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    Does my Model 3 LR have matrix headlights?

    Are model 3's currently being delivered with Matrix headlights? I'm considering buying a RWD version and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question anywhere. Thanks
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    Tesla Service Centers

    Is anybody aware of any progress on service related issues? I'm getting frustrated enough with it that I've been thinking about trading for something else. I love my car, but 24 man-hours to drop and pick up my car for an A/C repair is more time than I have.
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    Another Sudden Acceleration

    I have 3 places where I have this happen to me routinely. They all have the following characteristics: 1) Downhill 2) Bumpy 3) Near terminal braking I’ve been over these spots hundreds of times and it happens every time unless I plan ahead and go even slower. However, the problem went away 2...
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    Can the Tesla Wall Connector output power to a NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    For a brief time earlier this year, Tesla was selling a wall charger with a 14-50 plug on it. I had planned to buy one but it disappeared from the web site before I could order. There are a couple of threads about it, speculating that it got pulled over regulatory issues.
  5. S

    Sharing my car repair experience

    Agree totally. Every time I read one of these, I truly consider ditching the Tesla before the inevitable happens.
  6. S

    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    I have found that wheel cleaner seems to do the trick. I spray wheel cleaner on the dirty parts, wipe down with a cloth and then rinse with water.
  7. S

    Model S collision repairs

    Ultimately, this is the reason insurance rates are sky high relative to cost on Teslas. And, unfortunately, I don't see it getting better.
  8. S

    2017 Model S Need Advice

    Only Used Tesla | A Place Exclusively Dedicated To Buying And Selling Used Teslas
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    Idle fee at empty Supercharger?

    There was a thread somewhere on here where customers took delivery of cars connected to Super Charger at the Tesla Store and were immediately charged an idle fee. I have no problem with idle fees as long as I know the rules but Tesla customer service is beyond bad these day.
  10. S

    Air Suspension question

    When you manually raise the air suspension, the car memorizes where you were and raises it in that location every time you go there. So, you must have passed a location where the previous owner had programmed. You can erase these locations and start over.
  11. S

    CPO registration issue

    Why do other brands not have these same problems with previois owners not forwarding titles.
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    Software Update 2018.46.x

    New bug (Elon would call it a feature) in 46.2 Let's say you want to turn on your steering wheel heater. Press the fan button and then the steering wheel button. After the fan button, there is a choice on the left side between A/C controls and heated seats/steering wheels. On older versions...
  13. S

    Software Update 2018.46.x

    I got it last night. I had 2 bugs on my wish list. 1. iPhone auto plays music when getting in the car. I can confirm that this is not solved. 2. Turning on climate control from the app used to turn on the seat heaters prior to v9. I have not had a chance to check this yet.
  14. S

    In-car cell phone issues

    Same issue. iPhone xs. I suspect that this problem is also related to the new issue where music automatically starts playing on your phone when it connects to the car.
  15. S

    New Tesla Pick Up Experience

    I just don’t understand why new cars are being delivered in such poor condition. My friend had numerous delays in his delivery. Looking back, we both think it was cover for them repainting parts of his car. His rear doors are slightly different colors than the rest of the car and the trim is...
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    Does Tesla's parts and service policies violate state and federal consumer protection laws?

    I’m honestly amazed somebody hasn’t sued them over this already. Other than making a really cool car, they do very little to keep customers happy and eventually, that will get them sued.
  17. S

    Rear lower control arms being cut through due to the chains!

    How many miles did you drive with those chains? That’s quite a groove.
  18. S

    Model 2013 with 100,000 miles

    There is a recent thread out there on either this forum or Tesla discussing smoke smells. I even bought my own ozone generator. You can make it better, but it does keep popping back up.
  19. S

    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    This whole concept of buy without looking or test driving is amazing to me.
  20. S

    Model 3 landed in a pond - Pictures

    Speed doesn’t kill. Sudden deceleration does though.
  21. S

    Getting rid of cigarette smoke

    I bought an ozone generator on eBay (much cheaper that way). It worked well, but was never perfect. The odor would bleed through again after a few weeks. I think the ultimate answer lies with Jason above. And like he says, it may never be perfect. There are some parts of that car that are...
  22. S

    Pre-heated seats

    Yep. Seems to have disappeared during recent software updates.
  23. S

    Pre-heated seats

    Last winter, I was pumped when the app and software were updated so that I could pre heat my seats when I remotely turned on the heat. Of course, this was only as long as I left the seat heaters and steering wheel heater on when I left the car, but I was good with doing that. Well, it’s gotten...
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    Idle fee because Tesla Service left the car plugged in

    It is a bunch of crap. It’s typical Tesla service which is non-existent. This is just one of those things you fix for a customer. Everybody knows they will not fix this because they will never call you back. It’s how they roll. When people ask me about my car, I tell them that the car is an...
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    Idle fee because Tesla Service left the car plugged in

    What a bunch of crap. I agree with you.
  26. S

    Any perfect mattress for 3 certain yet?

    Is there a size of exped that fits perfectly? They seem to be too wide or too narrow (31 inches).
  27. S

    Disappointed in Tesla Online store

    The online store is typical Tesla. Zero communication. Recently, I decided to buy a wall charger. Rather than deal with the online store, I just bought one off of eBay.
  28. S

    CPO purchased finally! P85D with low miles

    I bought a Tesla in ATL and didn’t have to pay GA sales tax.
  29. S

    Disappointed in Tesla Online store

    I've ordered several things from them with similarly rotten service. They charge your card immediately and then months later, you have nothing and can't get hold of them. I've emailed them a number of times asking to cancel my order, all with no response. On one occasion, I just had...
  30. S

    Ameriprise and Total Loss Protection

    Well, I'm glad you are ok now. A couple of thoughts: 1) I just don't see any way that this won't eventually turn into a total loss. There are just too many body panels involved for it not to be based on pics we have seen on this site 2) What in the heck was the other driver thinking? 3) What...
  31. S

    Ameriprise and Total Loss Protection

    I’m interested in how you weathered the accident. Do you feel like the Tesla did its job?
  32. S

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    So this is now weird. I discovered this thing with the Apple Watch yesterday morning when I was not wearing my Apple Watch. Then, yesterday evening I wore my Apple Watch and could not trigger the problem. This had happened every single time I got in my car until yesterday. There were no...
  33. S

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    Ok. I’d like to hear eveyone’s thoughts on this. My phone plays music in the car after any phone utilization. If I make a call, I get a short burst of music until I get back to the radio. If I use Siri, I get the same. Now, here’s something I discovered today. All of this is only if I’m...
  34. S

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    I am presuming this is a Tesla issue (as opposed to an Apple issue) since this doesn’t happen on my other cars or Bluetooth devices.
  35. S

    I hope they don't fix this glitch

    Make sure you let go of the music frame last. I had the same issue
  36. S

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    If I use the “hey Siri” function, for a brief second after Siri hangs up, I get blasted with a word or two of whatever song is playing before the car reverts back to the radio. VERY irritating.
  37. S

    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    How to stop your iPhone from autoplaying music in the car If you scroll to the bottom of this article, you can disallow CarPlay. I just turned it off. I’ll see if this solves the problem later today.
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    The Saga continues.....Regretting this purchase

    The whole deception thing really makes me think I won't buy another Tesla. That's just complete BS and really makes me wonder what they are up to. I hope they read this.
  39. S

    How fast can I go backwards?

  40. S

    So, Do I Take The Car or Not?

    I just don’t understand how this happens and, more importantly, why it’s not caught and corrected prior to reaching the customer. Are these blemishes coming from the factory or are they cars that have gone from bad to worse when they try to repaint a car with some blemishes.
  41. S

    200,000+ Mileage Club

    I’m just curious. What do you suppose you could sell your car for today with 200k miles?
  42. S

    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Has Tesla ever made any comment on their inability to supply parts? I was considering adding a M3 to the family but I decided this situation is going to have to get better before I do. I stopped in the Tesla store in Dallas and asked the sales guy. He said it’s all better now that the M3 line...
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    New S/X Coat Hooks Now in Tesla Store!

    I ordered mine months ago. They shipped a few days ago. Due to arrive Wednesday.
  44. S

    Very uncomfortable bottom seat cushion

    Interesting discussion. I’ve had the best seats that BMW and Mercedes have to offer and I have to say that my 4th gen Tesla seat are the most comfortable I’ve ever had. But I completely get the issue the OP is having. People always rave about BMW multi contour seats but I always hated them on...
  45. S

    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    Do you think Tesla will ever get their collision repair mess fixed?
  46. S

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I drive exactly the same way and I now get nags constantly when driving with these hand positions.
  47. S

    A 14-Month Customer Service Experience

    I’m really impressed with my car, but this experience exactly mirrors my experience with Tesla service. The Mobile guys are fantastic. Everybody else has horrid customer service skill. Unless this and the collision issues get ironed out, I won’t own another one.
  48. S

    No LTE connection in car

    I called Tesla and just got a call back. They said it is “affecting multiple cars” and they are working on it.
  49. S

    Issue with my Slacker

    Interesting. I had the exact opposite experience. Mine seemed to work on WiFi and not on LTE. Though all is fine now.
  50. S

    Change in LED Headlight performance

    I’ve been on 18.14.2 for about 10 days and I just got the nav update this morning. I drive a winding country road to work in the dark every morning. Ever since 14.2, I swear my dynamic LED headlights have been a bit more effective. They seem to “turning” a bit earlier in the turns, making...

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