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  1. Ken_Y

    Tesla Loaner Wheel

    And here is where they note that it is updated on their site.
  2. Ken_Y

    Tesla Loaner Wheel

    I posted it elsewhere. Here you go. I INSISTED I would take my tire to repair myself but they denied my request.
  3. Ken_Y

    Tesla Loaner Wheel

    Look at my screen capture I posted a few weeks ago. That was not given to me as an option.
  4. Ken_Y

    Is my car totaled?

    Honestly, I agree with jjrandorin but this look fine. It won't be total. The damage looks isolated to the upper front. No frame or battery damage. Airbags in tact.
  5. Ken_Y

    Tesla Loaner Wheel

    That's annoying. I am surprised they didn't require you to repair or replace the bad tire through them. That was what I was told when I tried to use their loaner tire.
  6. Ken_Y

    Think it’s totaled?

    Depends. Did the underbody hit or grind the ground? In other words, did the battery get impacted? If so, it'll be totaled.
  7. Ken_Y

    White spec (dot) on msm Model Y during PPF Install

    Just move on. It's so miniscule. You are probably over the 3 day warranty where Tesla may have covered it. End of the day, you will not know the root cause.
  8. Ken_Y

    Bottom foot trunk filling with water

    http://parts3xpress.com/ https://goo.gl/maps/MCu996uLwGJj2H2G6
  9. Ken_Y

    Supercharging frequent usage

    It's preferred you charge with AC as much as possible but it won't impact warranty. Some people can only charge 100% using SC.
  10. Ken_Y

    Bottom foot trunk filling with water

    Yep. Take it to a non-tesla tesla specialty shop. They can probably fix it just as good. If you are around / near san gabriel valley, I can recommend you a space.
  11. Ken_Y

    Anyone know what this is?

    Just slip it back in.
  12. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I went back and raised a service request at Burbank but now they said no such retrofit exists. They're asking who I spoke to but it was over the phone and I don't recall the name. I also went to another SC where the tech was kind enough to walk me through the portal and there were no modules...
  13. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    I submitted for Heat / AC issue and said air flow was low. But then when they asked me more specific questions, I said I had hepa retrofit done and needed the bwm and told me there is no such retrofit for my 21' MY and ignored me.
  14. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Finally got it installed! Thanks to those who gave tips and the parts list. Thanks @everydaychris for the video! I didn't follow any guide and it was pretty self explanatory. I did have to remove the tub as I didn't want to damage some cable in the process. I was fortunate to have the M6 screw...
  15. Ken_Y

    Model Y HEPA filter air intake cover?

    Like any intake, you'll need to clean it every now and then. Not hard to do.
  16. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Beware. Please check the parts thoroughly before leaving. My hepa filter was cracked. Upon getting a replacement, I noticed the price went from $70 to now $150.
  17. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Thanks for the video! The M6 40mm screw was confusing but the video makes it crystal clear. Got the parts and plan on working on this tomorrow.
  18. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Only if it was that easy! One LA SC wanted $160 to "verify proper installation and enabling bio defense button" and another said they have no clue.
  19. Ken_Y

    Loud Pop

    Recommendations? Go to the highest rated body shop around the area. Since it's body only, I wouldn't necessarily go to a tesla certified shop. One of those things you close your eyes and get it fixed and dont think about it. Chart it off to bad luck and move on.
  20. Ken_Y

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - 3363 E. Foothill Blvd. (LIVE 5 Oct 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Yes. They have free Volta J1772 chargers at the Amazon Fresh on Colorado.
  21. Ken_Y

    Tesla has not registered the car and temporary tags expired.

    Go to your DMV and get the temporary plates extended.
  22. Ken_Y

    Model Y Spare Tire problem solved

    You'd be surprised. You can open it and I think it tilts to give you some more clearance.
  23. Ken_Y

    Model Y Spare Tire problem solved

    Nice! Did you cut into the rear trunk cover?
  24. Ken_Y

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - 3363 E. Foothill Blvd. (LIVE 5 Oct 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Noticed this pop up on my navigation last weekend. Too bad I dont have any more free SC miles! Free charging while you shop!
  25. Ken_Y

    Homelink for Model Y - Is it worth it?

    Used clicker for a year before going homelink. I regret not getting it sooner. I also used to have it velcro'd behind the screen but it would at times interfere with the charge door opening (gen 1 MY center console). For those who has it clipped to the visor, i would highly recommend against...
  26. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Update? Did you get the button?
  27. Ken_Y

    19” Gemini with tires and wheel covers

    Just sent PM.
  28. Ken_Y

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Finally parts came in and ready to pick up. Burbank said they will charge $240 if I self install and for them to verify the work and enable the button. Alhambra said it isn't possible. Jealous at those who were able to get their SC to enable it. Just not worth $400 for the time being.
  29. Ken_Y

    Tesla CCS1 Adapter is Available on Tesla Website

    I dunno. My time is valuable but not $250 worth for one! If I travel beyond my SC radius more frequently and lines don't improve, I can always get this at a later time.
  30. Ken_Y

    Tesla CCS1 Adapter is Available on Tesla Website

    For someone who charges at home 99% of the time, just not worth it. It is nice to have the CCS option but I rarely have to charge at a Supercharger unless I am out and about for the whole day.
  31. Ken_Y

    19” Gemini with tires and wheel covers

    I need one for spare. Need 3 more and we can group buy.
  32. Ken_Y

    FS: 19'' Gemini Wheels, Tires & Aero Covers

    Open to breaking them up? Just need 1.
  33. Ken_Y

    Looking to buy single Model Y 19" Gemini wheel

    If you can find 2 others, I'll be in to buy 1 as well to keep for spare.
  34. Ken_Y

    2022 Model Y not powering on locked out

    Did you completely drain the battery to 0%? The car should still retain a % for minimal operations. Try to do a hard reboot and see if it will turn on (press two scroll wheels + brake for 5 seconds).
  35. Ken_Y

    Spoiler adhesive part#?

  36. Ken_Y

    OEM Model Y Spoiler 153397100A Price

    PM me. $? My BIL may be interested.
  37. Ken_Y

    OEM Model Y Spoiler 153397100A Price

    Yeah.. I got one used for $50. Other than a small scratch, it is as good and functional as OEM ;)
  38. Ken_Y

    Model Y Spare Tire problem solved

    Or this - https://www.etrailer.com/Spare-Tire-Carrier/etrailer/e98ZR.html?
  39. Ken_Y

    App won't wake car

    Does this happen every time you approach the car or only happens when you leave the car for a prolonged period of time? The car will go into deep sleep to conserve battery. When it is in deep sleep, you will need to wake the car prior to unlocking it.
  40. Ken_Y

    Unable to set up phone as key

    Is your bluetooth on? Do you have any battery saver applications installed on your phone? If so, uninstall it.
  41. Ken_Y

    Tesla parts ordering confusion

    Ok thanks @airborne spoon and @vcor. Was hoping to avoid going in person as it is easily a 1 hr + trip just to see if they have it in stock. Maybe I can try to give service a call first.
  42. Ken_Y

    Is this side line of light normal?

    Yeah not normal. Probably something wrong with the reflector in the headlight.
  43. Ken_Y

    Tesla parts ordering confusion

    Dealing with this now. Which SC did you use? I want to order some parts, raised a SR on the app but was told to use an email. The email responded saying they do not supply to body shops anymore but I told them I wasn't a body shop but an owner and now they won't respond.
  44. Ken_Y

    Aliexpress model 3 wheel cover

    From the pics, I wouldn't be able to tell difference between the actual induction wheels.
  45. Ken_Y

    To spoiler or not?

    Good question. I would remove it.
  46. Ken_Y

    Is this side line of light normal?

    Are you talking about the one that runs from the center down to the left to the middle of your screen? Not normal. Raise a SR.
  47. Ken_Y

    scheduled charging

    Yw but you shouldn’t have to manually stop the charge. Something is amuck.
  48. Ken_Y

    Model Y Standard Range RWD

    Love mine. Fantastic value.
  49. Ken_Y

    scheduled charging

    I had the same issue and just use 'depart by'. It'll start charging based on the amount it needs to charge. It's usually done 20-30 min before I need it done.
  50. Ken_Y

    Model Y Perfomance rear-ended - is it fixable?

    No that won't be a total loss. Go through insurance and get it repaired. You did get the other party's insurance right?

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