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    2021 MYP Trunk Leak - bad service experiences

    Yup, add me to the list. March '21 Fremont build. Got the same "water on the wrong side of the bottom seal" issue after a heavy rain my way. Haven't called for a service yet, but probably need to with the freeze/thaw cycle here in NY.
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    Who's using what for winter tires for the PNW?

    Upstate for me = Saratoga Springs.
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    Michelin X-Ice Snow Tire Setup and Headaches (with Costco)

    I'm surprised Costco even allowed you to purchase tires that weren't of the OEM size. I had a run in with them 25 years ago; they refused to mount tires to my car because the rims I had on the car were not the OEM size. I purchased the car used, and didn't even know what the OEM rim sizes were...
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    Coolant top off

    Funny how the Tesla manual contradicts itself. It says don't touch, but then gives you the type of fluid it uses. Additionally if it was so crucial, they would not have put an easy to remove cover on the bottle. BTW, its not Walmart brand, its Valvoline brand and is the identical coolant...
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    Who's using what for winter tires for the PNW?

    Here in upstate NY we get a mix of everything from wet slush, to cold dry snow, and ice covered. I ran Michelin X-ice on mine last year, and have no complaints. My Y was 6th different vehicle I've owned that had X-ice's on them. They were hard to come by, and some state they were not made for...
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    Coolant top off

    Its the coolant for the Battery, and yes you can top it up. The bottle resides next to the cabin air intake. Unlike my Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica, it does not have a tamper proof lid. Just unscrew and add until it reaches the scribe line on the coolant bottle. As far as the manual, they would...
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    Coolant top off

    Has anyone had a need to top off their coolant? I checked mine out this week and found the level just below the "low" indicator on the bottle. It wasn't low enough to throw a warning, and suspect it had a way to go before it did. It didn't need much, but I figured I'd top it off while I was...
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    HVAC question

    I just did an evap clean and filter change on my '21 model Y. It was starting to smell like old wet socks. Got about 18 months out of the OEM filter before the smell started.
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    It never came back. Car is very quiet..... as long as I remember to position the rear seat belt belt buckles away from the sides of the car.
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    Model Y wiper blades

    Nice! Mine are still riding a UPS truck across the country. Glad to see they are NOT made in China like just about everything else these days.
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    Model Y wiper blades

    Get them while they're in stock!
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    Snowmode for Model Y

    When in doubt use "offroad assist" mode. I've used it a few times during the winter here in upstate NY. Keep it under 50 and you'll get through pretty much anything in offroad assist mode.
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    Winter battery range

    Mythbusters did an episode on this. Need to be at least 100 ft or closer, which is really unsafe.
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    Winter battery range

    Here in Upstate NY, I went from a summer average of 270 Wh/mi to ~330 Wh/mi. Same trip (back and forth to work), but with temps in the low 20's and High 30's. We get below 0 up where I live, so it will be "exciting" to see what the car can do. So far the heat pump has done a great job.
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    Cold weather prep

    Does anyone have any other recommendations beyond treating window seals and door handles with silicon lube for deep cold winter days? I've seen recommendations for silicon or Gummi Pflege Stift for window gasket, but can't seem to decide which one is better. Anyone have any advice? It gets...
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    Model Y Winter Tires

    Tirebuyer.com is showing the Michelin Xice in stock. Get them while you can.
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    Snow tire update 19"

    Costco lied to you. I have a set of Michelin Xice 255/45/19 in my garage just waiting for me to bolt on to my Y courtesy of Tire Rack. Tire Rack are not in stock, but Tirebuyer.com is showing them in stock. For anyone interested, get them while you can. FYI, you'll need to search by tire...
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    Seat plastic frame

    No issues in getting in and out, however the plastic coverings on the base of my front seats tends to "pop out" every now and then. A gentle whack get them back into place. A design flaw to be sure, but not one that would require ripping the seats out to fix.
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    Model Y heat failure soft recall?

    Uh-oh... I'm 144xxx, so I must be close but haven't been contacted yet. If I'm on the list, I hope I get a notification soon, winter is fast approaching in this part of the country.
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    Best All Weather floor mats for MY

    +1 on the Tuxmats. Just installed mine this weekend. Fit and look great. Did have to use a few of the velcro clips, but the coverage is amazing.
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    Winter tires for 19" wheels

    Have had the Michelin X-Ice on at least 4 other cars with different size tires. In my experience the offer the best balance between ride comfort and handling in the snow. I have a set of 4 X-ice on order from Tirerack this week for my model Y. Good Luck!
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    Winter tires for geminis

    I'll throw 1 more at you all. Michelin Xice tires. I've had 5 different cars with different tire sizes using the Xice through the years. A good blend of comfort, and grip. Will be getting a set for my Gemini's in a few weeks. Just waiting on TPMS from Tesla service center.
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    Upstate NY Tire Options for Perfomance Model?

    Good luck targeting under 2k. OEM's under 1k are hard to find on Ebay. I took me 3 months to find and purchase a set. I plan on installing Michelin Xice tires; they are pricey, but I've had them on several of my vehicles in our upstate winters, and they've never failed me. All told I'll be...
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    Weather radar

    Yup, was hoping for that someday myself. My Pacifica UConnect system has a nice radar and weather page.
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    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Was checking my Tesla app and noticed that FSD subscription is now available for $199.00 a month. Does anyone know if you will be able to subscribe/un-subscribe with ease? Would be nice to use on long trips for a week or 2 a year, but I I don't plan on needing it or wanting to use it on my...
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    MYP in Wisconsin winters/ I need help with tire/wheels

    Or you could spend the summer looking for a decently priced set of Gemini rims on Ebay. I just picked up a set and plan on mounting Michelin X-Ice tires. Have had super good luck with the X-Ice's on 4 different previous vehicles.
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    Lowering tire pressure on Gemini 19s

    My concern with softening the tire pressure would be uneven wear. These tires aren't cheap to replace, and I'd hate to wear them out quicker by going too far in one direction or the other with tire pressure.
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    Door handle not flush

    Add me to the list. Passenger door. Must be Thor is the one assembling the passenger door in the factory. 😜
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    Sun Visor Rattle

    Good to know when it comes time to "lube" the windows for the winter months.
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    Sun Visor Rattle

    I had a rattle "behind" the sun visor clip on the passenger side when I first picked up my car. The sound got better when I unclipped it visor and let it hang. I brought it into the service center and the dropped the headliner down and found some wiring that wasn't "clipped into" its holder...
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    Gemini Wheel Cover plastic noise

    I did the "clip the outer tabs" trick a few weeks back and it worked like a charm! Only took a few min and a set of wire cutters. Trim them as close to the base of the covers as you can and problem solved. 700+ miles and no more "rocks in the tires" sound.
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    Steering Wheel off center?

    I brought my 1 week old Y into the service center today due to the wheel being to the right, and a rattle. When I picked it up, the wheel is now slightly to the left. Its one of those live with it things. On a lighter note, they did fix the rattle in my front headliner, so the trip to the SC...
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    Got back from the SC. The cause of the rattle was a cable not connected to hits holder rattling against the backside of the magnetic sun visor clip. No more rattle for now. Hoping it won't come back.
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    I checked the mirror and it’s firm and doesn’t affect the rattle. The sun visor does affect the sound. It seems to amplify the rattle when it’s clipped in. I unclip it from the magnet, and it sounds less loud, but still from behind the headliner.
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    With touchscreen freezing, why would I buy FSD

    Add me to the touchscreen freeze club. It took about 9 reboots before the touchscreen would last beyond the first 15 seconds of restart. It happened while the car was parked and 12 hours later when driving. The car icon and the “awareness” stuff like traffic disappeared. Oddly the map still...
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    I double checked the area around the sun visor mag clip. It seems to be coming from there, but its not the source. I suspect something is lose in there; a wire clip or something else. I want to pull the front headliner down, but after watching one taken down on Youtube, I'm afraid I'll break...
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    Just picked up my new model Y and on the ride home noticed a rattle in the front headliner when driving over rough pavement. The rattle sounds like its coming from the area to the right of the center light area and over the passenger side. The headliner is attached well, and it doesn't appear...
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    Trade in

    I had a pretty good experience with the Tesla trade in. Originally I uploaded my trade info before test driving; they came in lower then KBB. I scheduled another test drive a month later (after a Mach - E test drive) and after the test drive, pulled the trigger and made a deposit. I told the...
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    Great delivery experience today (Mt. Kisco, NY)!

    If all goes well I’ll be picking my new Y up at Kisco on Tuesday. Just need my bank to hurry up; they claim they are slow due to everyone buying cars in the last week. Must have been the stimulus checks?
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    Lee Massachusetts test drive

    Anyone had any experience with the "Dedham/Lee" test drives in Lee Massachusetts? My wife scheduled a test drive, and Lee Ma popped up as an option. It looks like its near the Big Y supermarket super chargers. Seems odd to have a test drive area in a supermarket parking lot.
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    How many are waiting to order or postponing the delivery date due to proposed Tax Credit

    You could always buy the car and if the credit gets passed, turn around and trade it in on another one. You do lose a bit of money, but I doubt the car will lose over $7000 of value in 6 months to a year.
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    Considering Home Delivery?

    I'm guessing Latham SC is not accepting deliveries for us in the Eastern part of the state either. I haven't placed an order yet, but like many of you, I'm trying to plan the logistics.
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    Great delivery experience today (Mt. Kisco, NY)!

    Does anyone know if Tesla can deliver to Latham SC or are they only allowed to deliver to Mt Kisco?

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