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    what phone VPN works with Tesla app?

    Is there a particular VPN provider, or type of VPN (e.g. AnyConnect vs GlobalProtect vs SecureConnect vs L2TP/IPSec vs wireguard ), which works with the Tesla app?
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    Tesla app without GApps?

    I've got a LineageOS phone without GApps (no microG, no OpenGApps nano, MindTheGApps, NickGApps, etc). No shocker, but the Tesla app won't launch. I was wondering if there was a build for the Chinese market without GApps dependency? Or, if anybody had found the minimum GApps services they...
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    cleaning bugs on grille area

    I've got some bits of bugs stuck onto the grille area from a recent highway trip. Touchless wash did not get them off, so it's time to escalate the battle. I tried pointing a flowing garden hose over a spot while I wiped gently with a microfiber towel; and also clean bare fingertips. That...
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    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    Sorry I was unclear: our Y does ride dead-center. But oncoming semis are sometimes over the median in turns, and then I like to be closer to my outside edge. I'd love to have a "left/right trim dial" that let's me adjust where in the lane the car should drive.
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    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    Drove 4.5 hours of rural 2-lane highway yesterday, running 2022.12.1 with mostly TACC. Passed 51 oncoming semis when we were not following behind another vehicle. We had zero braking due to oncoming traffic (not even the little 5mph slowdown kind). We tried AP but gave up because it seemed to...
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    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    The price for the LR had to be low enough for mass appeal. Once they split into SR and LR, it frees-up the constraints on LR pricing. I was suspecting that Tesla would set the SR modelY at $6k below current LR price, then gradually raise the price of LR by $6k over 4 months. Since the m3 LR...
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    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    Good point. In this case, the remaining 5.4 miles was mostly the 4.8 miles from I-29 Exit 45 / Love’s Travel Stop Menomonie WI to the Menomonie WI SuperCharger. All but the last 0.6 miles is posted 70mph. ABRP estimates that the 4.8 mile portion from Love’s to the SC should take 3% of SOC if...
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    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    Now that I have a few thousand miles crossing northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, including freezing sleet, I'm going to amend this and say the Y (with new Blizzaks) is great... maybe the best I've deiven on ice. Maybe the Volvo Recharge is better (don't know) but I think this is...
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    6-20 to 14-30 worth it?

    We have a 6-20. When we get back from a car trip with 10% at 10pm, it would only be back to 60% by 7am, but that’s not a problem for us. If I needed to do back-to-back 200 mile days, I’d stop at a SC. Even if that happened yearly, it would cost $10/year. In practice, the Y has always gotten...
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    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    I’ve noticed a glitch: while driving, I usually ”swipe up” on the turn-by-turn, to watch the estimate of battery on arival, to notice if it goes up or down. I don’t really watch the SOC% much, because SOC at the end of the drive is the important Thing. But on that previous trip, when it was...
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    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    On the return leg, we had zero problems over 2 hours of 2-lane, then drove 7 hours of multi-lane, then a final one hour of 2-lane. On that final hour, we had alarm bells + strong braking just from regular pickup trucks in oncoming lane. It was bizarre: we'd already done about 4 hours of 2-lane...
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    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    In our case, we switched to Tesla because it shaved 4.25 hours off a drive I have made 6 times in 3 weeks (versus a Bolt). Literally saving me 9 hours of driving per week right now. But if TACC hadn't recently improved, we would have sold as soon as either EA added Wausau WI and Green Bay...
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    We downsized from 2 ICE to 1 Tesla, plus 2 e-bikes with 2 bike-trailers. We mostly use the Tesla on road trips, and bike for local trips. But that's kind-of a waste of a perfectly good Tesla. And we can now rideshare an EV near our house at a decent price for short trips, or up to 2 days...
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    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    Our Y came with 2021.43.10x a few weeks ago. We did two trips with about 4 hours of rural 2-lane , and using only TACC, we got >5mph slowdown on about 2/3 of approaching semis; plus alarm bells and hard braking (20mph+ slowdown) on maybe 1 out of 10. One pickup ditched the lane and went onto...
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    ice on wipers

    1 week later, making the 500 mile drive again Thursday, passing through Escanaba again. Weather for Esky is forecast as Thursday high 34F, dropping to 26F, with one inch of new snow and sleet mix. Yay! This time I will try turning the heated wipers back on every 15 minutes.
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    RFID key card temporary fail... normal or weird?

    I've had no trouble with the RFID key card. Then a couple of days ago, the car wouldn't recognize it as shown in this clip: I tried the RFID card; it failed; I went and got my phone, and turned off BlueTooth so I could film the fail. Then turned-on BT and the car opened (thankfully!)...
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    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    sorry, meant 1% drop in estimate per 20 miles drop (can't edit yet). It was looking like use would end-up matching ABRP, but ended-up doing a bit worse.
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    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    I had a 187 mile leg that the estimator suggested I'd have 18% left after. I drove mostly 71mph (per gps). During the first half of the drive, the estimate of range at completion was dropping by about 1% per 10 miles, so it looked like it would end with about 10%. However, the decline sped-up...
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    ice on wipers

    Our mY wipers were struggling a bit with sleet last night. 33F and driving sleet in Escanaba MI and north. And this was "avoiding the heavy sleet" in western UP. Tough conditions for any vehicle. I had to stop every 20 minutes and whack the ice off the blades. I had cabin heat + defog on...
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    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    I haven't had a RWD since a Volvo 264 in the 80s-early 90s, but my recollection is that engine braking-induced skids were more controlled, more correctable. Front wheel drive plus front-bias braking is the worst of both worlds. So yeah, Tesla's rear bias should be better than a front bias...
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    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    A 1-second lockup of the rear wheels when slowing on an icy downhill turn (like eastbound I-94 entering St. Paul going under Wabasha bridge) can get you passed by your own rear end. I think it's fair to say that you have to not yank your foot off the accelerator in any car (especially FWD...
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    Regenerative Braking

    Are the brakes "blended" (so that if you use the pedal, the car uses regen, then only adds friction when regen isn't sufficient)? That's how the Bolt worked. But if I recall, lifting the foot off the accelerator in the Nissan LEAF brake pedal was "all regen", but touching the brake pedal was...

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