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    EAP Discount due to lack of USS? Anyone asked Elon?

    Anyone tried tweeting Elon to ask about this? He has his hands full killing Twitter but it seems logical to me to discount EAP for USS-less cars?
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    2019 SR+ to a New Rear wheel drive base model

    Hi all, My 2019 SR+ is 3 years old. I am in year 3 of a 4 year PCP but am getting slightly itchy feet with it and am considering moving to a brand new all 'free' options - white & aero - (2023?) model which would be delivered within 3 - 6 months according to the site. The depreciation is good...
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    Poor WiFi reception M3 - some findings

    Hi, I have awful WiFi reception in the M3. I have a upcoming service appointment and that's one of topics. However, I recently moved my home WiFi router to middle of house for better overall coverage which moved it 9m further away from car (but still with direct line of sight). Every other...
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    Service appointments - lots of them

    Hi, My M3 has a collection of annoying rattles. I went onto the app to register them assuming that it would inform me no appointments were to be had but it's quite the opposite - Heathrow has just about every appointment free. At this time I don't feel comfortable going there... But I just...
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    SR+ Audio Upgrade?

    Hi, What are the practical options for upgrading the audio to something like the LR model etc? Doesn't have to be official but has anyone paid someone to add a subwoofer etc?
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    Max amps on a 240v UK socket? Model 3

    Hi, Recently have had to charge at parents external wall socket a few times. Each time the max amps is 10A. Am I being stupid or should it be 13A? Thanks!
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    Model X loaner... Not very keen. Prefer the M3!

    Hi, Just a short note to say that despite viewing the M3 as the "cheap Tesla"... Wow. Compared to a 2017 X 90D it's so much better made! It's more solid and less creaky. I have the X for a few days and it's clearly not been very well looked after (it's a West Drayton loan car) so maybe that's...
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    Anyone expecting Black Friday FSD deal?

    No clue what the chances are but it would have to be super cheap for me to purchase (model 3). Doubt it will happen! What would it have to cost for you to buy? For me £1000.
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    Auto Navigation destination set using internal meeting room as address

    Hi, I have a morning meeting every day which is tagged with a Location of "<Name> Room" (which is the name of the meeting room at my work). Every single morning my M3 tries to drive me to London as it has interpreted that meeting room name as an address/location in London. Its not my meeting...
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    Car idling for hours at home/work before sleep

    Hi, Using Teslafi. Sentry mode not active at home or work. No summon. Teslafi shows car idling for 2 - 3 hours before sleep. I can see from the raw data that Teslafi seems to be sending sleep commands but car won’t sleep for ages. I think my Teslafi sleep options are normal - and it is trying...
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    Airport parking vs standby (phantom?) drain

    Hi, 1 week in and I'm generally unimpressed with my SR+ range. I think its just enough for me but the range loss whilst I am not driving it does concern me as I need to leave car for 1 week over XMAS at a airport car park. I don't think I am particularly suffering from "phantom drain" as...
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    Autosteer on motorway = great. Autosteer on A road = dangerous?

    Did my first longish trip since getting car. About 60 miles each way (120miles round trip). One way was A roads (30 - 60 mph) and the return leg was 60% motorway. Autosteer on the motorway was largely great. On the A road 3 times I felt very uncomfortable and 1 time I think I would have crashed...
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    Brand new. Granny charger trips RCD when charging. Replace how?

    Hi, Got my M3 3 days ago. Tried granny charger at parents today and it trips the RCD as soon as charging is initiated. Just got home. Same. Question is - what's quickest way to get new one? Drive back to West Drayton delivery centre and complain? Anyone know if the delivery centre is open on...
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    Native playback of podcasts

    This is probably not a UK specific question but I listen to lots of podcasts (more so than music) via PocketCasts on iOS/Android. From what I have read Spotify isn't great for podcasts as it doesn't have a dedicated menu for it? It's only those added into a playlist which show? What about...
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    Teslafi or Stats app?

    Have watched lots of reviews of the Stats app which I think would offer me the data I need and the functionality without being overloaded. I'm primarily interested some basic stats and smart sentry/ability to control charge status in a fairly advanced way. Unfortunately I use iOS and Android...
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    Day before delivery, received call. Car door damaged.

    Meant to pick up car tomorrow lunchtime. Received a call 3 pm today, front passenger door is dented. I can either accept delivery and book in (1 month lead time ish) or refuse delivery tomorrow and wait 1 - 2 weeks for a repair. I have chosen the latter as I cannot imagine how I could possibly...
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    Polar network thoughts

    M3 arrives in 2 days. Scouted out a few shopping centre EV bays over last few weeks and several are Polar. Just signed up for the 3 month trial (calendar reminder to cancel). What are people’s thoughts? A 7KW charge whilst visiting shops for a few hours twice a month isn’t worth nearly £8 per...
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    Part ex UK M3. Pathetic.

    Got my model 3 ready to be collected next week. But Tesla are unable to give me a part ex quote due to a system migration. It's really frustrating as I'm now being told it likely won't happen (at all?). The delivery call centre are very apologetic but I now need to decide whether or not to pay...
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    UK - they make it hard to even see a Model 3.

    Hi, I live near London. Today I wanted to sit in (not test drive) a model 3. West Drayton (Heathrow) no longer opens at weekends. Chiswick (the big one on the roundabout) was closed. On a Saturday. Just a printed note on the door with no mention of if this is permenant. I ended up going to...
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    SR+ V10 Hotspot question on the move

    Hi, Want to pull trigger on a SR+ in UK. I want Spotify/TuneIn to work as I drive. My understanding is that V10 allows this to work via WiFi only as there is no “pay for LTE data” package yet (like the LR etc model has)? So I assume I set my phone to be a WiFi hotspot (data cap not an issue...
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    Model 3 SR+ Lease UK - beginners questions

    Hi, I have always bought my cars, but I cannot afford the Model 3 SR+ (white exterior, black interior) price right now, and am interested in leasing as I have some small worries about owning a "old" electric car. I also like the idea of changing to a newer model in 3 years as I think that...
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    Partial Premium to Premium (software) upgrade?

    Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before but a SR+ has all the hardware/range I need. However I would like maps with traffic and Spotify. I have found some vague references to a upgrade in theory being made available but has anyone heard anything more concrete? Thanks

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