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    First Time using a Super Charger this weekend, I got some questions....

    yah it’s not worth charging to 90%.. I usually charge to 80..
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    Wing door came down on my head

    So with this setting it takes away one button on top to close all doors right? What option to enable three press to close all doors? Thx
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    I saw different options at the shop and satin looks best in gray color
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    Taptes model x wireless charger

    I have brand new Taptes wireless charger for model X. This took forever to ship and I got the one from Tesla instead. Willing to sell this for $25 shipped in US only. Thanks. Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model X
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    go with satin black for midnight grey
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    Aww gotcha I paid a shop to do it.. I think if you did just wheels only, in Bay Area it was around 800 for 4 wheels..
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    you just go to any reputable shop and they can do it for you.. are you in Bay Area? It’s just basically the stock 20 in silver rims that comes with standard X
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    Satin black
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    awesome thank you.. your p100d is sick.. unfortunately my wife didn’t want to spend extra money.
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    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    yah I have the space gray with chrome delete.. I also used Nikola pro kit but I got 20s and powder coat.. I like look of 22s but prefer the range of 20s.. do you know how to get rid of orange tint in front fog lamp?
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    Model X inventory?

    powder coat original 20s and call it a day...
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    Model X inventory?

    range hit is real on 22s.. Teslike.com It’s even worst in winter
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    How many KW are you pulling at Ver 3 Superchargers?

    ya agree I think v3 seems to benefit the new batteries in model 3 and Y
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    Model X inventory?

    If anyone looking for a 5 seater this one is a sweet deal - 2020 Model X | Tesla
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    Order on hold

    Just wait.. battery day is around corner
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    New 250kw charge

    Yup that should be and F..
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    Wireless Phone Charger Upgrade

    that’s what i was afraid of.. do you have an older X with old mcu1? Some one say newer X with Mcu2 charges faster. Could also plug it into 12v via USB adapter for faster charging
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    Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model S

    I have MCU2. Does it mean I can just use regular USB port?
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    Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model S

    mine is coming in soon.. does anyone know how fast it charges an iPhone 11 Pro? Is it better to connect the usb to 12v port using an adapter for faster charging?
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    New 250kw charge

    anyone with a latest H battery pack try 250 kW charger yet on an X?
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    Nightmare buying experience with our first Tesla

    yah i've also had some not so good experiences buying a new Tesla as well.. Their cars are awesome and the technology is so advance ahead of any other cars however their customer service is very lacking.. it seems to be getting worst imo.. hopefully now that they are the most value company in...
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    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    does anyone know how to get the orange out of front fog lamp? I’ve seen some pictures of X and it looks tinted. Are people just to tinting the fog lamp to get the orange out?
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    Do you have x-rack? Is it hard to install?
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    New interior update on 2020 model X wireless charging

    It’s faster if you use a 12V USB adapter
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    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    do you disable your cabin protection?
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    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Was this from Tesla CPO or another person on this forum?
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    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Power coat rims satin black.
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    Major vampire drain - 2018 Model X

    what’s the home assistance plugin?
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    Chrome Delete Color for Obsidian Black w/ Plastdipped Matte Wheels

    Trust me get the Nikola pro kit and satin black.. you won’t regret it
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    New 250kw charge

    I believe June build should have it..
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    X free charging , will it return.

    I originally had it on my raspberry pi but decided to use digital ocean instead.. it’s an active community and they’re always adding new features..
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    X free charging , will it return.

    I like the Grafana dashboard a lot better.. and it’s free.. you can use raspberry pi to run it as well.
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    X free charging , will it return.

    Use teslamate, it’s free..
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    20” turbines a real thing?

    they were on sale for 4th July $1620 for set of 4 shipped from TSportsline
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    Inventory MX Soon - Must haves?

    you have to wait usually end of quarter is when you get the better deals
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    Tesla Model X vs Lexus 450h

    we’re you able to get the new battery with faster charging? At least Battery pack G and H
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    2020 LR+ map loading sluggish performance

    did u try rebooting it?
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    Just got 225 kW charging - June 2020 Build with Battery version “G”

    I wish they bump F battery pack for long range plus to 225KW at least
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    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    I have never done this before and brought the car into a shop for PFF and Ceramic coating and even the installers were commenting on how good of a job it was.. honestly it could of been better once you get the hang of it.. anyone looking for a kit needs to order from Nikola. Not only is it...
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    2020 LR AWD Model Y

    yup take the offer now before its too late.
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    X free charging , will it return.

    yup agree.. awesome perk since its a lifetime unlimited for the life of the car :)
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    Tires are Already Bald After 14523 Miles in Less Than 2 Years and? Is this Normal?

    what’s best all around tires for 20inch? live in CA so don’t need snow tires.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    my build is 01/2020.. when did you first notice the shudder problems?
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    X free charging , will it return.

    yup agree he’ll bring it back
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    Model X vs. Model 3 Range

    This is pretty accurate Teslike.com
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    End of quarter discounts

    nice discount! Does the car also have the latest battery which supports 225kw charging for the X?
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    Paid for FSD but Tesla refuses to acknowledge

    your missing the point.. it was on his legal contract which shows he paid for it.

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