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  1. jroydog

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    So I had an instance of Teslamate running on a disk that started to fail. It took me a while to pull the backup and old data off the dying drive and in the meantime I setup and have been using a new instance. Is there any way to do an upcert from the backup file to my new instance? What's the...
  2. jroydog

    Door seal leak

    My right rear door retains water and is the only one that doesn't drain properly. I've had the mobile tech look at it and I feel like he moved the seal and said to see. I plan to put in a ticket for him to come back out and check it again at some point. But every time I open it after a car wash...
  3. jroydog

    Charger - Herndon, VA Sheetz

    There was another article recently that said the county has approved the project even though the building won't be LEED certified. What's crazy to me is that they are somehow planning to have 49 parking spaces but only 5 will be charging spaces.
  4. jroydog

    Amazon delivery van backed into my parked car, advice appreciated

    Ugh this is my worst nightmare. There are delivery trucks backing up in front of my car all day while at home because my assigned space is adjacent to a natural turn around area. Assume you are already working with your insurance carrier on this and would go with a Tesla-approved shop. Good...
  5. jroydog

    2021.4.10 installing in Toronto, Canada

    4.10.1 brought back the scheduled charging bug for me o_O
  6. jroydog

    Charger - Herndon, VA Sheetz

    Not sure what happened with the link. Address is stated as 13850 McLearen Road
  7. jroydog

    Charger - Herndon, VA Sheetz

    FTA: "The Sheetz is planning to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a maximum of nine employees on-site at any one time. It also will have 49-car parking spots (five of which are reserved as electric vehicle charging stations) plus bicycle parking in accordance with county...
  8. jroydog

    FSD bigger than just cars?

    I don't think they would have to collect that much additional data since they already have base maps from like open street maps or wherever. It would be like Waze which works on any cell phone. It's just collecting a single small pieces of data that the NN flags for a traffic incident or pothole...
  9. jroydog

    FSD bigger than just cars?

    So I was reading this blog post from Robert Scoble and Elon's tweet about solving physical world AI and I can't stop thinking about the potential for future revenue streams. TLDR; FSD and the work going into using neural networks to identify objects in the real world is a potential game changer...
  10. jroydog

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4s (Dilemma)

    Same, except PS4s instead of CrossClimate. Also got Michelin to pick up 40% since the MXM's wore out before the warranty. Costco tire manager also did the inspection Michelin asked for and confirmed the wear while I had them on the phone.
  11. jroydog

    Magnetic Filter Cover for Model 3

    I bought an identical one off of ebay last year for $20. Haven't gotten around to doing my filters though since the first time I had them done by mobile service. Plan to once the wet dog smell comes back.
  12. jroydog

    New T1 Primacy MXM4 tire

    Hard to tell from the picture but probably want to make sure that you are getting the XL version. I noticed that the Costco website wouldn't even show MXM4's anymore when I searched a few weeks back because of the lower load rating. Ended up getting Pilot Sports instead and am still waiting for...
  13. jroydog

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    I don't clear the container for a new image, just do docker-compose pull followed by docker-compose up and all the data is retained. Not sure about the actual volumes though.
  14. jroydog

    Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

    I use the Pet Tube and it's great. Keeps all the hair contained and is only two straps to have to deal with.
  15. jroydog

    Cruise control sucks

    Yeah, TACC is pretty unusable for me at the moment because of the phantom braking and speed limit drops. Now that EAP is available again, even more people are going to find this unacceptable.
  16. jroydog

    My 2018 LR RWD M3 needs new tires and service - Keep it or Trade?

    So you can buy the OEM wipers ($23x2) and cabin filters ($17x2) from Tesla yourself. Cheaper filters and can of Kool it are available from Amazon for less than that. The same 18" Michelin Primacy MXM4 are available for $1087.96 for a set of 4 (before a current $110 discount) at my local Costco...
  17. jroydog

    4 months left in 2020 to make a Tesla FSD on city streets

    So Musk has said that if self-driving is safer than regular driving it would be unethical for them to withhold that from people until it is 100% perfect. Anyone can disagree with that as it's totally a judgement call. Certainly there have been autopilot fatalities already and phantom braking is...
  18. jroydog

    4 months left in 2020 to make a Tesla FSD on city streets

    A few points here. First, no other car on the market is able to automatically stop and go at stoplights, only Tesla. That shows real progress against the competition. Second, no other carmaker is using Tesla's approach of visual identification and neural networks for FSD and if they are, they...
  19. jroydog

    Stat apps and services

    I use and love TeslaMate. It's self hosted (you can even set it up on a raspberry pi) so less concerns about other people accessing your data as long as you don't expose it outside your home network. It's not turnkey like the other apps but it's maybe a Medium difficulty level project if you...
  20. jroydog

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Had upgrade done today by mobile tech (Tysons, VA SC) at my house after ordering a year ago almost to the day. Took about an hour and he also replaced a taillight. All settings were retained except for wifi and bluetooth AFAICT. I found the glovebox dampener not working after tech left so he's...
  21. jroydog

    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  22. jroydog

    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    I meant like, is there an automated process that could be used instead more frequently? .bck file just lives locally anyway unless you move it somewhere else so not really a backup. Was reading about people's history getting wiped when they went in for the HW3 upgrade and now I'm spooked.
  23. jroydog

    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    What are people using to backup their data? I’m running Teslamate in Docker on Ubuntu server with a few other apps with separate compose files.
  24. jroydog

    Autopilot Brake checking

    Phantom braking is highly variable as well. When I first got my car, I figured out pretty quickly to pay attention when going under an overpass because the shadows seemed to trigger it. Now they've fixed that, a previous version would trigger whenever a car was merging from the right from an on...
  25. jroydog

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I just received an email that the parts have been ordered. I had only made the single request back in May for a June service appt. I ended up keeping the appointment and getting the other work done. So this is awesome but I'm going to hold off on booking another appointment until it says the...
  26. jroydog

    2020.20.12 being pushed out now (6/9/2020)

    I'm on 2.5 and it seems noticeably worse.
  27. jroydog

    2020.20.12 being pushed out now (6/9/2020)

    It was noticeably worse for me tonight. Phantom braking all over the place at least 3 times during a 40 min, mostly interstate drive. In one spot where the speed limit is 55, it dropped the cruise to 45 for no reason.
  28. jroydog

    Number One shortcoming of the supercharger network

    This has been a problem both times I've driven from VA to NC. The first time though, most of the driving was at night so places were closed and last month places were still closed because of the virus. Ended up using a public rest stop along the way which required an extra stop. Admittedly, bad...
  29. jroydog

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    i requested an appointment for June as I'm due for some 2 year interval items and a state inspection. Told they were out of parts for FSD so seems like those of us on the East Coast are SOL for the time being. Ordered FSD back in August...
  30. jroydog

    Tracking regular maintenance

    That's kind of why I'm looking for something, two years is so infrequent that I'm worried I'll forget I need to do anything!
  31. jroydog

    Tracking regular maintenance

    Does anybody use an app or have a preferred method for tracking regular maintenance items? I'm looking to basically know when my next tire rotation or brake fluid check should be done or needing to schedule the next appointment to handle the other items listed in the maintenance schedule without...
  32. jroydog

    VA State Inspection - Virginia Beach

    I got mine done at the Tyson's SC last year for $16. Would be surprising if the VB location won't do it.
  33. jroydog

    HW3.0 for EAP Owners?

    Essentially you are asking whether Tesla can decouple FSD (the software) from HW3 (the hardware). But why would they break those out separately if you can't actually take advantage of the hardware? It makes sense for new cars off the line but you're talking retrofits. There's no upside for Tesla...
  34. jroydog

    HW3.0 for EAP Owners?

    This just comes off like you want Tesla to give you a brand new computer for free (or highly discounted) because you already paid $5K for a version 2.5 computer. If you buy an iPad and a new one comes out, should Apple just give you a new one because you already bought one? Tesla is a business...
  35. jroydog

    2019 IRS Form 8911 Help

    Not a tax lawyer but I don't see anything in the instructions https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i8911.pdf that says you have to own the residence just that it has to be "your main home." 8911 is for costs associated with installing a charging station. Did you install a 240 volt outlet for your car?
  36. jroydog

    2019 IRS Form 8911 Help

    I'm trying to amend my 2018 return for 8911 and it doesn't sound like TurboTax is planning to go back and update. Ugh so frustrating.
  37. jroydog

    Tesla makes electricians see $$

    My electrician said that in order to be recommended by Tesla they are required to send before and after photos of the panel, electric cabling, outlet - basically everything for every Tesla-related job that they do.
  38. jroydog

    Tesla makes electricians see $$

    I paid just shy of $3K for my outlet install and I don't feel ripped off at all. It was a complicated job, there was digging and trenching involved and county inspections that the vendor dealt with on my behalf. If anything, they went above and beyond and I will likely get some money back once...
  39. jroydog

    Does Buying a Tesla Make sense for me?

    While you should never look at a house or a car as an investment, consider that houses generally tend to increase in value over time while cars generally lose value (despite people who say otherwise) over time. Your purchases, particularly big ones, should be driven by your goals, such as saving...
  40. jroydog

    WiFi extender please help

    I feel like my car just has the flakiest wifi connection. Every other device works fine, my phone has no trouble getting the wifi while I'm sitting in the car but the car just itself won't connect or stay connected. I also have gigabit fios and just got the newest G3100 router. I even relocated...
  41. jroydog

    Taptes Model 3 USB Hub

    I feel like I watch enough Shark Tank to know that it's really only a matter of time before any consumer product gets ripped off especially if the manufacturing is being done in China. It's not enough anymore to patent it either, it will still be copied and your company will spend more money and...
  42. jroydog

    Why do I smell rotten eggs every now and then... no its not..

    It's 100% the cabin air filters but changing them isn't enough. You have to clean out the drain under them since the smell is the result of bacteria growing in the damp environment. There's been more than a few threads about this as it happens around a year into ownership.
  43. jroydog

    Sentry mode USB

    Yes, I basically use the Ugreen USB0 with the microsd card just like a thumbdrive and it works perfectly. Then if I need to view it, I pop the card out and read it on my phone with the Apple reader and the SD card adapter that came with the microsd card.
  44. jroydog

    Sentry mode USB

    I've gone through a few iterations but have steered clear of SSD as I think it is overkill and the most expensive option. V1 was the Sabrent 4 port USB hub with the Samsung Bar. When I added the Taptes wireless charger (which comes with splitters), it was a lot of wires and bar stopped working...
  45. jroydog

    JEDA Model 3 USB Hub

    I finally received my black friday order today. Although I agree with the previous poster that the hub USB ports are installed upside down. I sent them a note but expect that they will say this is intentional. I've been using the Taptes wireless pad since it shipped quicker from Amazon and...
  46. jroydog

    Unable to download latest firmware, car can’t find wifi networks, new issue

    This has happened to me with the last two updates. Wifi would act all flaky and it would say connect to wifi even though I was connected. Both times I opened a service appointment for software updates and they were able to re-push the updates to the car without having to dispatch the mobile...
  47. jroydog

    Backseat hammock for dogs

    I use a tube kennel and highly recommend. Keeps all the dog hair contained to the tube and the paws/claws off the doors.
  48. jroydog

    Now thats it Nov, any Black Friday Model 3 acc deals?

    Taptes Gen 2 is 20% off with code DEL693JP https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X2RJ2V4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5nv3DbJFXQZXQ
  49. jroydog

    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    30 sec podcast skip button, car wash mode, analyzing daily driving patterns to optimize things like charging/efficiency/preconditioning. More/improving voice commands.
  50. jroydog

    Winter issues, frozen windows, door locks, seals, etc.

    I'll just add that you likely need to reapply gummi pflege or whatever lubricant you're using on a regular basis. I applied it last winter but noticed sticking this morning when the temperature dropped into the 20s overnight so will need to add some when I get home. Also contrary to other...

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