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    Saved dashcam not accessible

    I didn't hold the dashcam icon, but I didn't pull the drive until around 10-15 minutes after the accident. There's recording after the saved files. I tried Recuva (CC Cleaner) but no luck unfortunately.
  2. D

    Saved dashcam not accessible

    2021M3. I was in a minor fender-bender 2 days ago (details not important). I pulled over and beeped my horn to save the footage (probably a minute or so after). I can access the dashcam footage from just before and just after the accident, but the supposed saved files are corrupt. All the other...
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    Just upgraded from a 2018 LR to a 2021 Performance

    I've had my '21 M3P since January. I got a 3 month FSD trial which I hate--lane changes are too frequent and not appropriate most of the time (in regular, not mad max mode), and it doesn't really work on local roads anyway. So I turned off Nav on autopilot. I tried smart summon once (carrying...
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    Charge Point chargers "disabled"

    So, 2021 M3P. I have a 60 mile RT commute to work daily and only a Level 1 charger at home. Not a big deal as there is a SC on the way to work, and a free Level 2 1/2 mile from work. About a month ago, like magic, 3 Free Charge Point Level 2 chargers get put in at a school across the street...
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    Autosteer penalty box for going too fast?

    So, was driving on a 2 hr hiway trip using AP. I went to pass a cluster of cars, nice open road (I think I was on AP, but not 100% sure). All of a sudden I get the red steering wheel and angry beep and it said something like "autosteer not available for the rest of the trip due to exceeding...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Hi, I know variations of this have been posted here numerous times, I can't seem to find a fix or the same issue I'm having: -2021 M3P, came w 128G USB stick -sentry/dashcam worked fine until around a week ago (may have been related to recent OTA update 2021.4.11, I'm not 100% sure) -got an...
  7. D


    She should get a Tesla!
  8. D

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    I have had the M3P for around a month. Since it came with 20" summer tires, and I like to stay alive (live in Boston Metro area) I immediately got 18" wheels with Pirelli Sottozeros. (After speaking with my tire guy, Jay Condrick of Tread COnnection, mobile tire service). I was initially...
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    Nav on Mute

    all the time. i've seen other threads on this, not aware of any solution. i also get wildly different volumes coming from the same source--for example, i often have waze on in the background on my phone for the alerts. if i'm listening to a podcast or music, also from my phone, the waze...
  10. D

    Is it bad for the interior to get too hot?

    OK, maybe this is wishful thinking as it's currently around 25F where I am...but I noticed my car interior got to around 90F today while parked in the sun. I know that the car has a setting to prevent the interior from getting too hot, but my question is, is it a problem if the interior temp...
  11. D

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    I think that's the winner! Good call, thanks!
  12. D

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    That's a good one. It didn't show up when I searched but I have the same issue with my computer, so I have a dual one also. That would probably work--thanks!
  13. D

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    Thanks. This is not for the dash cam, though, I have the one in the glovebox (which, weirdly, is a USB B--go figure). This is purely for music.
  14. D

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    Unfortunately those won't fit in the USB C socket.
  15. D

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    I have the '21 P3. The USB ports in the front console (where I have a stick to store my music) are USB-C. I couldn't find any low profile USB-C drives (there are lots of USB-A ones, I initially bought one thinking that was what I would have), and the USB stick "sticks" out into the front...
  16. D

    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    I did the exact thing you did (or may do). Ordered a LR after driving both, there was definitely a difference but I said that with the AB it would be close. I did the same math you did, only I live in MA so I would get an extra $2500 rebate(only good if price is <$50K). Also add $2K for new...
  17. D

    Can't sign into YouTube - Plex fix not working

    same issue here, haven't tried the workaround. car is 2 weeks old---I have a service appt tomorrow to have my MCU replaced (keeps rebooting while driving). I'll ask them about this (not optimistic that they will be able to help though).
  18. D

    1yr free supercharging for M3 or MY cancelled out referrals code?

    That's good to know! Where I park at work I usually have to walk about 200yds to get to my car so I was thinking it would be nice to stay warm and have the car come to me. But I guess not...
  19. D

    1yr free supercharging for M3 or MY cancelled out referrals code?

    Thanks, I will get at least the 1000 SC miles from a referral code. I don't anticipate using SC that much anyway. I think playing with the FSD for 3 months would be interesting, although it would have to be pretty darn impressive for me to purchase it. So if I don't get it it won't be a huge...
  20. D

    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    Exactly right--that is the answer I was looking for.
  21. D

    14-50 outlet on a 120V circuit?

    I saw a mention on a fb forum about a guy who has a 14-50 outlet on a 120V/20A circuit. He says he gets around 12-15 m/hr charge. My situation is that I live in a condo where I may not be able to upgrade my garage to 220V. If I change my standard outlet to a 14-50 will that allow for faster...
  22. D

    1yr free supercharging for M3 or MY cancelled out referrals code?

    I was scheduled to pick up my M3P on 12/30 (was bumped once from 12/28). I got a call an hour before my appt by the SA to say my car was in NJ (I'm in MA). So obviously no car on 12/30. He said I would still get the 1 year free SC and the 3 months FSD. I still don't have the car (supposed to...
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    So torn between 2021 Performance and LR+Boost

    I did, part of the reason I changed!
  24. D

    So torn between 2021 Performance and LR+Boost

    Had the same dilemma. I ordered a LR3 and planned to get AB, but then FOMO got the best of me and I switched to the PM3. It's hard to completely justify based on pure economics, but I like the bigger wheels, the calipers, and the maybe slightly better suspension. Picking it up on Thursday...
  25. D

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    Late to this thread but getting my M3P in (hopefully) a couple weeks. Would be interested in speaker upgrades. PM me with details if you can.
  26. D

    How do I like / dislike a post?

    Same issue! I "like" all the above posts. With great gusto.
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    I just ordered a M3LR. My sales guy said there is no heated SW in the 3 or Y. He said "if you want a heated SW it's a $30K upgrade to the S or X". It would be great if he was wrong cuz I live in NE and it's freaking cold. Although gloves are cheap...
  28. D

    Acceleration Boost no longer available?

    Is Acceleration boost still available? My sales person last week said it's not, that it comes and goes from time to time. Similar to EAP. Any word on if AB is still an option?

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