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    Supercharger - Honolulu, HI - Kahala Resort (12 stalls)

    I still think the Kahala supercharger(s) are part of a planned hotel "fleet" of Teslas that will be available for hotel guest rental/use and not the general public. The hotel's investment in the infrastructure necessary for this doesn't make sense any other way. Don't count on having public...
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    Supercharger - Honolulu, HI - Kahala Resort (12 stalls)

    This is likely to support a Tesla "rental" fleet that the hotel is going to acquire for hotel guests to use, similar to Four Seasons. There's no other way that the investment by the hotel would make sense financially. The fact that you have to be a hotel guest and/or valet the car makes it...
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    Supercharger - Honolulu, HI - Kahala Resort (12 stalls)

    I passed by yesterday. It's still very early stages - the contractor on site is still doing preliminary trenching and grading work. Based solely on the trenches and what I could see in the garage, it's possible that a few of the stations could be outside the garage. Another possibility is the...
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    Supercharger - Honolulu, HI - Kahala Resort (12 stalls)

    I'm frequently in the area. I'll see what I can see. :cool: But realistically, I can't see a hotel like the Kahala allowing anyone other than hotel guests or restaurant patrons free use of the chargers. As is, the hotel already has free J1772 chargers in the "basement" parking garage that...
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    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    Interesting, but my guess it's installation of destination chargers in their parking garage. It'll be great if you're going to Hoku's, Arancino or Plumeria Beach House. Perhaps Kahala hotel is following Lanai resorts and going to have a Model X/S fleet for hotel use. I'm assuming that if it's...
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    Smartphone as Game Controller? Sonic the Hedgehog!

    Same problem - my XBox One controller doesn't work with Sonic, but works fine with all the other games. Restart fixed it the first time, but a 2nd restart on a different day didn't. Argh!
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Same here. I haven't been following this thread, but I'm not surprised that they're still up to their same nonsense as when they made the first wireless charging pad. They're extremely deceptive and have poor business practices. I would have thought that with the implementation of the...
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    Solar estimates

    I concur. My solar + powerwall installation actual cost was exactly what was on the proposal. Installation costs were included in the proposed price.
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    Any Oahu Tint Shop Recommendation

    Midnight Tinting. Excellent work on my Y.
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    Moving to, bring Model 3?, EV charging in Honolulu?

    If you're renting in an apartment building/condo, don't expect to be able to access any charging at home. Although you had a creative way of charging in MA, that won't go over well here, even if it was possible. The overwhelming majority of condos/apartments here lack any power or charging...
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    XPEL VS Kavaca [looking for skilled PPF installer on Oahu]

    Xero Wraps. They did an excellent job on a full-body Xpel for my Y.
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    There are some issues with something that Tesla changed in the last few FW updates. Refer to the issues page here.
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    It's a known issue. Something Tesla changed recently is causing a problem with TeslaUSB. Two-button reset of the screen works to temporarily resolve the issue, but it'll return again in a random period of time.
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    Model Y's in Hawaii

    The air is not really a concern for the paint. The bigger issue is our crappy roads here and all the rock chips and debris that your front end will need protection from. Check out Xero Wraps - they did great work on a full body wrap for my Y.
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    Tire Repair Oahu

    Try Lex Brodies.
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    Sentry not working

    Is anyone having issues with sentry not working on the 25.7 update that just came out? Prior to the update, everything working fine. Now I have to reset the screen almost daily before I drive for sentry to start recording.
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    Coating for a new M3

    I had great work done on my Y at Xero Wraps. They use Xpel PPF and the Xpel ceramic product. No complaints, except they're very busy.
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    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    Depending on where you're staying, there's HPWCs available at the Tesla Waikiki location and the SC in Kakaako that are available for customer use.
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    Has anyone here decided they will sell or trade-in their Tesla for the CyberTruck?

    I'm trading in my Y for my CT. I traded in my 3 for my Y. It's a vicious circle...
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    Mattel announces a Hot Wheels-branded remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck

    I ordered 2 of the 1:64 models and 1 of the 1:10. One of my 1:64 orders arrived, but the 2nd was "lost" in transit and now Mattel is telling me I can either wait to see if they come back in stock or get a refund. The 1:10 is on its way to me and is going on eBay.
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    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    FYI, Hawaii law prohibits restocking fees. See HRS Sec. 431B-5.5. Good luck getting them to waive it though
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    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (6 stalls)

    I wonder if it will be a v3 or the "city" style charger. Either way good news all around. I'll start the guess for the opening date - Spring 2022, just in time for us to hold a launch party for the CT there.
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    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    Are you staying in a hotel or an Air BNB? If it's an AirBNB, check with the renter if you have access to a garage and permission to use a plug in the garage (assuming there's one available). At standard 110V charging, the Model 3/Y will charge 5 mi/hr. Assuming between evening and overnight...
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    Tesla Service Big Island

    I don't have any direct knowledge, but I know the local service center folks used to fly out to the neighbor islands with parts for repairs. In general, if the repairs are covered by warranty, I would think that Tesla would cover the repairs, either by coming to you, or (if it was serious...
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    Honolulu, Auauhi St: What should I expect before delivery appointment

    1. You'll probably get a call the day before, but you should try to contact them directly to confirm. Just leave a message and someone will (eventually) call back. They're very busy so be patient. 2. Park in the lot wherever you can find a space that doesn't block the main flow of traffic...
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    FOR SALE: 2017 MODEL S 60, ONLY 28,000 MILES! $49,500 FIRM

    PSA - Hawaii registration stickers also include the license plate, so if you want to keep your plate off the internet, make sure you obscure both.
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    Best areas for photographs

    Maunalua Bay. Not quite as impressive as the last two posts though.
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    Good places to plug a slow leak in tire

    I had a nail in my M3 tire last year and took it to Lex Brodies on Queen St. No issues or problems. I got lucky that the nail was "patchable" since it was in the center of the tread.
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    TeslaFi vs TeslaMate

    Assuming your install completed correctly, you just need to open the TeslaMate page on your browser (on the same network as the Pi - don't forget to open any port forwarding on your router if necessary) and login with your Tesla account credentials. From there the software (TeslaMate) will...
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    Wifi for Updates - Oahu

    Regarding the Tesla SC Wifi, you could also simply connect to their guest Wifi at the SC too. I don't recall what the SSID and password are, but it used to be on a sign in the waiting room (pre-COVID). Perhaps someone here will remember what it is. Worst case scenario, you can make a service...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Same old story with them. And I bet that when 1/02 rolls around, they'll have a new excuse why your order hasn't shipped, probably something like "Sorry for the delay. We had our orders ready to do on 12/31, but we missed the cutoff time and our shipping company does not pickup packages on New...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    So far no issues. I'm not seeing full 10W charging on the Jeda v3 wireless pad which is plugged into 2 of the 3 USB A ports. The interior port works fine with my Pi Zero for Teslausb.
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Finally got my June 13th hub order and installed it tonight. Will test tomorrow, but the install was challenging since you cannot see the ports and it's a very tight fit. My order was in the first batch and I had to follow up twice to get my tracking info.
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    Tesla Tequila

    According to Tesla, they can't ship alcohol to Hawaii (I get wine shipments sent here all the time o_O:confused:), so you would have had to route it via a third party on the mainland. Hopefully the bottle & shotglass set will be "shippable" here since it'll be empty.
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    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    With the rates that HECO is charging for their stations, it wouldn't surprise me. Heck, nothing HECO does surprises me anymore.
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I sent a Twitter DM on Monday asking for a status update since my order was in the first batch which was supposed to "start shipping" by the latest November 30th. I got a DM back today with just a USPS tracking results URL and a short "arriving today!" But what I received was just the...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    No tracking number for me yet, but they did the same thing to me when I ordered the old hub version and my wireless pad. They created and sent me the shipping notice using their ship software, but my package wasn't actually given to Fedex for another week. It's just another tactic they use to...
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    Honolulu charging Tesla model three ideas?

    Another option if you don't mind Waikiki and a small parking fee - International Marketplace has 8 Tesla wall chargers and the retail store allows owners to charge provided you respect their reserved signs. If you patronize a retail store, 1 hour of validated parking is only $1 or $2 I think...
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    Honolulu charging Tesla model three ideas?

    Also, since you mentioned you're in a condo, keep in mind that Hawaii law requires condo associations to allow owners to install charging in their parking area. Heavy emphasis on allow. They can't stop you, but they also don't have to make it easy for you either (you may have to pay the full...
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    Honolulu charging Tesla model three ideas?

    If you're willing to pay, there's are level 2 chargers in the Hale Mahana parking lot (the building with Raising Canes, Starbucks, etc.). They used to be free, but they switched to fee-based and so there's much less crowd. The parking lot was free (no gate) too, but I haven't been there since...
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    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    Something doesn't sound right. I have 2 PWs with a 5.25kW NEM system + 3.78 kW NEM+ system, but I was only going to put 1 PW originally and changed to 2 PW later during the planning phase, and the advisor that was helping me with planning said it was totally my choice how many PWs I want. I...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    This is the last straw for them with me. According to this new info, I'm in the first batch so they have until the end of the month. After that, I want my money back. If they don't refund me timely, I'm escalating with further BBB/FTC complaints and credit card complaints.
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    AutoPilot on Kalanianaole x Paiko Dr

    That's good news! Can I make a request? How about the left turn from Kal Hwy onto Keahole? If FSD can handle that turn (with cars in the other left turn lane) that'll be super awesome.
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Thank you for this. 1000% agree with you. In my experience, people who justify unethical behavior and bad business practices are quick to complain about harrassment. Dish it out but can't take it, and all...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I tweeted at both TeslaInventory and @ryanjm to see if they have any contact that they can reach out on our behalf. The lies and mixed messages have gone on way too long at this point. There needs to be some form of resolution. I also filed a complaint at the FTC site and pointed them here.
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    Time of Use info

    HECO used to have a TOU-EV rate plan that you had to show proof of EV ownership to qualify for. Unfortunately, it's no longer offered so only those who enrolled prior are grandfathered in. Combined with PV, you could really get a good deal, cause you're selling back during the day at high...
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    Key Fob opinions

    Does the fob on the Y support using summon forward and reverse by holding down the front and back buttons, like how it works on the S/X?
  48. G

    Fresh new batch of Teslas on Island?

    Target is right down the road from the Ford Island bridge and has free charging available - about 4 stalls IIRC, but you'll have to compete with all the Leafs. I think there might be a charger at the NEX too, but I assume you should have Military ID before you go there to charge.
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    They responded to my Twitter DM asking what was is the status of shipping since their Oct. 14th email said shipping had started. Their response today: "They have begun but we are shipping 1-2x a week in small batches. This is done to ensure when we ship we don't receive mass reports of any...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Thing is, they've already done the mass email, multiple times, with multiple excuses. I think you've hit it exactly - Jeda (who or whatever they are) now realizes that their entire product portfolio is obsolete and are now struggling with what to do. For any well-run business, this is just...

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