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    Flat tire cost estimation (do they really charge $200+ for labor?)

    I had a screw stuck in my Goodyear tire. Costco would not work on the car because there is foam inside the tire. The Tesla Service Center wanted $86. I decided to take my car to Tire Merchants in San Jose, CA and they fixed it for $25. They fixed it the right way too. That is, take off the...
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    May I ask why you decided to put black ppf on your new white car instead of buying a black car?
  3. S


    I had my MY done at AutoPro Films in Belmont,CA and my M3 done at another very reputable place. I felt AutoPro Films did a better job. AutoPro uses Suntek. And the price was cheaper too.
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    Is this PPF on my MYP front bumber?

    Judging from picture IMG_1306, the corner edge does not look like ppf to me. Ppf usuallly looks cleaner and does not stick up like that. The corner actually looks like it has been painted.
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    Is this PPF on my MYP front bumber?

    I have not tried this myself. But if it were me, I would put a very fine scratches ion the bumper using fine sandpaper in a small area. If putting a heat gun to the scratches makes it go away, then it is PPF. If not, then polish the scratches off the paint? That said, I would be surprised if...
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    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    I tried ordering from Kenriko's website. But for months, I cannot pay for items in the cart. Is Kenriko no longer doing business?
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    Has anyone done a DIY Door PPF?

    I did all four doors myself with pre-cut kits. I asked the vendor to extend the film on the edges so I can wrap the film behind the doors and under the window trim so no edges show. I used Suntek Ultra. I like the extra gloss the film gives the paint. I hear Suntek has an even better product...
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    DYI front PPF kits & cost

    I would recommend doing the hood, fender and front bumper in that order. I have done a good number of panels on various cars. Speaking from experience, I would be super impressed if you can get the front bumper perfect without previous experience. Another option is to do the hood and fenders...
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    Bulk PPF Sources?

    I get all my film from either servoppf or Ebay. My Suntek Ultra precut kit for all 4 doors cost me about $350 before tax.
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    What if a bunch of unfriendly people are throwing cream pies at your face. Making you unrecognizable, and then you try to get into in your Cybertruck so you can run them over?
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    Tesla Y Paint Protection Film removal

    I did not drive my car on the highway for weeks until I got ppf installed on my car. I drove 30 miles via the streets to my ppf appointment. lol
  12. S

    Windows tinting questions

    Just to add to this, there are videos on youtube comparing the heat rejection capabilities of various ceramic tints. Years ago, I thought all ceramic tints were the same.
  13. S

    PPF vs Ceramic Pro vs Nothing

    I paid a professional to do the front and rear bumpers, full fenders and mirrors. I used bulk film to do the hood myself. I used a pre-cut kit with extended edges for the doors. I asked for extended edges on the pre-cut so I can wrap the film behind the door to hide unsightly edges that are...
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    Help me to decide: M3 LR or MY LR

    I have a single motor LR 3 and a LR Y. The LR3 is clearly more energy efficient than the LR Y. That is why I always take the LR3 on road trips. But as a DIY kind of guy, I need the LRY to haul stuff. I know of someone who sold his 3 and bought a Y. He said getting in and out of a Y was...
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    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    I try to wear clothes that match the color of my car in case dust from my clothes get under the film. I also spray my pants lightly with water before putting on the ppf to prevent dust from my pants getting on the PPF.
  16. S

    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    Spraying alcohol before apply PPF will make the PPF stick before you can even position it correctly and squeegee out the water. You should be spraying soapy solution liberally before applying PPF.
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    Windows tinting questions

    I got 30% Xpel Prime Plus on my front windows and 70% on the windshield. I can see a slight color difference between the front windows and rear windows. But my main concern was heat rejection. So I am happy. I noticed the front windshield now rejects more heat than the sunroof. Which is...
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    Partial front or full front PPF question

    I don't like to see edges on ppf. So I paid for someone to install full front bumper and fenders. I did the hood myself.
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    I am not sure if Tesla cars also have automatic adjustable camber. But my biggest concern with air suspension is that even tire wear will only be at a specific height. Once you lower or raise the car, the camber is affected. So if you prefer to drive at a height that different from factory...
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    Cheap DIY Paint Protection Film Project

    I think you can save a little money by buying bulk in sizes specific to the panel you want to ppf. I don't believe all panels require a 60" width. For example, you can buy 36" width bulk for the doors. When I did my model 3 I bought 12" bulk and cut it to 6" for the pillar above the windows...
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    $2000 Acceleration Boost for Model Y?

    I have always been a little disappointed with the off the line performance of my LR Model Y. It felt like the car held back a little on the instant torque inherent in electric motors. I had always suspected this was limited by software. After I purchased the Acceleration Boost, the difference...
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    Brake Pedal Ugly Weld Cover (Interested???)

    Mine has sharp edges. This may be a concern for some women who take off their shoes when driving and accidentally press on the weld line with their foot.
  23. S

    Roof Tint - Cermamic

    I put a heat lamp to the glass of my Model Y. I could feel the most heat from the front driver side window. I could still feel heat from the glass roof, but it was much less than the driver side window. I'm not sure. But it seemed like the front windshield rejected some heat too. I also...
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    Looking for Paint Protection Film Recommendations in Northern California

    Update. I just noticed the PPF on my mirrors is applied on the forward facing area only. So the part of the mirror facing inside the car has no PPF. I'm ok with this. But for those who prefer the entire mirror be covered, you might want to ask your installer about this.
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    Looking for Paint Protection Film Recommendations in Northern California

    Thanks for recommending Robert. I actually took the streets to Robert's place from the South Bay because I did not want to risk getting a paint chip on the freeway. lol I had front bumper, both front fenders, mirrors, headlights, and rear bumper done in full. I plan to try and PPF the rest...
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    Looking for Paint Protection Film Recommendations in Northern California

    I just had my Model Y done by Robert of AutoProFilms. I am very impressed with the quality of the work he did on the front and rear bumpers, mirrors and front fenders. There are absolutely no visible seams or relief cuts in the film. One would be hard pressed to even be able to tell there...
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    Rattling Noise From Interior Front Of Car

    Anyone here experiencing a constant rattling noise on most roads when driving? I think it is coming from the passenger side while my passenger claims it is coming from the driver side. It may even be coming from the center. I have an appointment with the Service Center in the near future...
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    Looking for Paint Protection Film Recommendations in Northern California

    Just to clarify. I'm looking for a shop that can install ppf without visible seams and edges.
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    Looking for Paint Protection Film Recommendations in Northern California

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a PPF installer in the Northern California area. I actually live in the South Bay. But I am willing to drive up to 2+ hours for a good installer.
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    Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Ceramic Coating

    I plan to to put paint protection film on my entire car. My reasoning is that paint is relatively soft and over time, grit and dirt can get embedded into the paint over time and I don't want to deal with that. In addition, washing a car with PPF is so much easier and I don't have to worry...
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    How well does the glass roof reflect heat?

    I'm wondering if the Model Y glass roof is very good at reflecting heat from the sun. If not, I may consider getting film installed to reflect heat.
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    Vendor Unplugged Performance - Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs for Model Y

    Is the camber adjustable on the Model Y? If not, will the camber still be within manufacturers specifications?
  33. S

    PPF - Cleaning Dirty Seams

    I posted this in another forum. But one can also contact a vendor who sells pre-cut kits and ask them to extend the edges so that you can tuck the film either further in or behind the panel depending on the level of access.. That is what I did with several panels.
  34. S

    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    I found my conversations with Servo PPF. I initially contacted them via Ebay. But after that, I contacted them directly.
  35. S

    Insurance premiums for the Model 3

    I have been insured with 21st Century for many years. But they have been raising my rates quite a bit lately. So I shopped around and went with Progressive and saved a lot of money. Unfortunately, it was hard for me to cancel with 21st Century. The only way to cancel with them is to send...
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    'Chrome delete' standard

    If I had a white car with silver wheels, I would want chrome trim. If I white car with black wheels, I would want black trim. So as someone suggested earlier, it really depends on how the whole car looks with everything put together.
  37. S

    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    I believe I bypassed the online ordering and emailed them directly to ask about extending the edges in which they sent me an invoice to be paid by Paypal. In terms of the type of film I used, it was the Suntek Ultra. I honestly cannot remember if the hood was bulk or precut with extended...
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    Low Profile Hyrdaulic Jack

    I like the Harbor Freight aluminum floor jacks. The 2 ton jack is about $140 before their ubiquitous 20% coupons.
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    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    Servo PPF: Servo PPF - Paint Protection Film from 3M | Suntek | Servo PPF | Yes. I did it myself. Initially, I had just a half hood ppf pre-cut kit. But I did not like the visible edge across the hood. So I wrapped the entire hood.
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    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    Anyone know how wide the hatch area is? I'm hoping to be able slide stuff in the back that is about 36" wide.
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    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    For the hood you can either buy bulk or ask the vendor to give you a pre-cut kit and extend the edges so that you can wrap the ppf under the hood. I also asked the vendor to delete the emblem cutout as I did not want to deal with dirty edges. I don't know if all vendors will extend the edge...
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    PPF - Cleaning Dirty Seams

    To prevent dirt from getting underneath, I usually spray the edges with alcohol and wipe the edge as dry as possible. I usually do this a couple of times or until I am certain the edges are dry. Then I use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat the edges and press the edges of the ppf firmly...
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    Made a couple small changes to the Cybertruck. Thoughts?

    I think most of us are so used to seeing conventional pickup trucks that we feel the Cybertruck looks strange. But I would wager if you show a picture of a Cybertruck next to a conventional pick up truck to someone who has never seen a pickup truck before, the Cybertruck would look more...
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    TMZ caught Elon in Cybertruck last night

    She is the Fifth Element. A perfect match for the futuristic looking Cybertruck.
  45. S

    Elon: We can reduce the length 6+ inches

    I have no plans to park the CT in my garage as I want to take advantage of the solar panels. But a shorter CT without sacrifice to function would be nice so that it does not stick out so much in parking lots and structures. I like almost everything about this car. And plan to get it...
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    Who has ordered?

    I put in an order for a dual motor with self-driving. I like that I don't have to worry about door dings, windshield chips, paint chips and paint fade. I can just park the CT outside 24/7 and take advantage of the solar panel option to gain 15+ miles of range per day. I do a lot of diy work...
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    What’s the best bass song you’ve found in your 3?

    I admired how well my TM3 handled the bass for "How Many Drinks" by Miguel. The bass comes in around the 30 second mark. The bass actually sounds better in my car than my laptop with headsets.
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    Best Tesla Body Shop in the Bay Area especially Tri-valley (Dublin) area

    I like Brooks Motors in Fremont. Their bumper work on my car looked like fine. They use Glasurit paint on their cars. Glasurit is a high quality German paint. Plus they probably have the best looking bathrooms of any auto body shop in California. :-)
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    Tesla Ban - Security just kicked me out of an EV spot

    I think I understand where management is coming from. In my area, there is a Target with 10 Supercharger stations next to 4 Chargepoint stations. Once in a while, I would see all the Supercharger stations occupied and think about using the free Chargepoint station instead. But I don't...

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