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    Found a small autopilot life hack to up the AP limit by 2 mi/hr

    I was messing around with putting km on display just to prank my friends that I was going over 100. I live in the states if you couldn’t tell. But then I realized something: If you set your autopilot to Kilometers, you’ll get more speed than is available for miles. For example, tesla limits...
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    Hearing super conflicting advice about battery charging levels

    Hi, I’m a new TM3 LR AWD owner. I’ve been browsing these forums regarding what % to charge to. I can’t find a consensus. I see some people in the forum advocate to charge to 80-90%. Some advocate to maintain an average of 50%. And I’ve even seen some say the lowest SoC is best. I guess what...
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    How to clean vegan steering wheel?

    Was wondering what products to use and what to avoid for cleaning the steering wheel. A Google search said baby wipes might be a bad idea?
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    High rated shop but not in XPEL database?

    Hi all, I’m looking to get PPF for my car and the best quote I found was from this shop but if I look through the XPEL installers , they are not in it. Is this a concern? Should I avoid the shop since they aren’t a certified XPEL installer? I called them and they told me they use XPEL film...
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    Drove over remnant of firework on highway

    Was on the highway and a spark from a firework fell on the highway (almost looked like a flare but it wasn’t), I’m pretty sure I drove over it. I don’t see any damage on the car. Should I be concerned? It was a small spark from a firework that fell on the highway after falling. I checked the...
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    Best way to wipe bug guts off windshield?

    Is Meguiars waterless wash and wax okay to use? Or do I need to buy something special? I also have windex. Never taken good care of a car before so want to make sure I’m not damaging anything. New owner - 1 week
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    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    Hey folks, I recently got the car delivered and I’m looking to get PPF. I was wondering what is the bare minimum to get done in terms of most impacted spots? I don’t want to pay more than $2,500 in Seattle area for protection. So just want the most impacted spots. Thinking of doing full front...
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    How to put in details into loan application when switching jobs?

    Had my last day 2 weeks ago at my old job and will be starting my new job in 4 weeks. Would I technically put “employed” since I already signed the offer? Or would I put “unemployed” since right now I am not working? Also for income can I put the new one or old one? I tried emailing tesla...
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    Unsure if model 3 would be right for me - advice appreciated

    Hi all, I recently got a VIN and am having second thoughts about EV ownership. Yes I know I probably should have thought this through more before placing the order. Worst case scenario I’m out $100. I’ve been without a car since March. I don’t commute to work since my company has shuttles...
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    Which loan to choose?

    Hello, Never had a car loan before. I plan on putting enough down to get a $600 monthly payment. I do see 2 options: One is DCU @ 2.74% for 65 months: The down payment would be $14,800 Another one is doing Tesla @ 3.74 for 72 months: The down payment would be $12,350 Obviously the rates are...
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    How well do the white seats hold up to extremely sweaty hands?

    Yes weird question. I have this weird condition called palmar hyperhidrosis. Basically my hands are always insanely sweaty to the point where sometimes they are dripping like waterfalls. I’ve had it since I was born and I’ve tried a lot of things, so no “have you tried to take x treatment”...
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    I did read the other thread but feel my situation is different and the other thread didn’t discuss blue and red in depth. Getting 18” aero wheels. I’m leaning towards black interior. I might be open to white but only downsides of it are that it really brightens up the exterior from the outside...
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    White or MSM if I plan to wrap later?

    Both are free colors. I think I like white more on its own, but if I want to wrap the car later on then it would look weird with the door jambs and stuff being white? Plus the circle sensors in the front would be white. MSM almost is a tie in the looks department and might be easier to have...
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    Get model 3 wrapped? Or stick to base colors?

    Thinking about ordering a LR AWD model 3, and the Turo rental I had was this awesome orange wrap color. I really dislike the factory paint colors (besides maybe white, but everyone and their mother has that color). Would probably get midnight silver since it’s free and wrap the exterior either...
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    Tesla Financing vs Self Arranged?

    Cheapest quote I could find is 2.34% with BECU. Tesla would offer 2.49%. It’s like a $2 a month difference. Would the convenience of financing through Tesla (I was offered 2.49% with US Bank through Tesla) be worth it to go with the slightly bigger rate?
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    White Interior worth $2k or not?

    Locked in to white exterior black interior for $49,990. I’m heavily considering the white seats but it would cost $2k now to change. Any regrets with the black interior or should I go for the white? From my perspective black is a lot more calmer of an interior and white is a lot more energetic...
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    Model 3 Exterior Color Gallery?

    Looking for a good gallery of model 3s from owners. I’ve been trying to decide color and would be nice to see how they hold up in real life and not just in the showroom! Specifically the chrome delete cars. Maybe someone has a link if it was posted on this forum or elsewhere?
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    Cannot for the life of me decide an exterior/interior combination

    Cannot decide between 4 exterior/interior combinations for LR AWD So for the exterior I am torn between white and MSM. My current car is a 2008 gray Nissan Sentra. White is cheaper, statistically less likely to be in a car accident, might be less safe in snow? looks more sporty, looks super...
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    SR+ vs LR AWD $13k price difference

    Hi everyone, So I had placed an order in March 2021 and had to put my order on hold. So right now I still have access to March 2021 pricing for the SR+ which is $37,990, so $2k cheaper. I can’t make any configuration changes without the price increasing. It’s the basic white, aero wheels, black...

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