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    Autopilot lock out for speeding

    Ok thanks, makes sense that the difference is just the limit (was 90 now 85) and that the reason for the change is Teslavision.
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    Autopilot lock out for speeding

    Another annoying Autopilot update in a recent update (to add to enforced auto beams and wipers)… I got locked out of autopilot twice on a two hour journey for exceeding the autopilot speed limit on the motorway. I think autopilot is limited to 85 which is generally fine, but occasionally I...
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    Octopus Intelligent + EO Mini Pro 2

    I have a model 3 LR, an EO Mini Pro 2 charger and a SMETS 2 meter. My Octopus Go fix is coming to an end and I've been invited to take a look at Octopus Intelligent as an alternative to Go. I've completed the online question form and it says my equipment is not compatabile. What gives? I...
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    How to move from Model 3 To Model Y (UK)

    Thinking about making the swap when the Y eventually comes to the UK, mostly because of the dog-friendliness of the hatchback. Is it likely Tesla will offer a decent part-ex deal, or will it be more likely a case of selling the 3 privately and buying/financing the Y separately? I own the 3...
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    Charging Powerwall Overnight

    Hi, Has anyone calculated how much energy could be drawn and stored overnight (12:30pm to 04:30am) in the Powerwall? I’m in the UK and on my electricity tariff (Octopus Go), rates are one third of regular during this period. I can’t fit solar panels so am thinking about the economics of just...
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    Six Children and Parent hit by Tesla

    Developing news story on BBC. Too early to speculate the cause. From the photo is a model 3 Tesla.
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    Paying off PCP Early

    I bought a M3LR on PCP back in Feb 2020. I've since added FSD as an upgrade (i.e. paid cash to Tesla). I've got some money coming through which I could use to pay off the finance in total. I've never had a PCP before, so want to make sure I'm not making a mistake. E.g. could I be better off...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    We’ve used it several times - good charge speed on M3
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    FSD price increase this Monday

    There’s a lot of excitement in the US forums around the first rewrite videos on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonee916/status/1319126180675481600?s=21 I have to say it looks darn impressive. We’ll have to wait and see how well this translates to the UK market
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    Chips Away for minor repair on multicoat red?

    Chipsaway did a perfect job on my MSM. The dent was down to the primer and when they were finished I couldn’t tell where the damage had been. They use a machine that analyses the paint to mix a replacement. For under £300 inc vat I was very happy. Tesla quote was over £800
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    Tesla to launch Full Self Driving beta to select drivers next week

    Tesla to launch Full Self Driving beta to select drivers next week — Mashable
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    ABRP mobile app

    Same here
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    Switched to neutral whilst driving at speed

    Thanks - managed to shift back to drive in time - just surprised me.
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    Switched to neutral whilst driving at speed

    This happened to me yesterday on 2020.40.3. I was driving between 30 and 40 mph and somehow switched into neutral. Took my foot of the accelerator expecting to regen brake and the car just coasted. I then noticed the “press brake pedal and shift to drive or reverse” message. I had possibly...
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Most useful thing in this release for me, is extending the speed sign reading to highways. Always assumed it would be rolled out in next release. Should be useful for temporary motorway speed reductions. I wonder if it will read gantry speed signs?
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    FSD - Change lane without NOA

    So this (sometimes) works even when there is no blue line shown down the middle of the lane (i.e. NoA is not available)?
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    Seat heater bug?

    I turned the seat heaters on in the morning for the chilly school run. I then turn the heaters off and the profile says “saved”. I then get back in the car for the evening school run and the heaters are back on. Seems to ignore the saved settings from earlier. Anyone else noticed this?
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    [UK] 2020.36.x

    Yep that's been pretty much my Friday morning too.
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    Cup holder for M3

    The cup holders are too big for bottles of water, etc and they rattle around like crazy. Has anyone bought an insert they would recommend? Seem to be two types: cup inserts and a spring clip thing: Cup insert: Amazon Spring clip thing: ebay
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    iPhone notifications stopped working

    +1 here.. notifications haven’t worked for me since 2020.32.2 I first noticed it, as there was no notification to tell me that the update had completed! Not had 2020.32.3 yet, but I wonder if that release fixes it (might explain how quickly it followed .2?)
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    Paint damage - what is the yellow patch?

    I closed the garage door on top of the side panel next to the bonnet. I used WD40 and a magic eraser to remove most of the white transferred paint from the garage door. I’m left with a couple of dent points and a yellow patch (see photos). Is the yellow patch where paint where the top layer of...
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    Insurance and FSD upgrade

    Some interesting points raised here. I do not believe the insurer would reimburse you for the cost of FSD if you had to make a claim for replacement of a totalled car. If I’m wrong on this, I agree that it absolutely would be worth letting the insurer know you’ve added this option. In...
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    Insurance and FSD upgrade

    I just haven’t told insurer. I can’t see any reason to do so.
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    Tesla app iOS14

    No issues here either It will be great when we get a Tesla or 3rd party Home Screen widget.
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    FSD - Change lane without NOA

    On a dual carriageway I want to be able to change lanes without disabling Autopilot - this was the main reason for taking FSD. If I have selected Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) the car will change lanes automatically if I click the indicator whilst on a road that supports NOA. I can tell the...
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    Autopilot speed limit changes

    Very interested in this thread - I do not have FSD and have my speed limit set to +5 relative. My car does not change target speed when it moves into a new speed limit zone and I wish it did..
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    Alloy touch up pen

    Standard wheels on the M3 LR. Actually I bought from Amazon in the end. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014L9B3WE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ojVVEb6JZN78D
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    Alloy touch up pen

    I can confirm the Ford Dark Shadow Gray CX was a perfect match for my M3, which was delivered in March. I bought off ebay. Tim
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    Alloy touch up pen

    Aeros - will take a look for the other thread
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    Alloy touch up pen

    I’ve curbed both wheels on the passenger side, which happened in the first few weeks of ownership. Haven’t done it again since. The marks don’t bother me much but I wonder if anyone has had success with a alloy touch up pen? If so, what brand/colour did you go for?
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    Dull paint patch

    Thanks - could you let me know the exact autoglym product you used (seem to be tons). And do you mean you polished yourself or had this done at a detailers? Cheers
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    Dull paint patch

    It feels ever-so-slightly rougher to touch. I have an existing service request to fix a minuscule paint chip recorded at collection. Do you think they will also take a look at this problem, given I didn't notice it at collection? I will try and add it to the service request notes..
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    Dull paint patch

    I’ve taken a photo - not easy to see, but the patch is to the left of my reflection.
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    Dull paint patch

    I was cleaning by MSM model 3 today and noticed a dull patch in the paintwork, on the rear passenger side door, about an inch in diameter. There is no obvious scratch or other imperfection, but the area is matte rather than shiny like the rest of the car. I wondered if it was something like...
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    Why did the car alarm just go off?

    I think you are on to something - there was no notification in the app. I will do some further research to try and find out why sentry can be activated when in the car - it doesn’t make sense to me why this should ever happen.
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    Why did the car alarm just go off?

    The car was unlocked with the driver's door open, boot open and two kids in the back. All other doors closed. The car was unlocked by proximity of the iPhone in my pocket. I pressed the brake pedal and all hell broke with the sound system blasting out rock music and the sentry logo flashed up...
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    Trade in - inform DVLA of sale?

    I picked up my M3LR on Monday and traded in my Mini. I went to the DVLA website today to complete the paperwork and it said the car had already been reported as sold. Has anyone else who has part-ex'd found that Tesla informed DVLA on their behalf? I assume then I have nothing to do and...
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    UK Budget 11 March 2020 - VAT Change?

    If there is a VAT cut I would absolutely expect this to be reflected in my March order (picking up Monday). Otherwise I will cancel and reorder
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    Collection: Driving License Address?

    Just to close this thread off: I applied to DVLA on the day of my original post (Friday last week) and my new photocard license arrive today (Wednesday) - that's 3 working days! I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the DVLA and relieved that my collection can now go ahead!
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    Collection: Driving License Address?

    I'm pretty sure I uploaded a copy of my license as part of the sales process - I guess they just didn't notice the mismatch. I've just requested to change the address online with the DVLA and they've said new license in two weeks, so I may need to push back my delivery slot.
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    Collection: Driving License Address?

    Collecting in two weeks from Heathrow (yipee) The address printed on my driving license (plastic card style) does not match my home address (or Blackhorse finance address, etc). I moved a while ago but never got around to updating the license. Could this be an issue?
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    I've never bought a new car before so no reference point, but I get the lack the communication around delivery time is odd. However I can't be the only person who is actually ENJOYING this part of (nearly) owning a Tesla? (I appreciate it's probably more stressful when you're trying to line...
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    Insurance Company ‘By Miles’

    Had this problem - they helpfully suggested I find a comparable Reg Plate from a car on AutoTrader! (I tried, couldn't find one uncovered)
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    Black Horse - Time to process PCP application?

    Hi Mike, slightly different in my case - I placed the order first (and paid deposit on credit card) and then applied for the PCP.
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    Black Horse - Time to process PCP application?

    The website suggests that the credit decision would be made within a few hours, but I've been waiting over a week with no update. On my Tesla account page it shows as "Your credit application has been received. We will contact you with details on your credit decision and terms." I've tried to...
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    FSD - After purchase cost?

    What is the current cost of adding FSD, post-purchase? I'm in two minds as to whether to add FSD to a M3 order. I wonder how much of a "discount" you are really getting by paying 5,800 GBP upfront. Tim

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