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    Tesla Model 3 Moments

    Some of my best moments are one when a guy in a Mercedes AMG convertible pulls along side me on the 405 heading into L.A. and gives me a thumbs up . Another a few weeks ago at a local strip mall as my wife and I exit the 3 a guy comes up to ask questions about the car. I tell the wife I'll meet...
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    I got free supercharging on my model 3... Not sure how...

    Maybe it's buy 9, get the 10th one free!!
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    So clean it hurts!

    Don't forget to waah behind your ears and brush your teeth before you get in it!!
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    Driving Model 3, and then driving other vehicles...

    The Aero covers are much easier and faster to clean than the uncovered 10 spoke wheel. Also the covers are unique to the 3. The uncovered wheel looks like every other generic wheel out there. In time you'll see more solid looking wheels to gain efficiency.
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    Driving Model 3, and then driving other vehicles...

    You do have an affair, with the 3!!
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    Driving Model 3, and then driving other vehicles...

    I've had my 3 for a little over a month now and I haven't even sat in any of my ICE vehicles! The 3 is just too much fun!
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    How do you register a new card key?

    Just got 2 extra key cards last Friday. I was going to do it at the SC but they offered to send a technician to the house. They must have an open work order to complete the process. Only took 15 minutes and the cards cost 5 dollars each. Great deal!
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    Anyone have a perfect delivery?

    My delivery was flawless. The wife noticed something that looked like scratches on the rear bumper and door window trim but it was just leftover adhesive from the protective covering they use during shipping. My car is blue, aero, VIN 147xx. Picked up at Marina Del Rey.
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    Enhanced autopilot - worth it?

    I didn't order EAP on my 3 since I don't even use the cruise control in my ICE. I've logged over 2 million miles in 48 years driving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Just like to drive. When it requires effort, it's time to pull over and take a break. I can always add it later if I feel the need...
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    ANOTHER (Delivery Checklist)

    Take the wife like I did. She'll nitpick the cr*p out of it! It passed her inspection, good enough for me!
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    Fremont delivery - car refused

    Doesn't matter. At least I know I didn't pay more for my car than the guy that pulls up next to me ( with the same options ).
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    Wiring plans for Model 3

    I have a 120ft run from the panel to the garage. My electrician charged $525 to run 6 guage 4 conductor wire, 50amp breaker, NEMA 15-40 outlet, 3/4" conduit in the exposed portion of garage. I have a 200 amp panel and had 2 unused conduits from it up to the attic. He did the job last week in two...
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    Dumb question about charging cable

    The NEMA 15-40 socket is around $10 at Home Depot. Always unplug the car end first, then from the socket and you'll never have an issue.
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    Is $9k worth 310 miles v 220?

    LR battery is a must for me. My son lives 215 miles from me and the last 40 miles is up a mountain road. Short range battery would force a change stop.
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    VIN Assignment

    My configure date was 3/22, VIN assigned 4/1, took delivery on 4/13. Blue, Aero.
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    New York Rebate

    The Fed Credit is only good up to your tax liability which is currently $7500. If you only owe say $4000 you won't have to pay any Federal tax but you won't get the remaining $3500 as a refund.
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    Vendor Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler

    Is that thing strong enough to handle the force required when grabbing it to close the trunk?
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    Phone as Key Issues

    Yes 2018.12.1 Seems Android phones are having more issues than Apple phones.
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    Phone as Key Issues

    Just picked up my 3 five days ago. Car is awesome but phone key works about 50 percent of the time. It says connected on the app but still won't start. I upgraded my wife's phone ( she had a flip phone ) a few months ago to be ready for the 3. She says I'll stick with the old Civic until there's...
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    Poll: Model 3 Phone Key Failure Rate

    Took delivery 4 days ago. Phone works about 50 percent of the time. Just want to get in the car and go. Solution: keep the key card in a thin business card wallet with my license and insurance card plus space for my gym pass card key, swipe the pillar, set it in the cup holder and I'm on my...
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    VIN# Changed?

    My VIN was changed last week from 131xx to 147xx and I have delivery scheduled for 4/13 in Marina Del Rey. I'll make sure it's the same as on the purchase documents. Getting excited now. ACHed the final payment today.
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    VIN Assignment

    Got the call today. Delivery appointment on 4/13 in Marina Del Rey
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    VIN Assignment

    ViN assigned today. 131xx blue, aero, 3/31/16 online reservation, ordered 3/23 Southern California. Now waiting for "THE CALL"
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    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    Configure link is working. Just ordered, blue with aero. Finally!!
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    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    Got my California invite email today at noon. Won't let me advance to configure link yet. Called support and they said glitch should be fixed tonight. I'm a non-owner, reserved in the first 10 minutes on the website 3/31/2016

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