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    2022.44.2 and Sentry Mode Clip length

    New sentry mode settings explained here.
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    2022.44.2 and Sentry Mode Clip length

    Same here. New sentry mode settings are nowhere to be found although they were mentioned in the updates notes in-car.
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    Wiper reach

    I guess this is just the right time for you to replace your wipers!
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    Bigger Cupholder Retrofit?

    Quick and dirty retrofit!
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    2022.24.8 and automatic wipers

    Your car had radar. It is now using Vision Only as of 2022.24.8.
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    No reason to be worried, the rollout of this update just started a few days ago. It will eventually be pushed to your car in the coming days or weeks, like all updates do.
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    All I'm saying is that when you're getting close to retirement, you know your income will decrease a lot, so you should plan your budget ahead in a appropriate way based on your future retiree income. If your monthly budget is so tight you can't even afford an internet connection at home, I...
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    Wow ok... "recall" me when you understand the basic principles of a conversation.
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    I'm sorry but... people who can't afford internet at home shouldn't buy a Tesla in the first place.
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    Well... we're all acknowledging this. That's not the point and you perfectly know it. Those headlines are purposedly misleading because a recall "normally conveys literally bringing one’s car to a mechanic for work", which is not the case with OTA updates. Me neither! :cool:
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    Do I really have to explain? If you don't see why all those click-baiting "1 million+ Tesla vehicles recalled" headlines are misleading, then you obviously and deliberately don't want to understand the point here. Tesla's recall that wasn't: How Musk revolutionized the auto industry
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    It may be factually "accurate", but it is purposedly misleading. That's the whole point of the thread :rolleyes:
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    A real recall means vehicles have to be brought to a service center and go through physical, hardware repairs. Any issue that can be fixed through a software update shouldn't be named a "recall", because it's simply not a recall as the automative industry calls it since decades. NTHSA needs to...
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    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    You clearly understood what the topic is all about here, didn't you? If not, I don't understand what you're trying to prove. Calling an OTA update a "recall", even if it is mandatory, is a total nonsense, period. The NHTSA is probably too lazy to come up with a new terminology... and meanwhile...
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    Official Tesla CCS1 adaptor now available in Canada.

    Indeed. I bet it will be out of stock in a matter of hours!
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    New to Tesla, making the move from ID4 to MY

    Unique Selling Proposition (advertising / marketing / sales acronym)
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    How many windshields have you replaced on your Tesla?

    1 windshield replaced in 15 months on my M3 0 windshield replaced in 14 months on my MY
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    Should I trade-in Model Y for 2022 Model S?

    I think you should ask yourself one simple question: "Do I really need it?". If your personal finances allow you to spend an additional 500$/month on a car AND if you don't need the extra cargo space provided by the Y AND if you can get a decent resale price for your MY AND if you really feel...
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    Auto High Beam making Autosteer unusable

    I have 2022.24.5 on my Vision-Only 2021 MY (manufactured after May 2021 so auto high beams are activated with Autopilot at night). Last night when driving home on a 100km trip, I experienced how poor the auto high beams implementation is. Although it was slightly better than what I previously...
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    Is it possible to have TWO Cloud Profiles under ONE Tesla Account (mobile app)?

    My wife and I have also two Tesla's, but we use our own Tesla account. My wife has the M3 on her account while I have the MY on my account. We simply shared our cars to each others using the "Manage Drivers" setting under "Security" in the Tesla App and we can drive whichever car we want / need...
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    How do I find out if my Model Y already is CCS capable?

    You'll see Not Installed or Enabled:
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    Wall Connector Power Sharing

    I always thought power sharing was supposed to work this way by design, but apparently not! Yesterday we had to charge both Teslas (MYLR and M3SR+). I noticed both were charging at 30A although I have two 60A breakers in a breaker box (one for each wall charger) linked to another 60A breaker in...
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    Mirrors auto folding at home location

    It happened to me a while back. Next time this happens to you when you get home and your mirrors fold, touch the blue button to disable auto folding. It should cancel auto folding for good!
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    You can now Watch videos in the browsers [Update: only while in Park]

    Whatever. Law or not, it's plain common sense to disable video watching while driving, for obvious reasons.
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    What is this and why is it sticking out?

    I have the exact same issue since my windshield got replaced two weeks ago. I tried to push it back to no avail. Oh well...
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    Model 3 trunk beeping twice and stopping halfway?

    I had the exact same issue since 2022.8.2. I could fix it by recalibrating the trunk: when it stops, just open it manually until the desired opening height and long-press the trunk button until you start hearing beeps. It should solve the issue.
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    2018 Model 3 Rear Axle Damage accident total or not

    Sorry to see this :( I got a hit and run last summer which resulted in almost exactly the same type of damage. It was entirely covered by the insurance after the evaluation, and it came very close to a total loss. Eventually my M3 was repaired and not deemed a total loss, but the cost was very...
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    Flash drive port?

    Maybe this is the explanation? https://electrek.co/2021/11/12/new-teslas-delivered-with-surprise-missing-usb-ports-due-to-parts-shortages/
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    App does not fill iPad screen

    Normal indeed. The Tesla app is not designed for iPad.
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    Tire Pressure and Carwash mode gone after V11

    Sorry to resurrect this post. I really can't find the Car Wash mode button under Service in either my M3 nor my MY. My M3 is on 2021.44.30.11 My MY is on 2021.44.30.7 Where the hell did it go? I've searched in all menus when parked and / or in Drive mode, also did a reboot, everything. To no...
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    First Tesla - Model 3 SR+ Multiple problems since pickup

    @Tam is completely right. My M3SR+ and MY both do the same weird noise coming from the rear drive unit when charging in cold temps and battery is cold, this is absolutely normal. And I'm on a 240V/48A Wall charger.... so I can easily imagine the screaming sound of heating the battery must last...
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    Sentry not recording on Samsung 256GB USB drive

    Did you try to format your USB drive in FAT32 or EXT4? That should to the trick...
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    Model 3 Performance Accident

    God I feel bad for you. It hurts to see a damaged Tesla! Seeing your pictures reminds of my own accident last summer, same scenario, a drunk guy ran a red light and hit me on the rear wheel. It took two months to repair... 😡 Hope you're ok though! But I guess so since you were able to post in...
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    Same here, got .6 and .7 yesterday for both my MY and my M3. I guess those updates were released quickly to address the heat pump issues ( I also heard people in cold regions were targeted in priority for these updates.) I suspect .6 was released too early and maybe did not fix all heat pump...
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    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    I was referring to these: If you see them in the app after enabling climate, it means your battery is being warmed up.
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    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    Yes it does, if battery has to be warmed up. You can confrm it on the app when you see the three "bacon" next to the battery percentage. Of course if temperature is way below 0C, it will take way more time than warming up the cabin.
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    sentry live mode not available in Canada

    Confirmed, I have it too since 2021.44.25.2 :cool:
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    Loud buzzing/gargling sound when charging

    Sure I did, and I immediately recognized the same warming up sound I heard when I charged my Y a few weeks ago in cold temp. When the battery pack is cold and you start charging, it always makes the same mosquito-like buzzing sound you heard. I guess you're not sitting right next to your car at...
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    Loud buzzing/gargling sound when charging

    Nothing to worry about, this is the battery coolant warming up the battery pack, this sound when charging is absolutely normal in cold temperatures.
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    Connecting to gen 3 chargers after set up

    That's what you need to access the wall charger settings through its wifi network: Source: https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/support/charging/Gen3_WallConnector_Commissioning_Procedure.pdf BTW this might be misleading since the wall charger is constantly broadcasting its SSID (still...
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    sentry live mode not available in Canada

    I was more referring to the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms which says that every person has a right to respect for his private life. There have been several cases in multiple cities of people worries about their neighbours' cameras filming their backyard and signalling it to the...
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    sentry live mode not available in Canada

    Nope, no live sentry mode in Canada, because canadian laws regarding privacy don't allow it unfortunately. In the release notes of the update you usually get on the car screen after the update is completed, all new features of the 2021.40.6 are listed, except for this one if you're in a country...
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    Please help. Hit and run, sentry mode enabled but did not record???

    I was hit at an intersection last July by a guy who obviously was too drunk to drive, the guy passed a red light and hit me. I had to stop immediately since the left rear wheel was hit. Moments later I checked the dashcam view to realize that the exact moment of the impact was not recorded (plus...
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    500 Server error

    Same in Montreal
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    Heated steering wheels and rear seats in SR+ Model 3s remotely activated

    Tesla begins remotely activating heated steering wheels and rear seats in SR+ Model 3s Question to 2021 M3 SR+ owners: do any of you noticed these new options remotely added in your M3's? Apparently, only M3's delivered after November 1st will get the update, but I'm wondering if some people...
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    When are you changing into winter tires for SR+?

    Scheduled for Nov 16 for my MY and Nov 18 for my M3. -3C tonight in Montreal already... 🥶 it's time.
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    How did you convince your significant other to order a Tesla?

    I convinced my wife to test drive a Model Y back in March. We needed a new car anyway, maybe even two, and were considering ICE vehicles as well, but it was at least a good excuse for me to test drive a Model Y, without any serious intention of buying one, mostly because of the high price tag...
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    Calais to Limoges France in a Tesla 3

    I suggest you try A Better Route Planner to plan your roadtrip. There are several SuC on your road so it should not be a problem at all to go from Calais to Limoges with two or three charging stops.

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