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  1. Lx2m3

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I ordered my Powerwall, solar equipment etc in March and it was all installed in July.
  2. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.40

    Problems with Driver Door Unlock Mode (40.4.1) Thought I would try this new feature, then decided to disable it, but it repeatably seem to switch itself back on, even after saving it disabled in my profile and easy access profile. Anyone else had this?
  3. Lx2m3

    Tyres ??

    I’m also wondering whether to stay with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or search for an alternative which has a wider profile and therefore provide some protection against kerb rash, which I’ve never suffered from with other vehicles. I know of course the driver is to blame, but I can’t decide if it’s...
  4. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.24

    They call the road surface “pavement”
  5. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.24

    They do in the USA!
  6. Lx2m3

    Model Y insurance high?

    Had a renewal email from Churchill which showed an increase of £215 so I made contact online asking the reason why as it’s been £33? For the last two years. After many questions I had to confess two driving offences (speeding), so expected that to be the answer to my query, then followed the bad...
  7. Lx2m3

    Tesla Energy Plan

    Synergy Power supplied and installed everything for me including Powerwall. They cover Midlands, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  8. Lx2m3

    Solar & Powerwall without DNO?

    How can the DNO know the source of the export? Apart from being not daylight hours. I’m on Octopus Go Faster at present as I’m still on the low rate tariff until May, but was planning going onto TEP afterwards. Will that involve another application to DNO?
  9. Lx2m3

    Navigation Planning

    When planning a trip with multiple way-points in the car, it seems to do what I want, however having done that, there doesn’t seem to be a way of saving it. This route is for use next week, so for now I have to use Cancel Navigation. The Recent Trips list only shows the last destinations set...
  10. Lx2m3

    Solar & Powerwall without DNO?

    I too am in a similar situation just had completed installation of solar and Powerwall. Octopus stated that they require: MCS certificate details. Confirmation letter or email from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) that they have been notified of your installation. (Your Distribution...
  11. Lx2m3

    Cheaper Supercharger Alternatives?

    Anyone used this Supercharger recently? Is it really 28p?
  12. Lx2m3

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    One option to consider is a Powerwall and as many solar panels you can afford, subject to DNO approval then sign up to the Tesla Energy Plan, currently 12p tariff either input or export (my area), no time scheduling for usage necessary.
  13. Lx2m3

    M3 faulty charging cable???

    It sounds to me like a loose connection, this increases the resistance at the junction and causes heat - definitely needs attention, it can only get worse!
  14. Lx2m3

    Wind noise

    I would also like to thank pdk42 for the wind noise solution, I just pushed in some rubber packaging into the 3mm gap and goodbye wind noise - amazing result! Thank you so much.
  15. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    I’m still on 2022.12.3.2 but had a Nav update on 9th June.
  16. Lx2m3

    Windscreen chip

    Had my screen replaced by Tesla recently (because Autoglass couldn’t get one) and it cost £923.30 including new windscreen wipers. I had to pay and claim back from my insurer’s less the excess - in my case £75.
  17. Lx2m3

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Had a windscreen replacement done at Nottingham a few days ago, they did a good job! This is my fourth windscreen in less than 3 years. The first had a scratch on it from new, number two wasn’t fitted correctly as it was discovered the cause of wind noise at the top edge, it couldn’t be...
  18. Lx2m3

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Looks like non-Tesla owners can use the Tesla app to subscribe to using Superchargers. Perhaps it’s been there for some time, but I didn’t spot it.
  19. Lx2m3

    Screen protectors: matte or not?

    Could you share the make and source for the screen protector please?
  20. Lx2m3

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    They turned up on Wednesday and here we go… brought the wrong windscreen! Decided it needs to be done at one of their depots anyway because camera calibration required after fitting. No report back yet regarding stock, said will communicate within 2 working days. Hope the crack doesn’t get over...
  21. Lx2m3

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Just a time slot between 0800 and 1800 so far.
  22. Lx2m3

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Just been talking to Autoglass, had a stone chip the other day which has now developed into two cracks, so replacement windscreen needed. Doing it on Wednesday! Excess only £75 with Churchill.
  23. Lx2m3

    Tesla in-car navigation and efficency.

    I too would like to see more options for alternative routes like energy saving, avoiding narrow country lane excursions etc. Also the Sat-Nav female voice gives very poor pronunciation of road names at times, sometimes unintelligible and sometimes quite amusing e.g. “King George vee one Avenue”...
  24. Lx2m3

    Powerwall operation problems

    What I mean by data flow is graphics illustration showing the source and destination.
  25. Lx2m3

    Powerwall operation problems

    I should be having my PV and PW + Gateway installed in June and am considering going onto the Tesla tariff, sounds like a lot less hassle than the alternative. Do you get all data flow information on this tariff?
  26. Lx2m3

    Supercharger Use

    Used supercharger at Dartford which is adjacent to Tesla SC - and wasn’t charged for using, it says on the map in the car that it’s 43p per KWh. Is that normal here?
  27. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I’ve done multiple reboots, and been on a couple of trips more than 30 miles - it’s still the same!
  28. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.12.x

  29. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Had this installed last night, now I have no TACC and no LTE. I’m furious as I’m on a holiday tour tomorrow! I need TACC! Is it possible to back track to a previous version!
  30. Lx2m3

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    You can now also use the voice command “Display trip” to see the current performance and other trips too.
  31. Lx2m3

    Calendar Events not showing up

    Yes, works ok for me now! A bug I did discover is that the date on the calendar icon is often a day or two earlier than today.
  32. Lx2m3

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    In the UK we have obstacles in the road that we have to manoeuvre around, this is a major problem when using TACC. We need a dynamic speed limiter as supplied on many others cars.
  33. Lx2m3

    Calendar Events not showing up

    Wow, found it, didn’t even know where to find settings in the app! Click on the your icon (top right)
  34. Lx2m3

    Octopus GO beware!

    How do I get access to the API? Does it give more information than the app? I’m on GOF until 14th May.
  35. Lx2m3

    Calendar Events not showing up

    I too have exactly the same problem. Nothing shows up! I have an iPhone 12.
  36. Lx2m3

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I think as asbestos is an unsafe material to work with, no one would want to be involved, apart from a specialist team to remove it.
  37. Lx2m3

    Tesla Energy Plan

    I will soon be having PV and a Powerwall installed and am considering the various Octopus tariffs. I understand that when on the Tesla Energy Plan you hand over control of your system, but does that include the charging of your vehicle? Most of the time that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but...
  38. Lx2m3

    Tyre pressures ?

    If the purpose of not showing tyre pressure is to preserve the battery, then the simple solution is to show it only on request. This would solve the problem of getting a cold reading!
  39. Lx2m3


    I think all the visualisations are pointless, doesn’t give me any useful information. I’d like to be able to switch that part of the screen off and have the map filling the screen, or even better have the side cameras either side of the map.
  40. Lx2m3


    No, neither option.
  41. Lx2m3


    I use TACC in all speed limited zones, and have the speed limit warning gong enabled (had a couple of speeding fines in recent months). This morning went past some temporary road works with a manually operated Stop/Go sign, my speed limit changed from 30 mph to 60 mph when it saw the Go sign...
  42. Lx2m3

    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    Looks like the current rate is between 10p and 12p depending on area. I checked for my location and it was at the top end - 11.75p Plus standing charge 22p.
  43. Lx2m3

    Mandatory Speed Limiters from July 2022?

    The Tesla already has this Speed Limit Warning in place but it’s not on unless you decide to use it. It’s not a limiter as such, it doesn’t actively prevent exceeding a specific speed, unlike the Mercedes I had where you could set a limit yourself, and it wouldn’t be fooled by picking up...
  44. Lx2m3

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I too am waiting patiently (not), didn’t get a proposed date yet, but a likely installation time frame! PV installed in early May, Powerwall due in June.
  45. Lx2m3

    Speed cameras on maps

    Do you have to set up you route in Tomtom Amigo, or do you get alerts wherever you drive?
  46. Lx2m3

    Energy Cost in UK

    Another option is the Tesla Energy Plan What are the tariff details? TEP is a ‘symmetrical’ tariff, meaning the 24/7 import rate and 24/7 export rate are the same. The symmetrical import/export pricing varies according to location; 10p -12p per kWh import or export. Fixed standing charge of...
  47. Lx2m3

    Highlight your charge cable

    I’ve returned this device as the light level was so dim it was hardly visible, despite selecting the green one which was apparently the brightest.
  48. Lx2m3

    Custom Light Shows - No longer working?

    Where did you get the Knight Rider custom show from?
  49. Lx2m3

    Surge in Electricity Tariff

    Sorry, didn’t realise this was an old posting.
  50. Lx2m3

    Powerwall Storm Watch

    Haven’t seen any limitations, but it does say to be eligible typical annual usage needs to be below 15000 KWh. Maybe other conditions in the small print after signing up.

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