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  1. paintpolisher

    $500 screwing on my X...

    This is the base 20" wheel setup: Fronts are 265/45/20 and the rears are 275/45/20. I believe the rear wheels are 1/2" wider to accommodate the wider tire.
  2. paintpolisher

    $500 screwing on my X...

    Since Tirerack charges tax here in GA, it would cost me $400 + $30 install to go that route. Tesla is actually $400 for the tire and $50 labor. One of the Tesla tech lives close to me, so he picked up the wheel/tire last night, will install new tire on the wheel at the SvC center and will return...
  3. paintpolisher

    X owner claims unintended acceleration caused accident

    Or if he already has a lawyer under retainer.
  4. paintpolisher

    Model X Dash cam install

    Say the new one is $50 more then the present model can be had for. Is it worth it? IMO I don't see enough features to warrant paying more for the new one? I have the 128gb amazon deal for $311 and its still in the box. So I could return it. How long till the new model is released?
  5. paintpolisher

    Titanium Model X Photos

    Thank you! No, its still stock.
  6. paintpolisher

    So I went to convert my Model X order to a Model S..but then

    We drove a MS85 for 32k miles and 18 months. When the new MS was released we called and checked to see if we could switch from our MX res to the new MS90D, DS said it was too late unless we wanted to give up our $5k deposit as we had already confirmed. I am so glad we could not switch. The X is...
  7. paintpolisher

    Titanium Model X Photos

    Here is ours. Full Xpel Ultimate and OptiCoat Pro Plus. I like it debadged. Our spoiler is "active"
  8. paintpolisher

    $500 screwing on my X...

    :) 586 miles. I'll get a new one on Tuesday installed and see if I can find anyone to patch this one for a spare. Indicated down to 28 psi when the wife and daughter tried to do some local running around. They didn't get far before the warning came on and came back home. Glad it didn't...
  9. paintpolisher

    Musk at Code conference 2016: Model X is quite sublime at this point.

    I agree that the 90% # is high, but there are issues with the front doors that need to be fixed sooner then later.
  10. paintpolisher

    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    Given its quirks, I'm still very glad we traded our S in for an X.
  11. paintpolisher

    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    PJ, IMO Tesla will send a flatbed to get your X back to the Atl and provide you with a rental car.
  12. paintpolisher

    Cracked Model X windshield

    Does the $2290+tax price include installation?
  13. paintpolisher

    Cracked Model X windshield

    It should... $500 installed for 48". I can notice the line from the outside, but does not bother me from the inside as it ends up in the tinted area. Have not tried wipers yet, as I have not driven in the rain since install. I put OptiCoat Pro Plus on the CP, so if low speeds, might need the...
  14. paintpolisher

    My 3600 Mile Model X Journey

    Thanks John. We are heading to Norfolk, VA on the first day, then up to Jersey City to see Statue of Liberty, Mystic, CT, Newport, RI, Boston and then Bar Harbor, ME. Philadelphia on the way back with a stop over in Burlington, NC before getting back home.
  15. paintpolisher

    Cracked Model X windshield

    Sorry for your bad luck Bobby. I had Clearplex installed on our windshield 48" from the bottom.
  16. paintpolisher

    Charging in or near Charleston, WV

    Sign up or in to plugshare. There are 4-5 Tesla owners who have HPWCs at their houses. It will show you all the contact info when you sign in.
  17. paintpolisher

    Tire FYI

    Since I have my X on the lift today, I pulled the wheels to apply OptiCoat Pro Plus to the barrels, rear of spokes and the faces. Here is the tool that will pull the plastic caps off: Amazon.com: Genuine Audi 8D0012244A Wheel Bolt Cap Removal Tool: Automotive (looks like Amazon made this an...
  18. paintpolisher

    What will you name your Model X?

    Both names chosen by our now 12 yr old daughter. Our traded MCR S85 was Strawberry Our new Titanium X90D is Pineapple
  19. paintpolisher

    My 3600 Mile Model X Journey

    Thanks for your great reports John. We are headed out on June 10th for a two week 3k mile round trip that will take us as far north as Bar Harbor, ME.
  20. paintpolisher

    My 3600 Mile Model X Journey

    The S is this way as well.
  21. paintpolisher

    Supercharger - West Yellowstone, MT

    I need to do a cross country drive and hit all these wonderful National Parks.
  22. paintpolisher

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    Picked up ours from Derek Johnson of Atlanta Protective Films yesterday. Pineapple received a full Xpel Ultimate exterior wrap, seat backs done with Suntek, door sills done with Xpel matte. Josh of Executive Tint at the same location did the 2 front windows legal limit and also did a 48" piece...
  23. paintpolisher

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    Derek Johnson of Atlanta Protective Films in the Atlanta area will do full front (front bumper cover, full hood, full front fenders, mirrors, A pillars and door handles) for $1400. He will do full MX for $4000. Seat backs are $800. Derek is a high quality film installer who has 10 years of...
  24. paintpolisher

    Preparing for Lovebug Season

    The issue with the Colgan style of front end masks is they will after extended use rub your clear coat. Dirt gets under them and they are never tight enough not to move or flap. PPF and OptiCoat Pro Plus, love bugs wash off with ease. While the suntek film looks better, I recommend Xpel...
  25. paintpolisher

    Replacing that giant Model X windshield

    Clearplex is what I'm hoping to get installed on our Xs windshield. The installer is thinking 40" will be the max he can install, CP is not as flexible as PPF (paint protection film) so that is the limiting factor.
  26. paintpolisher

    So after 100 miles of driving our new MX...

    I love the matte finish of the Figured ashwood.
  27. paintpolisher

    Model X first day feedback

    Yes, My wife did. Service Manager told us to avoid the second FOB in the area. I turned off the feature for now.
  28. paintpolisher

    Funny experience in my office parking garage

    Just tell the valet that you don't have a fob and your Tesla can only be controlled by your watch and/or phone. If they insist on driving it to the parking spot, fine ride with them.
  29. paintpolisher

    Lack of 360 degree camera (birds eye view)

    This is the one feature I wish our X had.
  30. paintpolisher

    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    I'll decide before I reach 4 years or 50k miles. You will put more miles then you think on a Tesla. We put 32k miles in 18 months on our S. Id rather figure out if it will be worth it then, rather then now.
  31. paintpolisher

    So after 100 miles of driving our new MX...

    Our S85 was MCR, we actually tried to change from Titanium to MCR while in preproduction but it was too late (without a reorder and losing $5k deposit) Ti is growing on me w/ the quickness.
  32. paintpolisher

    So after 100 miles of driving our new MX...

    I'm in love! :) I can't wait to take it on our 3k mile road trip to Maine. So freaking comfortable. I think I am most impressed by the handling as I pushed it a little thru some on/off ramps today. I had to keep telling myself, it does weigh 5700#. Acceleration is very adequate from the 90D...
  33. paintpolisher

    Model X first day feedback

    Picked up 3467 yesterday at Tesla Marietta, GA. Great service as always from the crew at Marietta. FWDs have some misalignment. Front door small window horz seals are poorly installed. A few other items that we noted w service. Later in the day the drivers door went cra cra. I did...
  34. paintpolisher

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    Alliant gets it done. Nice thing is once a FedEx tracking # is generated by Alliant, tesla will allow you to take delivery.
  35. paintpolisher

    Model X May Deliveries

    That plastic floor in the shed.
  36. paintpolisher

    Model X May Deliveries

    Picked up 3467 today, 90D Titanium w/ Black. Great delivery experience at Tesla of Marietta, GA. FWD alignment was off on both sides at the top and a few other items noted. Had a great day picking up our 12 yr old daughter after her after school activity, other kids had that WTH look on...
  37. paintpolisher

    Model X May Deliveries

    Same boat as PJ! Exciting day!
  38. paintpolisher

    Tesla Deposit Policy for Model X

    Confirmed Jan 5th and getting our 90D in Atlanta today. IME you might not enter production for another month.
  39. paintpolisher

    Miles on your Model X at Delivery

    26 when I saw it Saturday, I'll try and remember to update when we pick it up tomorrow.
  40. paintpolisher

    First bad day in the X

    Will let you know. Yes, I'm hoping its higher up where it's not noticeable. At 37k miles our S has that lovely micro-pitting from all the highway miles we do.
  41. paintpolisher

    First bad day in the X

    I'll be getting Clearplex on our windshield. At least as high up as the roll will allow.
  42. paintpolisher

    Model X May Deliveries

    #3467 90D arrived in Marietta, GA Friday. We went in yesterday to do a final appraisal on our S when they told us they had a surprise to show us. While I waited in the service area, my wife and daughter went to sales area and just happen to run into our DS. Who took them to see "Pineapple"...
  43. paintpolisher

    My X has now come back from the Austin Service center damaged twice

    You need the $2700 PTG to check any plastic or composite panels. Front and rear bumper covers.
  44. paintpolisher

    Calipher painting Pros and Cons

    Not stock and this is what they charge to return them to stock.
  45. paintpolisher

    Calipher painting Pros and Cons

    Friend who traded in his S85 with red painted calipers was charged $2000 by Tesla when he traded in for a new 90D
  46. paintpolisher

    Estimated April-Early May delivery is now blank.

    Hoping we are on the truck with you. Our trip is in June, could take the S, but I'm not putting 3000 additional miles on her before we trade. Another rumor going around is that MXs will now be shipped to the east coast by rail and that will take 3-4 weeks. :(
  47. paintpolisher

    72a now available after delivery for $1900

    A someone noted, I'm guessing they are installing the hardware and allowing it to be turned on by a service center.
  48. paintpolisher

    72a now available after delivery for $1900

    I read that it's still available when ordering for $1500 if you play around with the configuration a bit.
  49. paintpolisher

    Model X May Deliveries

    In one of the MX FB pages, some are reporting via DS that your estimated delivery dates have been deleted as now your MX is going to ship by train instead of truck. Train takes 2-3 weeks and truck takes 5-7 days for cross country. Looks like our road trip in June to Maine from Atlanta is in...

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