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    Strange Ultrasonic Sensor Glitch

    Ever since I got my Plaid back in July, I’ve had this random sensor glitch every time I drive. The rear passenger sensor randomly displays an abnormal looking sensor arc even when nothing is nearby. The car is currently with service and although they installed a new sensor, the problem...
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    Supercharger - Calabasas, CA - Commons Way (LIVE 12 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Looked around and didn’t see any other colored markings. However I saw an orange flag staked behind me from where I took the picture. I drive by Calabasas regularly and will keep an eye on the progress.
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    Supercharger - Calabasas, CA - Commons Way (LIVE 12 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Found fencing material but there are currently no markings. Looks like the chargers will be near the entrance at Commons Way and Calabasas Rd.
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    Supercharger - Calabasas, CA - Commons Way (LIVE 12 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    You are right that it is going to be at The Commons. I found the permit on the city's website. Approved on 10/2/17. 4799 Commons Way. Description: EV CHARGING STATIONS: Install (24) Tesla EV charging stations; (12) super charge 160KVA inverters; (1) new 2500A main panel; (1) meter; (1)...
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    Supercharger - Burbank, CA - North Third Street (LIVE 14 Sep 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    I was actually there at 4pm and it was only half full for the 15 mins I was charging.
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    Supercharger - Burbank, CA - North Third Street (LIVE 14 Sep 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    It’s easier to access than Burbank Service Center. The location is actually mid way between bottom and top floor, just really one floor up from the entrance.
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    Where are those new Fremont Superchargers from the Model 3 Reveal?

    Wow, were those 30 superchargers at the Fremont Factory? I wonder where exactly they are located. Also, they look slanted like the ones in Culver City.
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    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    Looks like the Oxnard expansion is about to get underway. Fencing is on site but not up yet. The dirt in back has been dug up for more conduit. It appears that there will be at least 10 more stalls next to the current 10.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    So the bottom line is for those who DC fast charge almost exclusively, you eventually won't have the ability to charge an additional 20KW worth of energy for about 5 mins and only when plugging in to an unpaired stall with a low SOC and outside temperature is nominal. So this translates to not...
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    Tesla blog post - Charging Is Our Priority

    This is great news! I hope that highways and popular travel routes will get the biggest expansion first because nothing sucks more than having to wait when on a road trip.
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    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2015

    Looking for carbon fiber interior trim.
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    Supercharging pain in rear

    I asked him earlier why his travel plans were so unique that he couldn't use the numerous other supercharger options around given this is in California. He never replied. Instead, he bashes TM with many false statements in another thread.
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    Supercharging pain in rear

    Where were you coming from and where were you going to after the Burbank SC? There are pratically a SC within 25-150 miles of each other throughout most of California. Just curious exactly why your travel needs required such kluggy alternatives before you arrived at Burbank. I've traveled...
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    Model S AP crashes

    No, AP is not designed to disengage silently. When conditions warrant, a loud beeping and red "hands" appear in the IC alerting the driver to immediately take over. If you believe AP disengaged silently, you should call a SC and have them check your logs.
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    Model S 75D Range Anxiety

    Not all extensions are the same so in order to take full advantage of a dryer outlet, I would recommend buying one from EVSE adapters. Adapters for Tesla I got their heavy duty extension cable and used it in Yosemite earlier this year. They are heavy and bulky but great as a backup when in a...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    You are correct that the charging infrastructure needs to grow, but Tesla does not have their head in the sand when it comes to this reality. They aim to double the SC network by the time the first M3 is produced. And there is nothing to prevent them from continuing to grow the network to...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Range anxiety for a day trip to San Diego from Irvine? Seriously? Ok, maybe you are more on the pessimistic side, but check out Plugshare and you'll find a dozen or so locations with Tesla HPWCs. Read some of the comments and a lot of people were able to charge without being guests. And...
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    Taiwanese planning trip to LA, SF & Yosemite with Model X

    Yes, they are open to anyone and not just guests.
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Free for life is sustainable even with a million plus cars if TM succeeds in being a net generator of electricity. Through the use of solar panels and battery units, it is possible to scale up to meet demand indefinitely. How? Elon gave a presentation last year in which he talked about how...
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    Supercharger - Burbank, CA (Service Center, no longer on nav map)

    They are Chargepoint chargers but they are awful to use. Leafs and Fiats mostly when I was there, but because of the unclear and poor design, owners were using plugs from the next stall over. I had to back my car in from the wrong direction in order to pull a plug from next stall that had an...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    People who commute in SoCal can easily require the use of the SC everyday. Your plan does not take into account people who drive long distances for work and I'm not talking about livery workers. There was a user earlier in the thread who thinks it is abuse to even use the SC for commuting...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Elon could have made service centers a profit center but he chose not to. He could have made supercharging a billable network for users but he has chosen not to. He could decide not to invest R&D into creating a drive train that can last a million miles but he's doing that. He could have just...
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    Taiwanese planning trip to LA, SF & Yosemite with Model X

    There is a Tesla HPWC at the Majestic ( formerly the Ahwahnee Hotel ). You'll get the full 80A but there's only one so you may have to wait. When I was there with my family a few weeks ago, there were at least 3 other Teslas there. The good thing is you don't need to be fully charged to get...
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    [Rant] locals clogging the Highland Park, IL supercharger

    This kind of broad statement is disputed by EM himself when he says that 90% of owners don't even use SCs. Are 10% abusers then? I don't think so. Of course there are some who will take advantage but since the vast majority don't, I would hardly consider the mission of free supercharging a...
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    ICE Manufacturers not worried about the SuperCharger competition?

    90% of Tesla owners don't even use SC's and with an average commute of 50 miles, most drivers will never ever need access to fast chargers on a daily basis. Tesla's strategy is working: enable long distance driving and build out urban SC's to handle dense pop centers. GM's dealerships do not...
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    Starting to regret getting Model S

    I always have the FOB in my pocket so that it can never be in the car without me. I love the convenience of auto-lock. My wife, however, always puts the FOB in a different place all of the time - sometimes her front pocket, sometimes her purse - so it makes it easier for her to forget where it is.
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    Supercharger - Burbank, CA (Service Center, no longer on nav map)

    Drove by today. They were painting the front of the Service Center. It looks like they will make the deadline for the opening this week.
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    Consumer Reports is wrong about future reliability

    I have no issues with CR's testing methodology since they have experts testing the vehicles on a broad spectrum of metrics that are beneficial to the consumer. But their annual reliability survey is NOT a statistically accurate sampling. When they say they surveyed 1400 Model S owners, those...
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Every ICE car I've owned eventually need a new transmission, a new catalytic convertor, a new radiator, etc.. Every ICE car started making noise after awhile. But we are conditioned to think that is the norm so I didn't bring in my car after 50K miles and said this engine doesn't sound as...
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    Unhappy Owners Post's Removed / Censored

    I'm surprised you haven't been banned yet because your snippiness continues even though many users are simply asking you to tone done your negativity. Everyone has clearly said that there is nothing wrong with posting criticism but it is your insulting tone that is simply not welcomed.
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    Prediction: Tesla Pulls Autosteer Function Soon

    There is no insinuation that he can't comment unless he owns a Tesla. The insinuation is that he is making very hyperbolic statements about the AP system and calling people idiots even though it doesn't appear that he has used it himself. Nothing more than that.
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    Prediction: Tesla Pulls Autosteer Function Soon

    Do you even own a Tesla? The moment you activate AP, it warns that you should keep your hands on the wheel. The driver is still responsible no matter what. Just like it is now in all cars. By the way, the car doesn't have a mind of it's own. It's a driver assist feature - not a fully...
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    Prediction: Tesla Pulls Autosteer Function Soon

    You should short the stock since you are so certain about it all. There are over 32,000 car fatalities per year in the US. I'm surprised regulators haven't pulled all cars from the road until there's some kind of system that makes sure people always have 2 hands on the steering wheel, prevents...
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    Minnesota Tesla owner and family found dead in home

    Sorry, I wish that I could just be sad about what happened, but it wasn't just a suicide. It was a murder/suicide. I grieve more for the ones that he killed and angry that he decided that the only escape from whatever dark place he was in must also included murdering his innocent family. Yes...
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    Calculating Battery Capacity / Degradation

    You are wrong for the simple fact that you are deriving capacity based on usage. For example, if I love to drive with a heavy foot all of the time and get 400 w/mi, then I would have used 49.68 kWh versus your 41.4 kWh. Is my storage capacity 20% worse than yours then? No, of course not...
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Checkout the Rocklin Service Center with 8 stalls and the Roseville SC with 7 stalls. Both are within miles of each. I think service centers will get SC stalls going forward if they can. The Santa Barbara Service Center will open later this year and it looks like it will have SC stalls...
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    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    Wrong. The fee was for access to a free charging network. Sheesh. Let's not play semantics here.
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    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    Sorry, but your understanding of internet traffic is incomplete. High bandwidth alone does not slow "stuff" down. Just look up data throttling and you'll see plenty of articles that rightfully point out that cellular networks' justification for throttling was a lie. The FCC even sued AT&T...
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    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    SC usage is not free, it is prepaid. It is similar to buying a gym membership. You are paying for access and unlimited usage. Limiting local drivers in any way is like the gym suddenly saying you can't use the treadmill 7 times a week because they thought that most people would only use it...
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    Stop with the name calling and judgements. Sheesh! I bet if you opened up your financials, we could probably find stupid things you've done to save money or waste money. I have a long commute and I charge at home 90% of the time versus 10% at SCs, but that's my choice that best fits my...
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    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    It's not about "Free and Unlimited". It's about a company that appears to be going back on an established policy. When the iPhone came out, AT&T had no tiered data plan. Your data plan was "Unlimited" A year later, when they realized that the popular iPhone was pushing their infrastructure...
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    Wow, what an incredibly illogical response since no one is advocating something extreme. Analogy (especially extreme ones) is powerful...and dangerous...and ridiculous.
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    How else would you explain why the Mountain View and San Mateo chargers are going online soon? That would make 3 SC locations within 20 miles of each other in the South Bay area. In SoCal, there's Culver City, Hawthorne and Redondo Beach all within 20 miles of each other. On Tesla's SC map...
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    That assumes that Tesla does not scale up the SC network. Doubtful. With more and more sales, they'll have the capital to expand the network to meet demand. - - - Updated - - - Analogy using free samples is so far from reality. Everyone who bought a MS and enabled SC for $2000 paid for...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Sorry, didn't read through all of the posts.
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    Coast to Coast Record has been Broken April 16th, 2015

    Congratulations! Great job guys.
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    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    Others could have assumed the same thing about you since you also weren't at your car for 30 minutes.
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    My car won't charge faster than 60kW

    Whenever I charge up at Oxnard, most people (including me) aren't just sitting in their cars but grabbing a meal, grocery shopping, etc. They build charging into their routine or add to their routine. Either way, the result is them spending their money on supporting the local economy. Don't...

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