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  1. MoonChou

    Powerwall System Error

    I had my powerwall installed yesterday and today I followed the instructions to log into the TEG on the gateway to configure it to my home WiFi. After doing so I hit start system and I get the error "Unable to start syetem: sitemaster needs a default real mode."
  2. MoonChou

    Tesla Support Fail

    Karaoke mode has been discussed before. Just google 'Tesla Karaoke Mode' and there will be several results. Here's an example of one: Elon Musk says Tesla will add 'car karaoke' mode in a software update - Roadshow
  3. MoonChou

    Signature Wall Connector $550

    PM Sent
  4. MoonChou

    Should my car be jailed for DUI? :-D

    Depends on the car ahead of you based on my experience. If the car is centered you don't get the ping ponging, but if they are close to the side the car will try to match the car ahead in slower speeds. Once the speed picks back up the car will center itself in the lane again.
  5. MoonChou

    Steering wheel moved!

    It's always done it for me. I got mine at the Sept 30, 2016.
  6. MoonChou

    Old maps, new symbols

    I don't think so.... Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I thought the windows were for others to look in to make sure that I was still alive?
  7. MoonChou

    Old maps, new symbols

    Oh weird... I usually get that when I go underground for more than half a mile. So I always assumed that it was telling me that I'm driving on a road that is under the surface in case I couldn't tell visually by looking out the windshield.
  8. MoonChou

    Old maps, new symbols

    Were you in a tunnel?
  9. MoonChou

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    Just the 12v. The rest of the cables ran up the driver's side.
  10. MoonChou

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    I was missing the picture of the sub actually in..
  11. MoonChou

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    Just finished my install yesterday. Took about 10 hours with help. The door speakers make a huge difference and could probably be done in about 2 hours. The sub took a little bit longer since I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up taking the 12v from the fuse box under the passenger's side...
  12. MoonChou

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    Adding in my 2 cents. I did place an order about 2 weeks ago and it should be arriving this upcoming Thursday (Website says Ships in 1-2 weeks) so at least that much is true in my case. When I called the number on the website to ask a question Brody picked up in a very reasonable time and was...
  13. MoonChou

    Steering Wheel Clicking Noise

    Does it come from the steering wheel only when you have the heated steering wheel option on?
  14. MoonChou

    All the Things that Suck About AutoPilot

    There are a couple.... like the times when AP doesn't like the driver behind you and AP decides to brake check them (phantom breaking) or how about when AP is mad at you and tries you kill you via making a drastic swerve (happens sometimes when a car is too far over the lane line)?
  15. MoonChou

    Long Commutes: Has autopilot helped?

    My commute is 27 miles each way (approximately 40-80 minutes depending on if it is morning/afternoon/weather) and autopilot is a game changer. AP1 Handles stop and go traffic like a champ. Basically I get on the free way, move over to the leftmost lane, turn on autopilot, let it take over for...
  16. MoonChou

    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    20170805_174551 by MoonChou posted Feb 3, 2018 at 9:04 PM
  17. 20170805_174551


  18. MoonChou

    Financially Irresponsible or Worth It?

    Insurance might be a bit higher than you think. My ELR was ~$400/6 months and my model S 75D ~$1,200/6 months with the same coverage. Depending on how much you drive tires will need to be replaced every 20-25k miles on 19" rims.
  19. MoonChou

    Vendor Shelf Butler by Norm

    I got mine within 5 business days, but with all these new orders Norm might need a little bit longer. It'll be well worth the wait though!
  20. MoonChou

    Vendor Shelf Butler by Norm

    Got one last weekend. Works well! Better than the one being sold on Amazon.
  21. MoonChou

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    Maybe because it's the same ;)
  22. MoonChou

    Xpel Ultimate vs Hail

    So I have read what I could in this forum regarding hail and Tesla's (S and X) aluminum body. I also tried looking up information on if Xpel Ultimate could protect a car from hail damage. Per Xpel's demonstration video the panel (probably not aluminum) looks fine after being hit with some...
  23. MoonChou

    Volt to Tesla Experience

    I went from a 2013 Volt to a 2014 ELR and I currently own both the ELR and a 2016 MS. For driving it pretty much as everyone else has said prior to this post so I won't elaborate. The biggest thing I missed going from the Volt to the ELR was the hatchback and seating space. I really like the...
  24. MoonChou

    Fire at Gruber?

    I'm pretty sure at this point building a time machine would probably be easier than trying to rebuild.
  25. MoonChou

    Free air at gas station.

    This is the one I also bought. It works well even when using the 12V cig socket and I just keep it in my trunk.
  26. MoonChou

    Single wipe switches on the headlights

    Totally happened to me last week. The driver in front of me was happy to show me his rage thinking that I was flashing at him to speed up or something (was on AP and wanted to clear the windshield).
  27. MoonChou

    Folding Side Mirrors When AutoParking or Summoning

    Mine folds each time I summon. I hit the button in between the two buttons that select which mirror to control so that whenever the car locks the mirror folds. So when I summon the car automatically locks and the mirrors fold.
  28. MoonChou

    NavTool Integration

    Just watched a part of it haha. Reminds me of that episode on Amy's Bakery from Kitchen Nightmares.
  29. MoonChou

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    I'm on 17.14.23 and I haven't gotten a take over notice since updating about 3 days ago. If you're possibly referring to the 'hold steering wheel' I usually get it every 7-10 minutes driving on a freeway with no traffic lights.
  30. MoonChou

    Model S Owners--How much have you spent on accessories to date?

    Wrap entire car in Xpel Ultimate + 3M Crystalline Tint on all windows/roof = $4,950 Tesla Floor Mats = $260 Charging Cable Organizer = $40 Carpro Cquartz = $50 Opti-Glass = $80 Blackvue 2Ch = $250 Not even close to some others...
  31. MoonChou

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    It's been there since 8.0 for me.
  32. MoonChou

    Worlds most ironic Tesla sales technique!

    My lawn mower is now also electric so I don't need gas for that, but I did have to make a stop, earlier this year, to get gas for my snow blower :(
  33. MoonChou

    Refreshing the look of my Model S

    Haha, wrap her car first as an experiment that way you'll know if you'll like it and your wife won't have to steal your car ;)
  34. MoonChou

    Refreshing the look of my Model S

    Be the guy that wraps their car in chalkboard car wrap :D
  35. MoonChou

    Frunk Security Issue - can be opened without a key - Feature not a bug

    Good point. You could never build enough pressure in the brake line to start the car :)
  36. MoonChou

    Ap1 seems better on 17.4.14

    It's something that happens on and off for me (also ap1). Some days the car will perform better than others. I have noticed, as have others, that the following distance is now a little bit further on setting 1. I have also noticed that the car will 'freak out' more often now and hit the brakes...
  37. MoonChou

    Frunk Security Issue - can be opened without a key - Feature not a bug

    When I pick up fast food I put it in there on the drive home :) ;) To the vandal comment haha. It was mostly the comment 'Horrible design, bad security flaw' that I questioned. It's there so that emergency workers can safely disconnect power. There are probably other methods to make some...
  38. MoonChou

    Frunk Security Issue - can be opened without a key - Feature not a bug

    Yes, that is a valid point and probably was the original intent of the post. Also cutting the wire would probably lead to an expensive repair, but I just thought of another thing that can be done easily and be even more dangerous. Cutting the break line. At least with the orange wire cut you...
  39. MoonChou

    Frunk Security Issue - can be opened without a key - Feature not a bug

    People can also vandalize a car by slashing tires and smashing windows both of which would require arguably less effort.
  40. MoonChou

    Heated Steering Wheel Use?

  41. MoonChou

    WANTED: Engine Noise Simulator

    There are 3rd party apps for that. One such app is XLR8. When I was driving my Pruis a few years back I played around with this app haha. It's available both in the Google Play store and in the Apple App Store.
  42. MoonChou

    Was there an update to the touchscreen when the car is in reverse?

    For me it's been that way since getting the car at ver 8 in OCT '16.
  43. MoonChou

    Away For A Week

    I would say to get the battery to around a 90% charge so that it'll have power to keep the battery warm if it gets cold. At the same time parking in a garage or somewhere to keep the temperature consistently warmer would probably help. You could also add a battery tender to the 12V battery if...
  44. MoonChou

    Away For A Week

    I was away for a month. During that time I left it plugged in and set it for a 60% max charge and the day before I returned I set it to 90% via the app while I was at the airport.
  45. MoonChou


    I've had it a little over a month now and it's used 67.05 kb on mobile and 10 MB on Wifi. So basically nothing. The battery consumption is minimal on my nexus 6P.
  46. MoonChou

    ChargePoint - Do you have an account?

    I have both the chargepoint card and app from my Volt/ELR days. I rarely use them now though.
  47. MoonChou

    ICE mechanics HATE Tesla!

    Hahaa the guys at my shop were worried about range so they were thinking about ways to extend the range with extra batteries. I tried explaining to them that it wouldn't work with conventional add ons. Well, it's true. It happened 3 weeks ago this year (Took delivery 4 weeks ago). I can post...
  48. MoonChou

    ICE mechanics HATE Tesla!

    The first time I showed off my model S to my co-workers they went crazy at the fact that there was no engine. Then one of the guys was asking about the exhaust. I told him that there was none. Immediately after the everyone goes to the back of the car and all drop down to their stomachs to take...
  49. MoonChou

    OEM Looking Dashcam

    Kmanauto did a review on the PCH dash cam.
  50. MoonChou

    ICE mechanics HATE Tesla!

    I work as an automotive mechanic part time. I don't hate tesla... haha

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