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    2020 Model S Long Range+ for sale | FSD | 41.5K Miles | new tires | Extras

    2020 Model S Long Range+ (100D) dual motor All wheel drive, with nearly 400 Mile range. Location: Las Vegas, NV Price: $81,990 It has 19" Sonic Slipstream wheels (Grey), Full Self Driving (FSD currently priced at $12,000 from tesla), and in excellent condition. Has professionally...
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    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    Lol, i'll sell you my 2020 MSLR+ for a lot less and you can get it now ;) Unless you gotta have the yoke.
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    Anyone done any road trips in Mexico?

    The supercharger network in mexico seems.. underwhelming. I'm going to be largely in baja, but below Ensenada there aren't any superchargers, but there are a number of destination chargers. But i'm concerned that the hotels and what not require you to be a guest to use them. Any intel?
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    Changing air filter

    That looks like it's under the hood, which would require removing the entire shroud and frunk box, and a bunch of other parts from what i've seen. Definitely not something i feel comfortable doing myself. Honestly, i scheduled a mobile service visit, and it's $20 total. I was shocked...
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    Changing air filter

    I have a 2020 MS LR+ with the standard filter, all the video's i've seen show removing the dash to get to the filter. I think it was easier on older models.
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    Autopilot constantly moving out of right hand lane

    It only seems to do it for me if i'm traveling > 9 mph over the speed limit (ie 10+)
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    Changing air filter

    5 minute job? You have to take out the dash! How is that 5 minutes?
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    Changing air filter

    Hey there, I know many of you change your own filters, but i've got severe arthritis and can't do it myself. I was wondering if there were any major chains any of you would trust do the job? I'd rather not bring it into the tesla dealership just for this.
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    Do upgrades void the warranty?

    I assume the answer here is yes. But, would installing after-market parts void the warranty? Such as performance suspensions or does it only void the warranty on that particular subsystem?
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    How does the "hands on wheel" warning really work?

    Fair enough, especially in the FSD beta. I've also noticed they fixed the workaround to preventing uploading data by doing a hard reset when a forced disable occurs. With the FSD Beta, if you get 3 forced disables in a month (i think) they drop you out of the beta. It used to be, you could...
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    How does the "hands on wheel" warning really work?

    Yes, i've seen the warnings when it sees traffic cones or other issues, and those make sense. But i've encountered a number of these even in clear conditions.. my hand resting heavily on the wheel to provide torque. It sometimes needs additional torque... not sure if this is some kind of...
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    How does the "hands on wheel" warning really work?

    So lately, i've been frustrated by my Model S on FSD beta alerting me to put my hands on the wheel. That would be understandable, if my hands weren't already on the wheel. And yes, i have slight torque applied. However, this seems to happen all of a sudden, with no warning, the red alert...
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    AP glitchy since last update?

    I have a 2020 MS LR, and I haven’t been doing much driving because of covid, but when I do I’ve noticed it acting weird, like braking on interstates in situations it didn’t used to, slowing from 65 down to 30, then going back up to 65 again, and even completely disengaging AP for no apparent...
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    I think my Tesla crashed....

    Not sure if I find it comforting or not that others have had a similar experience. Yes, I know it’s software. Software crashes from time to time. It’s just disconcerting when driving.
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    I think my Tesla crashed....

    No, I didn’t get in an accident. I was driving on autopilot when all of a sudden alarms went off and it said AP no available. The visualization screen was black (except for the car image) and couldn’t re-engage. After a couple of minutes, visualizations returned, including lane visualization...
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    My experiences with AP as a new owner

    That is a legal disclaimer. If Tesla didn’t’ the think it was ready to auto steer on normal roads, it would disable the ability to do so. So saying that is like saying you’re not supposed to exceed the speed limit. Still, it’s hard to see FSD being ready as early as EM says it will.
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    My experiences with AP as a new owner

    So I have a 2020 MS LR, with FSD. Here are a few quirks I’ve noticed with AP and I’m not sure what to do. When engaging AP early on the on-ramp to an interstate highway, it speeds up to the merge point at the end of the lane, regardless of any traffic in the nest lane and doesn’t seem to find...
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    Roadside Emergency Kit?

    Yes, I could buy each item separately, and try to find a separate way to organize it all so it’s not a mess in my frunk, but it’s really a lot of work and trial and error. So I thought I’d see if anyone had found something serviceable. That’s what a community is for. Pardon me for asking.
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    40.50.1 update completely disabled all voice commands

    I have only had my MS for a few weeks, but I did notice voice commands have gotten worse in just the last week or so. It could be coincidence, but I’ve found that talking very loud improves the success rate.
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    How to determine my Tesla’s features?

    How can I find a list of the vehicle hardware features of my 2020 MS LR (side note, is the LR the same as a 100D? My insurance company did not list Long Range in it’s selection criteria, but did have 100D listed). For example, I assume it’s a newer HW3 core, but what about other specs that...
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    Roadside Emergency Kit?

    I’m looking for the perfect roadside emergency kit for my new 2020 MS LR. Nearly all the kits I’ve seen have useless (for a Tesla) stuff like jumper cables, which I don’t want to pay for. I’ve seen the Tesla kit, but it’s mostly just first aid stuff. ‘My ideal kit would include Warning...

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