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    Blog A Look at Tesla's EV Competition in 2019

    A car company will not sell many EVs without an extensive Super charger network like Tesla. It was a brilliant move to build out the SC network as Tesla has done. I have heard that Elon has said he is not opposed to letting other car companies use it. If this happens I probably would shop around...
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    Tow hitch bike rack?

    I just had the Stealth hitch installed on a M3. It took a Tesla certified body shop about 2 hours. The hitch was the same price as the torklift but they had a coupon code for $100 off. I am very impressed with how solid it is and can be removed/installed in about 3 min. I have not purchased the...
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    VIN assigned a few days back by 27XXX

    Picked up my red 27xxx on June 26 in Richmond VA. Charged it up at home and left for vacation in the car for 400 mile treck to Charlesron SC. Car is beautiful, fun to drive. I have looked over every square inch and have not found any flaws, scratches, misaligned panels etc. No rattles or...
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    Watt hour per mile display

    How do you show or find watt/hour per mile on the model 3 display?
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    Supercharger - Charleston, SC (speculation)

    Sure would like to see an SC in Charleston. I will be driving my TM3 there next week. I vacation there often. C'mon Tesla, Charleston SC needs a charger quickly!!!!!
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    Am I getting hosed on my insurance(Allstate)?

    VA Farm Bureau. 3rd car on policy, no tickets or accidents, 800 credit score, home owners with them, $ 289 per 6 months for the tesla m3 , 250/500, collision and comprehensive. two drivers.
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    Is the model 3 mobile connector water proof?

    Thanks, glad to hear that leaving it on wet ground or pavement while it pours down rain won't damage or shorten the life of it. So I guess if it is under three feet of snow for a week or more water won't get inside of it an cause things to corrode or short out.
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    Is the model 3 mobile connector water proof?

    With some of the places I will be visiting I will have to do supplemental charging from outdoor 120v outlets. The mobile connector will be outdoors for several days in rain or shine. Is it sealed and designed for outdoor use?
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    Let's talk financing rates

    Forgot link Datatrac - America's Largest Interest Rate Website
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    Let's talk financing rates

    I used this website and found 1.99% for 63 months and the credit union was in my area. If you click on the bank web link on this site you always get the service web page. Instead open a new tab and google the actual name of the bank/credit union and check on their rates.
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    Confused about how $2500 order payment is applied

    I never saw the post come up on reddit and never got any notification about receiving replies so I thought for whatever reason it didn't ever get posted. I looked before posting to this board and could not find it.
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    Confused about how $2500 order payment is applied

    I started my configuration of a Model 3 and at the end as expected a $2500 "order payment is required". I don't have a problem with this but I was expecting this payment would be deducted from the purchase. From what I understand after reading the terms and conditions this is a fee to locate a...
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    Wiring plans for Model 3

    I will be submitting my order today for the Model 3 LR. I would love some feedback good or bad for my plans for wiring the garage outlet. Our hot tub is long gone but the double 50 amp breaker tied together is still in the panel as well has 50 feet of aluminum 6 awg gauge wire. I am going to...
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    I really want to love the aeros, I just can't.

    I am thrilled to find so many others struggling like I was about which wheels to get. I have gone through all of the scenarios above. What I finally realized is that I would never be happy with selecting my second choice. This purchase for me is the most I have ever spent on a car. I also have...

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