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    Towing a Seadoo

    Thinking about buying a couple of sea doos this summer. A little concerned about towing them w my p3d. They should weigh about 1500 pounds does anyone have any experience towing w their m3 or even better towing a boat or jet ski? Need to get them from Toronto to collingwood and want to make...
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    19 inch OEM Sport Rims Satin Black for Sale

    Hey There I switched to a P3D and these don't fit my new car. They were on my LR for 1 season. I believe these are powder coated, I bought them already coated. A little bit of a scratch on 1 edge from getting too close to a curb. Regardless they look awesome. Very similar to what's on my...
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    19 inch wheels for p3d?

    I’m trading in my LR rwd for a performance w the stock 20 inch wheels. (Not the stealth) I had a question. I have a set of 19 inch oem sport wheels w Nokian Hakka winters on them from my current car. I’m assuming the wheels won’t fit the performance m3, but does anyone make a 19 inch wheel...
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    Opinion needed on M3 rwd > P3d Purchase

    Hey gang Would love to get some opinions Looking to upgrade my RWD LR to a performance. 2 options - buy a used 2018 w 30,000 km including FSD - buy a demonstrator 2020 with 500km on it...no FSD...for $4000 more Would love opinions. And curious also about concerns about only having 2...
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    FS Model S Slipstream / Nokian Hakka Winter Tire set up

    Hey Guys Posting in the Canada section, as Im selling in the GTA. Since I bought my M3, I know longer need my winter tire set up from my Model S. Would love to cut a member an amazing deal. I have a set of 4 19 inch slipstream rims, with Nokian Hakkapeliitta RS 3 tires. They were literally...
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    I'm an idiot...advice needed!

    Soooo..... For the last 2 years, I had owned a S75d, which I loved (other than the payments as it was a bit of a stretch but i loved it). Originally my intent was to buy a M3, however I purchased the MS before the M3 released expecting that the 3 was years out. When Tesla released the car...
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    Car purchase dilemma

    Hey Guys Was hoping to get some opinions here. I'm currently driving a 2017 MS 75d that I've owned for about 2 years. It's more or less the uncorked version with autopilot, Air Suspension, and textile current gen seats. I'm not necessarily a high end car buyer, but really liked the tech so...
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    Rebate advice needed

    Hey Everyone Sorry for another rebate thread, but I had a very specific and kind of strange question, and I was hoping to get some opinions. I purchased a MS75D last September, and recently received the $14k Ontario rebate. I'm considering trading it in for the Model 3 (also Im assuming its...
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    Tesla OEM Centre Console Piano Black Drop In

    Just pulled the trigger on a new S75d, and am trading my 2014 S85 in, so Ill be selling my drop in centre console. It was purchased in January of this year. It's piano black, and nearly perfect, with exception of some light surface swirling on the piano black plastic piece (seems unavoidable...
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    Debating jumping on the S75 RWD. Is that nuts in Canada?

    Hey Guys I've been playing the waiting game on upgrading to a new MS. Currently have an 85 2014 CPO w 74,000 km that I picked up earlier this year. I've been holding out based on all of the variables that are up in the air right now. ...but I'm wondering if I should pull the trigger here...
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    Is a non awd in Canada crazy talk?

    Im a current 2014 85 owner. I purchased it as a cpo earlier this year. With the currency adjustments and rebates, it turns out that purchasing a new s75 will keep monthly payment about the same as it is currently. With the new standard upgrade features, a base s75 is feeling like a no...
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    Is Premium Interior worth it?

    I'm looking at ordering a new MS 75d, and the one option that Im having a tough time wrapping my head around is the Premium interior at a whopping $3300 USD (or $4300 Canadian in my case) That seems huge, especially considering that new seats aren't leather. Can anyone shed some insight on it...
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    New pricing...inspiring upgrade?

    I posted something in the main MS forums, but wanted to see if any other Canadians are feeling inspired. I have a 14 CPO 85 with 70,000 km on it. With the new price drop due to currency, included options, and Ontario rebate, the new base 75 isn't a huge $$$ upgrade. Is anyone else in the same...
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    Need some buying advice...current owner debating upgrade.

    Hey Everyone. I was hoping that I could get some advice as Im having a bit of a dilemma. Im in Canada, and late last year purchased a 2014 CPO S85 that currently has 73000 km, with pano and subzero. My intention was to drive it until the release of the Model 3 (which in Canada is now late...
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    Just listed my 2014 S85 for sale

    Hey Guys After battling it out with my condo board to get a charging station, I've decided to sell my White S85. Im in Toronto if anyone's interested. The link is here: Feeler: FS 2014 Tesla S85 White in Canada - $70800 Cdn
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    Feeler: FS 2014 Tesla S85 White in Canada - $70800 Cdn

    I'm debating selling my recently purchased 2014 CPO S85. The car is amazing, and totally pristine, however charging the car has become more complicated then expected living in my condo building. Specs are as follows: - 2014 Model S 85 - White on black leather - Pano Roof - Sub Zero - Tech...
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    Buying a CPO....advice needed

    Hey Guys Im very new to the forum and was hoping that I could get some advice based on your experiences. Im currently driving a 2014 3 series BMW, and have been a long time fan of the Tesla. I put a deposit on the Model 3 first day, but am becoming skeptical that its coming any time...

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