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  1. toshman

    Official Tesla CCS1 adaptor now available in Canada.

    Just ordered one too. Not a bad idea to have one on hand. I’m thinking of a trip to PEI/NB/NS at some point. This gives a bit more peace of mind for me.
  2. toshman

    Hertz Employees Taking Up Entire Superchargers - Charging to 100%!

    If this is real, Tesla needs to nip it in the butt pronto!!
  3. toshman

    Paying Tesla bill in two countries (USA & Canada)

    This may sound stupid, but why not just use the Canadian card and address, since you return to Canada anyway??
  4. toshman

    BMW using a brushed motor

    I respect the counter points. As a previous BMW owner of many models, I agree. In fact I’m considering the i4 as my next EV if I don’t get the Cybertruck that is.
  5. toshman

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Rims Are Ready to Roll!...

    I must say, those are quite striking!!
  6. toshman

    NEMA 14-50 not working with my mobile charger

    What amps are you drawing ?
  7. toshman

    Fast EV04 Wheel Review

    Not the best pics and my car is still “winter” dirty.
  8. toshman

    Brake caliper covers on Model 3 RWD.

    Would you mind posting pics?
  9. toshman

    How to Delete Radio Stations

    Yes this.
  10. toshman

    Fast EV04 Wheel Review

    Nice! I’ve ordered the bronze FC04 for my red TM3 which I hope to have on the car later this coming week.
  11. toshman

    May I have some suggestions that where I can find a good shop to tint Model 3 2022 near Guelph?

    I'm going to visit Tint Excel in the North end soon. A friend recommends them.
  12. toshman

    Controlling Tesla with a Mac

    Can you share a web link for the app?
  13. toshman

    Winter Weather [question about model 3 ownership in cold climates]

    I'm up in Canada too. Mine is RWD and snow tires are a must up in Ontario. You'll be fine with an AWD model. Some of you mentioned lubricating the seals with silicone. What brand/type are you using and recommend?
  14. toshman

    Why PPF?

    I love tech. I love cars. I love my M3. At the end of the day, it’s a car. A depreciating asset. I’m with the OP, I think PPF is overkill. Like when your grandma covered her new sofa with clear wrap!
  15. toshman

    Why the Yoke is unsafe for the Track

    I was thinking the same thing.
  16. toshman

    Anyone own a red Model 3 or Y?

    2020 SR+ in red. No ppf. But chemical bros Jet Seal followed by Pete’s 53 butter wax. Pops!!!
  17. toshman

    No Auto Calendar Pop-Upon Entry?

    It was a nice feature that acted as a friendly reminder of my day. Helped me not miss an appointment on more than one occasion lol. Oh well. One step forward two steps back.
  18. toshman

    Need a Power Trunk Installer in GTA

    Are you “Gary” from Brampton that does Hanshow installs? I haven’t ordered mine yet though.
  19. toshman

    Do you know any third party Tesla accessories seller that offer free shipping to Canada?

    I’ve ordered from evaca. Recommended.
  20. toshman

    Just got the 2021.44.30 - Anyone else in the GTA?

    So what’s in it?
  21. toshman

    v11 software update SUCKS

    Good list. Should be a sticky. I'm torn how I feel about the new version. Some things good, many things not so good. I wonder who is driving the UI / UX bus over at Tesla. Some kid or a seasoned professional LOL?
  22. toshman

    Model 3 OEM subwoofer install

    Great post. Can you PM me too please. Thanks !
  23. toshman


    I like. Nice one !
  24. toshman

    Muscle car boombox sound

    Haha. Brilliant.
  25. toshman

    SR+ after 2 years

    Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.
  26. toshman

    TuneIn Radio

    Do you have premium connectivity?
  27. toshman

    Tesla-Friendly Car Washes Near Aldie, VA

    I'm heading there on Friday and this would be good info to know. Thanks for asking OP.
  28. toshman

    When are you changing into winter tires for SR+?

    I’m thinking sometime next week.
  29. toshman

    GUELPH: Looking for tint shop...

    Yes. In the neighbourhood but not on your street. I replied to your DM.
  30. toshman

    GUELPH: Looking for tint shop...

    I'm in Guelph ! There's a place on Massey, I think it's called Tint Excel. I was going to check them out next week. They were referred by a friend of mine.
  31. toshman

    Is the 2021 red brighter then past models?

    Mind you I did jet seal it and applied Pete’s butter wax so maybe that’s what made it pop. Lol.
  32. toshman

    Is the 2021 red brighter then past models?

    I have a 2020 model and it is brighter than previous years. It pops.
  33. toshman

    Ontario green plates

    Short answer is No. But if you had 2 people in the car you would qualify based on that. If you’re alone in an EV without green plates then no, you risk a ticket.
  34. toshman

    Tesla Second Row Pet Liner is plush!

    Nice to see that is has the door protectors too.
  35. toshman

    Model 3 - Winter Tire Installation/Change

    If you don't mind paying a bit extra, you could always go to Tesla as they sell winter wheel packages. I've heard good things about Steelcase in Markham too.
  36. toshman

    Tesla Model 3 Lease Buyout - My experience (Canada)

    Good info for those that have leased cars. Cheers!
  37. toshman

    Signature Wheels Purchase - Anyone Interested?

    I’m interested. I’m in Guelph. Can you PM me the price info please?
  38. toshman

    Winter Tires - Guelph / KW area

    I got the Nokians from Dettmer Tire in Guelph. Good place.
  39. toshman

    DIY Chrome Delete for Model 3

    Looks good man 👍🏽
  40. toshman

    What front lip is this?

    What rims are those ?
  41. toshman

    New tesla system [question about firmware]

    Apparently, we are not getting it until later in August. At least according to a Tesla rep I spoke to in Kitchener.
  42. toshman

    The Tesla Wave!

    I love the Tesla wave and community, except of course the "unhappy and grumpy hoity toity drivers" that are too superior to wave at the lowly Model 3 SR+ owners. LOL.
  43. toshman

    2021 June Meet

    I'm in Guelph, but would love a drive and meetup!
  44. toshman

    Model 3 Window Tinting - GTA

    Anyone been to a tint place or recommend one in and around Guelph? Thanks.

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