifung90

    Model 3 Performance Changes [in suspension and tires]

    Actually, the width of the rim being a 9" and the 235/35/20 Pirelli being just over 9" doesn't mean on the rim itself won't have any stretch. The tire sidewall profile also takes into consideration. Different brands will exhibit different side wall profile on the same width wheel. If you run a...
  6. ifung90

    Model 3 Performance Changes [in suspension and tires]

    Actually, I picked up my 2021 Model 3 Perf with the uberturbine. they're 20x9 et34 on a 235/35/20 Pirelli tire. It is in fact, STRETCHED from factory. A 9" wheel should be running a 245 or even a 255 depending on tire brand and sidewall design for a flat, rounded edge. The Pirellis are...
  7. ifung90

    Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen V2

    I would love to have a digital speedo in front of me. I came from a MODEL s and model X and the absence of a central cluster with a speedometer directly in my line of sight makes driving fast ridiculously hard, especially without any engine noise and gears! Disclaimer: I also have a manual GT4...
  8. ifung90

    For sale: al priority control module only

    For sale is a spare ecu module for al Priority laser jammer. Only have controller and box. HW2. Can be used to exchange for HW4 for discount or use to build your own unit. $120 Usd shipped anywhere.
  9. ifung90

    FS: AL priority laser jammer (5 sensors) and escort stealth 9500ci

    Hi, I removed this from my P85D. Saved me quite a few times. AL priority newest generation ECU. Purchased 2020 Summer. Bought from Canada KMPH. Can provide serial number. 1x newest generation ECU (black box model) 5x RX sensors/heads (3 front, 2 rear) 2x extension cable for the rear...
  10. ifung90

    FS: Brixton Forged R10 Duo 2 piece forged 21" wheels

    Up for sale is a set of wheels I just refinished professionally. Selling because I traded in my model S for a model 3. Brixton Forged wheels R10 Duo - 2 piece concave design Full forged made in USA Professionally refinished in brushed clear. Candy red center caps, candy red bolts Raised...
  11. ifung90

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    21x10 21x11 Brixton forged duo R2D Custom refinished in white and red center cap by Project Wheel in HK Red candy bolts from VR Wheels
  12. ifung90

    Where to repair / paint wheels?

    that is expensive! I go to only one place. LW wheel lounge in Sham shui po. depending on wheel, around $350-500 per wheel. Include refurb and color match. If you have chrome lip wheels, even cheaper. English and Chinese language fluent. Can book through whatsapp and quick. LW Wheel...
  13. ifung90

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Model X. 22x9 22x11 265 front 285 rear Lowered.
  14. ifung90

    FS: AP Racing Big Brake kit for Model X

    Hi everyone, Just parting out some things from my car. Have a set of AP Racing Radical Big Brake kit for Model X. Fits all version of MX. 2x Six piston front caliper 2x Four piston rear caliper (Retains original electronic parking brake) Original Black Colour Caliper with White AP Racing...
  15. ifung90

    FS: AP Racing Radical Brake kit for Model x

    Hi everyone, Just parting out some things from my car. Have a set of AP Racing Radical Big Brake kit for Model X. Fits all version of MX. 2x Six piston front caliper 2x Four piston rear caliper (Retains original electronic parking brake) Original Black Colour Caliper with White AP Racing...
  16. ifung90

    Autopilot for Model X enabled?

    I ran for 280 km before it reset back to hong kong! It finally reset and I got Tesla to push the update for me so I can activate TACC, audio equalizer settings and auto headlights. My god the X feels more backwards than my model S. Except it's got way more cupholders, at least they got the...
  17. ifung90

    Looking for 22" wheels

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone is letting go of their stock 22" wheels? Please whatsapp 6492 2627 if you are! Thanks! Ian
  18. ifung90

    Autopilot for Model X enabled?

    How did you guys get the GPS to change back to Hong Kong? Mine is still stuck in USA!
  19. ifung90

    Largest width rear tires for 21" wheels

    I am running a 21x11 et29 wheel with 285/30/21 rear. However if u are low, you'll rub. I would run 21x10.5 et30-33 offset and run 285/30/21 safely
  20. ifung90

    22" HRE P90L forged wheels retail for 9k selling for $1950

    Will ship? They would look awesome on my X
  21. ifung90

    For sale: 22" 3pc forged wheels + pirelli tires

    Decided not to sell for now. Thx for the interest.
  22. ifung90

    For sale: Carbon fiber + perforated leather steering wheel

    my apologies, this steering wheel was based on a non-heated wheel so it will not.
  23. ifung90

    For sale: Carbon fiber + perforated leather steering wheel

    yeah so unfortunate since this is the thing you touch the moment you get into your vehicle! Bump! PM me if you want to make me an offer.
  24. ifung90

    Science Park Super Charger failed to charge our battery

    Wow i plugged it in there too .. it said check charger battery so i unplugged right away
  25. ifung90

    For sale: Carbon fiber + perforated leather steering wheel

    I have a steering wheel for sale. I took an OEM steering wheel and had it custom finished to this outlook. Brand: Tesla OEM Detail: Gloss Carbon fiber top/bottom. Perforated leather side grip. Silver stitching. The wheel has been enhanced for a contoured look around the side grips. Condition...
  26. ifung90

    For sale: 22" 3pc forged wheels + pirelli tires

    Also the wheels have been paint coat protected by OCD detailing the moment they landed in Hong Kong.
  27. ifung90

    For sale: 22" 3pc forged wheels + pirelli tires

    I am selling my wheels. No apparent reasons, just change of season! Brand: GMR wheels Company: VR Wheels in USA Material: Made in USA fully forged centers, lip rings and barrels. Same factory as ADV1 and AG forged line. Size: 22x10 et30, 22x11 et30. - purchased from VR wheels in 2016...
  28. ifung90

    Model S carbon fiber rear diffuser?

    this isn't carbon fiber. that's just a film that looks like it. The china material isn't carbon fiber either. It's fiberglass with carbon overlays to make it look like it. This production method doesn't have the characteristics of carbon fiber neither.
  29. ifung90

    Vendor Dave's Unplugged P85D

    i like the headlights.
  30. ifung90

    Tesla S parts for sale

    Hi looking for the steering wheel with no airbag. How much shipped to Hong kong or Canada? Thanks, Ian
  31. ifung90

    Parting out P85D - EU Only

    How much for the rear seats? Also do you have steering wheel? Need to be shipped to hong kong
  32. ifung90

    Parting out P85D - EU Only

    how much for the rear seats? need to be shipped to Hong Kong. Also do you have the steering wheel?
  33. ifung90

    [PICS] - HRE P41 Wheels - 20x9 ET28 and 20x10.5 ET28 - Fits, but aggressively!

    20x10 totally fits. I ran a 20x10 et15 front with 245/35/20 and it cleared no problem (although my tire size is off, i should've went with a 245/40/20 i know) My new set up which is due to arrive in 5 days are: VR wheels 3 piece forged. 22x10 et30 22x11 et30 Pirelli Pzero 255/30/22...
  34. ifung90

    What does this do? (holding "T")

    I love how you didn't read the post properly and tried to make me sound stupid LOL I clearly said I have a P85D .. which is AWD .. and I am trying to make it go from AWD -> RWD. Thanks for giving me the answer I wanted jerjozwik!
  35. ifung90

    What does this do? (holding "T")

    All i want to know is if I have a P85D insane and simulate a 70 or 85, does that mean I am not Rear wheel drive instead of AWD?? cause that would be sweet!
  36. ifung90

    Model S headroom at door frame and pano roof

    hey jeff, the answer is it's pretty terrible. My mother has problem getting in and out of my car as she is 63 years old and have difficulties bending as she sits down. The roofline is similar to a mercedes CLS, Audi A5/a7 sportback, Volkswagen passat CC and any of the "grancoupes" from bmw...
  37. ifung90

    Will Tesla offer the facelift bumper as a retrofit?

    The new bumper makes the hoodline look like a Genesis coupe ..
  38. ifung90

    How To Leave Car On W/Passengers?

    sometimes the windows wont have power when the car is in "off" even with the key in the car and the screen on. Anyone know a fix for that? The sunroof moves, just windows wont. really frustrating especially sitting at the supercharger and its getting hot in the car.
  39. ifung90

    "Secret Sauce" power upgrade coming - beyond Ludicrous

    honestly I have a P85D and i want the ludacris update but its insanely expensive to upgrade at $10,000. (in hk, it's even more than that) For 85D owners to go to a full P90DL, that's a huge difference in price so I don't see why anyone's complaining that "if tesla told me ..., i would have...
  40. ifung90

    Group buy for Xpel ultimate from DCC story anyone?

    I'm getting my front end done in hexis to prevent stone chips from sunday morning drives. Only $3200 for front bumper and front lip. the price went down a lot haha.
  41. ifung90

    Help: Remove model S steering wheel?

    Oh so by removing the terminal from the standard 12v battery, it is the same removal procedures as every other car? I was worried that even with the 12v battery removed, the main battery still has some left over access to the air bag system. GREAT easy peasy then. Thanks!
  42. ifung90

    Help: Remove model S steering wheel?

    Hi everyone, I want to get my model S steering wheel reupholstered in Leather and Carbon but I need to ship the original out to get it done. Anyone have instructions on how to remove the OE steering wheel? I have done SW removal before on various other cars with simple batteries but I have...
  43. ifung90

    Help in confirming 22" tire sizes please

    You'll be fine unless you lower your car. Fronts are no problem but rear with 295 may be a problem with a lowered stance. 275 or 285 would be no problem at all.
  44. ifung90

    Superchargers in California will be clogged in 12 months, unless?

    This has been a problem for Hong Kong supercharger network for the last 12 months. During holiday season, I was in line at a 6 stall charger area (largest one we have) and there were 9 cars WAITING while 6 are charging. This is a big issue for our city as private apartment housings do not...
  45. ifung90

    Driving issues: my tires or my Ludicrous upgrade?

    21" wheel options come with summer tires. Best tire money can buy would hands down be Michelin pilot super sport. Given you can run summer tires. I am using my 19" original wheels on all season Michelin PS3 at the moment and I feel way less lateral grip as well as less effective straight...
  46. ifung90

    Driving issues: my tires or my Ludicrous upgrade?

    Oem 21" tires are continental 5P. Those are SUMMER tires. Continental dws06 is an ALL SEASON tire. Not even in the same category of dry grip. of course your TC will come on with 700Hp+ On a standstill. Can't be fooled by the AA or A rating on the tire, can't expect a 500 tredwear tire to...
  47. ifung90

    Car wash and detailing shop around Sha Tin area?

    None good ones. the closest one I go to is sham shui po.
  48. ifung90

    Could Tesla survive outside the US market?

    Elon in his visit to Hong Kong said Hong Kong is their most densely populated market based on tesla per square feet. there are also 3000 tesla in Hong Kong since 2013. And we are a tiny city.

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