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  1. Y

    Insurance in BC

    Basic, third party liability 2 million, collision and comprehensive with $300 deductible.
  2. Y

    Insurance in BC

    Btw ICBC slashed rates quite a bit, starting from May (the first new bill I got was from June). My monthly payment went down from about $170 to about $110. My car is a 2018 model 3 long range.
  3. Y

    Trunk mounted bike (bicycle rack) for Model 3

    Might be unpopular opinion here, but other than aesthetic reasons, how important really is the paint damage? I have a trunk bike rack of 2 bikes and used it occasionally on my other car - Subaru Outback. I am a bit on the fence of using it on my Tesla model 3, because of possible paint damage...
  4. Y

    HW3 Upgrade

    Just got mine upgraded today in Vancouver!
  5. Y


    I think SR+ cars are not supposed to have these options? That is the premium connectivity package, I am not sure if you can buy it now in Canada. I know in US you can buy it now.
  6. Y

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    Theatre mode is under Entertainment - Theatre tab. YouTube and Netflix, Hulu all there
  7. Y

    3 Auto Wipers Finally Working

    Yeah I agree this problem can be solved by AI. It's a vision problem. Human actually have to see the rain drops in the windshield to know it's raining and blocking the view. None of the cameras on the car is pointing at the windshield. It's much harder to see the rain drops, at least not by the...
  8. Y

    Insurance in BC

    Yeah BCAA optional is much cheaper than ICBC because they only insurance good drivers. If you had accident recently then BCAA won't insure you, maybe after another 5 years they will insure you again.
  9. Y

    Canadian SR 3+ FSD with No "Auto Lane Change" Option

    Ok it's just the rain. Poor weather detected, navigation on autopilot disabled. However, in previous version I think it would disable autopilot completely.
  10. Y

    Canadian SR 3+ FSD with No "Auto Lane Change" Option

    Actually my car seems to be losing NOA as well, I used NOA a couple days ago. Not sure if it's because I upgraded to 2019.16 or because today it's raining. My model 3 is one year old but I purchased FSD upgrade a while ago
  11. Y

    Is the current NoA helpful or harmful?

    That's the thing, it's a little bit counter intuitive. If I drive myself, I might be more like mad Max mode. However, I don't want to "monitor" another mad max driver (the car) for a long time, it requires a lot of attention. I'd rather monitor a granny driver and take over only when it needs...
  12. Y

    Is the current NoA helpful or harmful?

    I think it's the way we use NOA wrong. I found it's way too aggressive on higher settings and need a lot of extra attention because of constant lane changing. However, now I set - the NOA setting to mild, - following distance to 6 cars, - and set speed to be just at the speed limit or...
  13. Y

    First experience with TACC failure that almost caused an accident

    I found AP has some issues in very slow traffic, like completely stopped for over 10 minutes, then move one car, then stopped again for 10 minutes and so on. After about 1 hour, it kind of freak out. I was once in a completely jam using AP over 1 hour and while I am stopping, it suddenly went...
  14. Y

    New maximum range on LR RWD 2019.5.15

    Almost one year old and having more range than when new! Who said there will be battery depreciation?
  15. Y

    New maximum range on LR RWD 2019.5.15

    472km at 90%, so 100% should be 524km?
  16. Y

    Electrify Canada

    Oh it's funny because that's exactly why EV will sale well in Shanghai: gas car plate is 100k RMB (about 20k CAD) while EV plate is free. That's a huge incentive. Also there's a lot of Chinese EV start-ups, they mostly use CATL battery today. BYD uses its own battery and now selling it's...
  17. Y

    Car maker cheats on emissions, car maker pays the price, people still single out Tesla

    There are a lot of fallacies in this thread. And we are not even arguing the same thing. There are some facts in the society: - The Poor Pay More. Be poor you don't have the luxury to consider long term cost or TCO, you just spend every dollar you earn this week to make ends meet. - It might be...
  18. Y

    Tesla Winter Tire Package - Lead-time?

    Yeah the 19 centre cap look is not bad on 18s. However, I'd like to give an update that SC did call me back and asked me to go back to SC to install the missed aero covers. And I did that last weekend. So now I have normal 18 aero wheels with winter tires. ;)
  19. Y

    Actual Range for LR AWD, With Charge Buffer?

    I think most answers above focus on normal / best case scenarios. I'd like to provide some near worst case scenario: winter, not freezing but close, pouring rain, mountain and freeway driving, cabin heating on, many short trips, only charged to 80% and drive down to 15%- 20%. In such case I...
  20. Y

    Highest Software on a Canadian Model 3

    I just got winter tires changed 2 days ago, when software was 39.7. And got 42.3 installed this morning. I feel it's more like a bug fix for winter tires. Previously the winter tires use about 30% more energy than the regular tires on same temperature (10c), now it doesn't feel braking harder...
  21. Y

    Tesla Winter Tire Package - Lead-time?

    Hermont Mobile
  22. Y

    Tesla Winter Tire Package - Lead-time?

    Yeah, definitely expected to have the aero caps / covers whatever you call it. Sent an email to customer support for clarification.
  23. Y

    Tesla Winter Tire Package - Lead-time?

    Just got 18 inch winter wheels + tires package installed by mobile service tonight. Apparently aero caps are not included in winter package? First time know that. Also the technician says 45 psi is the standard pressure for winter? Haven't driven anywhere yet, will report back later.
  24. Y

    Tesla Winter Tire Package - Lead-time?

    Vancouver. Ordered 18 inch wheels and winter tires package on September 30th, just got a call tonight (Oct. 22) and it's a mobile service. Mobile service booked for Saturday (Oct. 27).
  25. Y

    TeslaCam Question

    Btw the timestamps on my disk show as local time. The hours are in 24 hrs format, and correct. Not sure if that info helps.
  26. Y

    V9 39.7 - Dashcam not working

    Yes I agree the problem is that the USB drive was not umounted properly when the car shutdown. I tested it and get same conclusion as you. I made a video to explain the workaround (manually turnoff recording) as well:
  27. Y

    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    The lock/unlock behaviour seems to be changed...
  28. Y

    Low tire pressure; cooler temps

    I just pumped up mine to 42psi and I think they should last at least a couple months before I switch to snow tires. It's well worth it though, I can feel the car drives much lighter.
  29. Y

    Model 3 Regen goes to full stop?

    I think Tesla dailed down regen so you have to use normal brake a bit, after finding that brakes can get stuck, if unused for too long(brake heat helps dehumidify brake oil).
  30. Y

    Brake and Roll test

    A few more thoughts: - when consumer report couldn't recommend Tesla model 3 due to brake issues, the production procedure must have passed roll and brake tests. Obviously that didn't help the old cars even they passed roll and brake - I'm not sure when did the real track test started, but it...
  31. Y

    Brake and Roll test

    I want to find out what is this so I did a 5 minutes research: Brake tester - Wikipedia So it's actually roll and bake, not "brake and roll". It's similar to the system emission tests use where the wheels are moving but cars don't move. The followings are my thoughts: - the specific method is...
  32. Y

    Vancouver BC VIN .

  33. Y

    Vancouver BC VIN .

    I just registered this account to say that I took delivery yesterday at 3pm and the process is smooth. They do have some trouble knowing the final numbers so bring your cheque book. You might want to pay final price difference, void cheque for monthly payment, new viechle replacement insurance...

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