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  1. Blu Angel

    What is the closest Supercharger to your house?

    I charge my Tesla 3 at home 99% of the time. However, I have 3 convenient SC within 15 km (9 miles) of home Tesla Supercharger 6.2 km Mississauga, ON Tesla Supercharger 14.6 km · Etobicoke, ON Tesla Destination Charger 12.4 km · Oakville, ON
  2. Blu Angel

    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    Definitely plan on bringing in a RHD Landy or will convert a LHD. Anyone knowleadgeable on registering in ACT but driving in NSW?
  3. Blu Angel

    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    Please enlighten me as to the procedure to register a vehicle in ACT. As a Canadian, I'm planning on importing a Land Rover to Australia which will spend its life in NSW
  4. Blu Angel

    Rivian’s Early Offerings Include 7-Seater SUV

    Let's update this thread..... I really like the Rivian trucks esp. the SUV First question I have is why Rivian didn't sign up o use the Tesla Supercharger network To me it seems like a natural fit between this upscale demographic clientele and the instant USA/Canada SC network
  5. Blu Angel

    12 volt battery, replace now or wait for warning?

    @BuggDDS, I didn't attempt the install myself. The aftermarket tuners installed my MPP coilovers, trailing arms & Li-ion battery MPP rates the install a 3/5 difficulty Here's their install directions MPP Lightweight Battery Kit Installation Instructions | Mountain Pass Performance
  6. Blu Angel

    (Another) Winter Range Question

    In my experience for the last two years, I typically lose 30-40% range in cold weather Secondly, your right foot pressure has a huge influence! So my 80% charged Tesla 3 LR typically begins the day with 400 km (240 miles) This will give me a real MAX range of 280 km or 170 miles The...
  7. Blu Angel

    12 volt battery, replace now or wait for warning?

    Since I'm a weight weenie, I replaced the OEM battery with this Li-ion battery from MountainPass Performance to cut 24 lbs off the front end of my Tesla 3 It's pricey @ $660 but you can now save 12% on their Black Friday deal MPP Lightweight Lithium Battery Kit | Mountain Pass Performance
  8. Blu Angel

    GTA drivers, when are you switching to winter tire this year?

    My personal rule of thumb: Canadian drivers should install and use winter tires from Halloween to Easter (Oct 31-April 4) It is generally recommended to use winter tires when the ambient temperatures are consistently at or below 7"c When Is Best to Change To Winter Tires? | TIRECRAFT
  9. Blu Angel

    75 kWh remaining on a 90 kWh battery after 5 years, your thoughts?

    @cousin_IT , Completely agree with cypho comment. 8.4% loss over 5 years is great! The battery degradation of Tesla 90 & Tesla 85 loses 10-15% at 150,000-200,000 miles Check out the graph in the following link Tesla data shows battery degradation is limited but not all packs are created equal -...
  10. Blu Angel

    Anyone running forged 19" wheels?

    @Xenoilphobe I was one of the first to jump on the Group Buy for Titan 7's that you spearheaded. Everyday I drive my Tesla 3 with the forged Titans is a true blessing. Thanks for spearheading this effort!
  11. Blu Angel

    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    @sarugby4life, I don't understand your concern for owning solely EV's Perhaps you should consider adding the "Fred Flintstone" option
  12. Blu Angel

    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    @sarugby4life , Don't chase the deal! Drive both Telsa Y and BMW X5 back to back on e same day. IMHO, any hybrid vehicle is the WORST of both worlds... More expensive, same maintenance schedule as ICE vehicle, massive depreciation, in 3 years time, EVs will rule the roost!
  13. Blu Angel

    Trade in 2018 LR RWD for 2021 LR AWD?

    @milosM3, Since you only drive 12,000 miles / year, then you should probably defer until 2021 or 2022 Here's my thoughts why you should keep your LR Tesla 3 for the foreseeable future 1. LR Tesla 3 rwd is probably the best driving 3 model (very desirable) 2. FSD version to keep will be the...
  14. Blu Angel

    Moving from California back to Toronto

    Welcome Back To Canada! The following link has the Border Service Call centre to,answer your questions. Importing a Motor Vehicle into Canada Personally, I would Drive across the USA and enjoy the various US states total driving distance is 2,634 miles driving time of 38 hours, 23 minutes...
  15. Blu Angel

    Conti PureContact™ LS

    Let me chime in with my 2018 Tesla 3 LR rwd experience.... I finally replaced the OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 (235/45R/18) on May 11, 2020 Total miles driven on Michelin tires were ~ 69,000 km (42,700 mi) On May 11, 2020 I installed the Continetal PureContact LS tire (245/40R/19)* *NB. I...
  16. Blu Angel

    Tint 35% vs 50% vs Leave it alone

    @Charjedup, Absolutely love the transitional CoolVu film!!! Which of the 4 film choices did you choose? CV75/50, CV55/35, CV35/20, CV25/15? Finally, have you noticed or measured any dB sound reduction of outdoor road noise?
  17. Blu Angel

    All Season Tire reccomendations

    @jordan90, I've research the heck out of this subject! I was first all crazy sold on the Michelin Pilot Sports but after some contemplation, I realized that I value tire longevity over the best stickiest, pure handing tire with a lower UTQC rating IMHO, I am choosing the new Contentental...
  18. Blu Angel

    Anyone running forged 19" wheels?

    @beatle I'm running the 19" Titan S-5 forged wheels with summer tires AND original 18" OEM wheels with Nokian winter tires There was a group buy last year on the tesla motor club forum. Titan 7 Forged Wheels - Forged For All
  19. Blu Angel

    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    Model: LR RWD Delivery Date: June 6, 2018 Current Miles: 35,860 miles or 57,710 kilometers Current SOC to Miles: 100% SOC = 307 miles or 494 km Location: Mississauga, Ontario Current Average Temperature: 32-40º F (0 - 5* C) Daily Driving Habits: 60 -100 Miles (100 -160 km) Average Daily...
  20. Blu Angel

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    @mact3333 this one quote is the joke...... These other posts look and fell legit.... @alexGS ...How the Tesla 3 Performance goin?.... any green envy without your previous Lambo Gallardo? @imnotdavez ....Whats the verdict living without the RR Evoque? @Haxster .....Betcha not gettin...
  21. Blu Angel

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Fellas I had a few minutes to spare.......20 pages broken down by automobile manufacturers (OEM) Total trades or sale: 314 vehicle 1. BMW 47................... 15% 2. Toyota 34 ................... 11% 3. Honda 26 ..................... 8% 4. Chevrolet 22...
  22. Blu Angel

    Model 3 or wait for Model Y and other questions

    @orion2185 , G'Day Mate!! Nice to hear you moved Gold Coast from USA a few years ago...great country to live in. I'm gonna throw you a curveball.... I regularly visiit my daughter in Sydney and am amazed at the vast car market in Australia. You get the best of US, Japanese and European...
  23. Blu Angel

    What would make you buy a non Tesla electric vehicle?

    I absolutely love every minute driving my Tesla 3 LR. However, my wife's 2008 Volvo C30 is fab...going strong and very distinguished on the road! Kind of a modern Volvo P1800. But I would like to replace it in the next two years with an EV! My three choices to replace her C30 would be a CUV...
  24. Blu Angel

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Boy...that's a tough question!! Give me a moment to think about it....... Nah...will probably NOT buy another Tesla 3. But I will certainly buy either the Tesla Y or Tesla S! I'm learing towards the re-vamped Raven version S once the interior gets redone
  25. Blu Angel

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    @MagnusMako, I've had the MPP lightweight battery since Aprill 2019 and no issues. FYI, I've since logged approximately 16,000 km or 10,000 miles
  26. Blu Angel

    Superchargers Doubling in 2019?

    @T3slaOwner I found this reference from a Tesla financial analyst that states it costs $270,000 yo build each SC!! Supercharger: It Could Cost Half the Price of Gas | ARK
  27. Blu Angel

    48V model Y?

    @Hank42, Tesla will revolutionize the electrical harness and wiring in the upcoming Tesla Y model! (Not 100 % guaranteed to come to fruition but I bet Tesla trying real hard) The orginal 2012 Tesla S has 3000 meters of wiring (3 kilometers) The 2017 Tesla 3 has 1500 meters of wiring (1.5...
  28. Blu Angel

    Superchargers Doubling in 2019?

    @T3slaOwner Please correct me I'm wrong..... Its been quoted that each Tesla Supercharger cost Tesla $250,000!! I believe Tesla is doing its best, within its budget, to roll out their ever expanding SC network throughout the USA & Canada. Personally, I've driven over 30,000 miles (50,000 km)...
  29. Blu Angel

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    @EcoCloudIT, I think you're under-estimating the Tesla 3 energy consumption! My personal Tesla 3 LR RWD data: Pick-up Date: June 6, 2018 vin #: 22,xxx 18" wheels with aero covers (36,529 km) + 7,852 NO aero covers Since Summer Tires mounted : 7,852 km, 1,152 kWh, 147 Wh/ km Since D-Day...
  30. Blu Angel

    FSD up another $1k next month after the released of enhanced summon

    Great news Elon.... That's also the National Airborne Day! National Airborne Day is a day designated by the U.S Congress to honor the nation's airborne forces of the Armed Forces. National Airborne Day - Wikipedia
  31. Blu Angel

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My LR Tesla 3 with 25,944 miles or 42,000 kilometres 314 miles or 509 km @ 100% range This represents 3.4% range loss for approximately 26,000 miles
  32. Blu Angel

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    methinks i get 312 miles @ 100% battery charge with 25,000 mles or 41,000 km but for this scientific random sample, I will charge to 100% tonight for an accurate measurement
  33. Blu Angel

    Blog Report: Model Y to Be Built in Fremont, Model S Refresh Coming in September

    I certainly applaud Tesla's decision to produce the new Tesla Y at the Fremont factory I had the great privilege of visiting & touring the former NUMMI plant that Tesla picked up for pennies on Friday April 26 FREE TOURS to all Tesla owners available with a simple email request & your VIN #...
  34. Blu Angel

    Blog Report: Model Y to Be Built in Fremont, Model S Refresh Coming in September

    I certainly applaud Tesla's decision to produce the new Tesla Y at the Fremont factory I had the great privilege of visiting & touring the former NUMMI plant that Tesla picked up for pennies on Friday April 26 FREE TOURS to all Tesla owners available with a simple email request & your VIN #...
  35. Blu Angel

    North America Circumnavigation Road Trip

    @intrepidtoo, What a great adventure! Do enjoy every kilometre of your N.A. circumnavigation
  36. Blu Angel

    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    @dmd2005, Yes, I followed the MPP recommended height. Pics to follow as soon as I have my "snows" removed and OEM Michelins re-shod. P.S. I elected to install my forged Titan TS-5 wheels next season (Spring 2020) since the Pirelli PZeo's I ordered aren't in stock just yet!
  37. Blu Angel

    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    Hi Fellow TM3er's, I had my MPP comfort coilovers installed 3 weeks ago. I also noticed a slilght scraping sound but elected to let the suspension settle. It's now noise-free, super low and RADICAL!! As per Sasha's recommendation, I had Touge Tuning in the GTA do the install. Real class guys...
  38. Blu Angel

    Concerned about TSLA financial health, reconsidering ordering new MS

    Absolutely True! @TMThree, I would most definitely order the Tesla S/X with Performance and get Ludicrous free($20,000 value)
  39. Blu Angel

    2019 model vs. 2020

    @KeithMac, We all make mistakes! I would definitely PURCHASE the Tesla 3 versus lease. You get an extra $3750 tax credit if you take delivery before June 30. The less-good news was that the company's federal tax credit to buyers of $7,500 would be cut in half (to $3,750) on January 1, 2019...
  40. Blu Angel

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    @Beryl, I jus pi hated the Li Ion battery from Mountainpass. It's 24 lbs lighter than the OEM lead acid battery MPP Lightweight Lithium Battery Kit @Xenoilphobe , Thanks for clearing up the confusion about Batt Mobile / Elements3 / OHMMU The MPP battery is a EarthX ETX900 Lithium Ion...
  41. Blu Angel

    New model 3 mods!

    @Copterguy, Watch this video of the MPP Tesla 3 (with Coilovers) against the Tesla P3D. Look out for the Chevy Vette too. We Track Test The P3D Against Our Model 3. Who Wins? Suspension Tech – Springs vs Coilovers
  42. Blu Angel

    New model 3 mods!

    @Copterguy, Have you checked Mountain Pass Performance for their coilovers?
  43. Blu Angel

    Finding if you have new autopilot chip.

    "Last week, Tesla confirmed that the new full self-driving computer is in production and vehicles delivered over the last few weeks appear to have the new computer." Sounds like it's been no more than 3 weeks. That puts HW3 installation around Ides of March! Here's link to electrek article...
  44. Blu Angel

    Model S is a $60k car now...

    @macbeth, Here's the latest refresh news I could find. There's some interesting tidbits of info such of mid-March 2018. Tesla has begun rolling out the faster Intel hardware to Model S and X vehicles. In addition, with Version 9, the UI now has the same modern approach as the Model 3 Tesla...
  45. Blu Angel

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    @ShockOnT, I find no issues with my TM3 boot. However, the upcoming Y will be a hatchback (Aus probably 2021) @aegidius, Since USA is such a huge SUV/CUV market, then 'Merica will be Tesla's primary focus. Oz will have to wait UNLESS the Chinese Gigafactory will supply Australia @paulp, I...
  46. Blu Angel

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Congrats on being in a day 1 reservation holder (Mar 31, 2016) Your patience will be extremely rewarded! Once you driven the Tesla 3 EV, there will be no going back to ICE! Btw, I cannot find the Tesla 3 entry level price of in Australia. Anyone have any other insight?
  47. Blu Angel

    UP’s new CF spoiler

    @Firewired $700 for a Carbon Fibre Spoiler? Fabulous! Is it really CF? @RyanT, Definitely thought there would be more interest! I like it a lot! @mike2016, I think you DID order the UP spoiler....please confirm. @TualatinEV , please send photos of final installation
  48. Blu Angel

    Need advice & can't decide. Should I buy?

    @jamessmooth007, "MoneyPenny: Oh James....may I call you James? You are a true man, looking to the future! I really love a man, especially a 00, that has no limits! You know, Q of Q branch is giving you that special Aston Martin Rapide....an EV for some extra oomph! James, oh my sweet...
  49. Blu Angel

    Just in Time MR...11 days delivered.

    @JohnnyBRed3, Great first post and love your MR Red TM3 @MTSN, Congrats on your MR. You fellas really timed it right on! @Scubadude, Got that right...the newness doesn't wear off but only gets better like a classic Cabernet I wish Elon would release a MR Tesla Y for my wife! The SR Model Y...
  50. Blu Angel

    Need New Tires - 21" - What's Best?

    @TMeister, Here’s the new Pirelli PZero pncs which I will be purchasing for my TM3

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