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  1. S

    Tire thread life

    Just did 3rd tire rotation as we hit ~18500 miles. Thread looks good but tires seem lopsided. We are in Florida with speed limits of 70mph in places and drive pretty fast with occasional fast acceleration. No noticable issues or road noise while driving. What's your experience with tires?
  2. S

    Whoa! Fsd alpha testing by employees by end of year

    Tesla reportedly starts incentivized Full Self-Driving beta test program for employees
  3. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  4. S

    Get your wallets ready for base $35k

    Fingers crossed it's just missing a glass roof, fake leather, premium sound system, and that premium decor. Tesla to unveil new model in St. Louis 
  5. S

    Cooler for model 3?

    Ok, I'm looking for people who traveled with coolers in model 3 to share your experiences and recommendations. What worked and what didn't? I'm thinking to use the space in trunk under the floor panel to put a portable cooler, anyone did that yet and has a link for the cooler That fit perfectly...
  6. S

    Pressure wash model3 at home?

    Did you do it? How did it go? What settings did you use? Any tips?
  7. S

    Anyone else has a Chip on front edge of glass roof?

    noticed today and pretty sure it's brand new. Vin 101xx. I've heard about glass roof cracks due to stress but didn't see any references to chips. Anyone else had this and resolved it with SC? What happened? Any help is appreciated.
  8. S

    Why isn't there a section for all things software?

    I see driving Dynamics, purchasing, handling, UI but I don't see software section. I mean really?!? The only area of the car s/x/3 that gets updated every two weeks and there is no section for the. Mods? I see autopilot, UI, maps/GPS, fsd all part of this section. Is anyone listening?
  9. S

    Question, why is chrome delete so expensive?

    base 3m tint = ~$350 top of the line tint = ~$1000 chrome delete = minimum $650 with multiple shops charging $800-1000. where is the $350 chrome delete for m3? are there kits i can get to install chrome delete myself? thanks for all the help.
  10. S

    Tesla - my story of waiting

    Waited years to get mass market tesla announced Wasted in line to put deposit Waited to get invited to configure Wasted for vin Waited for isa contact Waited for delivery Maddeningly Waiting to get latest firmware with high beams auto on/off And the new media output select interface Lots...
  11. S

    Legal owner as Credit Union on Loan?

    FPCU sent loan documents to sign where registered owner is me but the legal owner is FPCU. however, nowhere through the doc (that i can find) does it say they're going to remove themselves as legal owner once loan balance is satisfied. has anyone dealt with this? i cant imagine this not being a...
  12. S

    How do I keep ac running when outside car?

    Florida is hot. On rare occasions when I cannot find shade and absolutely need to keep car temperature cool, ill continue to run the engine in my ICE and have AC set to 68. I can then exit the car and use the fob to lock the doors. AC will keep running and inside, the car will maintain set...
  13. S

    Any way to connect a video player to m3 screen?

    i realize it's the only I/o for the car and will likely be a problem. Regardless, is there a way to mod model 3 to play videos from iOS/Android/Blu-ray on its display or part of it? Think rear seat entertainment for kids.
  14. S

    Venting about future steering wheel

    I know I'm late to the party. However, in anticipation of interment vin assignment and future delivery I need to vent. how could tesla get it so wrong!!!! This (yey) Vs This (ugh)
  15. S

    How do you rotate tires on tesla?

    Serious question. Based on the fact there is little to no maintenance, I don't expect to be going to change oil and rotate tires at the dealer or a shop. So what now? How does a person ensure proper tire maintenance on tesla and specifically m3?
  16. S

    Did you not get your model 3 within promised window?

    initially, i had Nov-Jan first production and now Dec-Feb first production delivery window due to production delay. i assume its delivery window but raising this thread to confirm this. i'm curious, probably like many others, if anyone who had a windows like this did not get their car within...
  17. S

    Chill mode impact on range?

    Any info to answer this question with supporting data? Asking for a friend. :). Actually, hoping the answer is yes and chill mode makes its way to model 3.
  18. S

    Non-owners, did you get invite to configure?

    Just going to start this in hopes they'll send me the invite first and I can click that yes button! Why, what are your doing waiting for your 3?!
  19. S

    Question for owners, how does model 3 handle in snow, rain?

    Question for all owners of model 3 who have driven in conditions such as rain, snow? What is your experience?
  20. S

    Where to put charging port/power socket?

    So a question For those who have experience and can help. In few months, I will hopefully own a model 3 [Much excited]. In meantime, I'm trying to figure out where to setup charging station for it. The options are, 1) inside garage, 2) outside garage, 3) one inside, one outside. 3) seems...
  21. S

    is anyone taking a delivery in south florida?

    looking for specific information on time and location to see M3 in person sooner rather than later. all these pictures of employees getting delivery and owners taking delivery imminently gave me m3 fever. i hope its not contagious.
  22. S

    Paint quality question

    is there a difference in paint quality between base m3 black and all others? Will upgraded paint colors last longer? I intend to keep the car for a while but do not want to spend thousands on getting xpel installed. I.e. when I read that some other paint is multi coat, I'm interpreting that...
  23. S

    Would you opt out of m3 for FSD minivan?

    So I just read this article and thought about the implication if waymo comes out with their Chrysler minivan that's fully autonomous for about $300/month + $2.2/gallon of fuel used, I will seriously consider cancelling m3 reservation. Keep in mind that waymo is staying fsd will be reliable...
  24. S

    Eap 2.5 vs 2.0?

    Can anyone with eap 2.5 and 2.0 hardware share their experience or comparison details ? I'm expecting eap2.5 should see fewer breaking events under bridges and around trucks, etc.
  25. S

    Will m3 have factory tint on rear passenger and back window?

    In Florida, many cars come with factory windows tint for rear passengers and rear window (specifically SUVs, not sure about cars). Is that something m3 will have? I've not seen any production m3 with tinted windows.
  26. S

    Experiences getting Tesla to resolve autopilot / EAP issues?

    Has anyone with "WTF" or "stop trying to murder me autopilot" experience (e.g. AP1 or AP2 starts leaving lane with clear markings into highway divider) raised issue with Tesla and they've resolved it? please share your experience working/dealing with tesla, process you used to ensure issue...
  27. S

    Vehicle to home power during emergency

    I know there is vehicle to grid but I don't believe Tesla cars support this. Has anyone been able to wire their Tesla to house to power fridge, portable a/c or fans, etc after hurricane takes down power for several days? Would love to use those 50 kW in m3 for this.

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