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    Are there an issues related to Tesla Solar Roof and Open Cell Attic

    Hello everyone, For my house I'm considering changing an HVAC system and as a result thinking about insulating attic by foam, which is a modern suggested way of attic insulation in Texas. You can see an example of open cell at at around 4 min on this video I have solar roof on order, it is...
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    Question about the size of the installed Tesla Solar shingles

    Hello everyone, does anyone know the size of a tesla solar shingle when it is installed on the roof, i.e., overlapped with other shingles? The dimensions that are listed in the installation plan are 430 mm height and 1140 mm width, but I assume that when installed the shingle is overlapped...
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    Need detailed pull case analysis of Tesla Q3 financial results

    Guys I'm a big fan of Tesla. I found the following bear article about Q3 financial results Analyst Erupts At Tesla: "They Used Every Trick From Every Fraud To Put Lipstick On Q3 Results" I would like to refute in detail the points that are made in this article. Can you post links with a...
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    Model 3 Delivery in Austin

    Took delivery of my Model 3 in Austin yesterday. VIN 102XXX No issues whatsoever with the car. I was given as much time as I wanted with the car to inspect it before I signed the delivery papers. Quality of built and finish is light years ahead of my 2013 Model S. In general the build quality is...
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    Infant car seats and two booster car seats in Model 3

    Do you think you can fit one rear facing infant car seat and two booster car seats in the back of the model 3. I'm considering getting a Model 3, but I wanted to make sure that such configuration is possible. Thanks for insight.
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    During which year Tesla share would reach $1000?

    What do you think?
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    Charging Issues with Blink Chargers

    I was trying to use a Blink Charger today in a public garage. Connected everything properly and checked the connection multiple times. The car is stuck with the blue colored ring around the charge port - the car does not actually start to charge. The Blink charger shows ready to charge and shows...
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    Leather seats

    Does standard interior have textile seats and "premium" has black leather-like seats, is that correct?
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    Tesla and Trump

    Is there a scenario where the election of Trump is more beneficial to Tesla then the election of Clinton? Possible options: Trump does not change current tax credits for EV or Solar Reduced taxes benefit Tesla as a company Outraged voters buy EVs to support clean energy message despite Trump...
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    Evacuation from Hurricane in a Tesla

    If you look at the news sites you see lines of people in front of gas stations filling up and leaving the coast. What happens if Model S/X are the only cars you have to evacuate in? Do superchargers get suddenly huge lines as well? Or actually it is a less painful experience than having a ICE...
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    Some details of new battery at WSJ article

    Here is a new article from WSJ that talks about gigafactory and has dimension details of the new and old batteries Tesla Races to Finish ‘Gigafactory’ in Time for Model 3 Rollout When you read about the details of the battery you will encounter the following paragraph "Tesla’s gigafactory will...
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    Some Model X observations

    I picked my CPO Model S at Austin, TX service center this week. I saw quite a few Model X prepared for the delivery and the people there told that they have delivered certain number of cars already (I don't want to disclose the number but I thought it was respectful in comparison to the total...
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    Need advice on feasibility of the trip from SC in NJ to Austin TX

    Need advice on feasibility of trip from NJ to Austin TX Model S 2013 60kWh 60k miles I finally made a deposit on CPO Model S 60Kw 2013 that is currently locate at New Jersey service center. Tesla is quoting "up to $1500" to transport the car to Austin TX service center. To save money I'm...
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    Need advice on feasibility of the trip from SC in NJ to Austin TX

    I finally made a deposit on CPO Model S 60Kw 2013 that is currently locate at New Jersey service center. Tesla is quoting "up to $1500" to transport the car to Austin TX service center. To save money I'm considering driving from the Service Center in NJ to Austin TX. I need an advice if you...
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    CPO car without the tech package

    I'm considering buying a CPO car and to save money I'm looking at the cars without the tech package. Are there benefits of the tech package that you cannot live without? Does a car without the tech package have doors than can be open with keyfob and security alarm system or everything is sort...
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    What if Tesla makes electric self flying electrocopter

    It is interesting to think if Tesla somewhere deep in it RD plans has an idea of an electric self flying electrocopter. Based on the model where people don't own a transportation vehicle but can summon it on demand it might seem like a good idea. In case of the Machine Learning challenges there...
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    Availability of Model X on display at Tesla Store in Austin, TX

    I have called Tesla Store at Domain in Austin TX and the sales representative indicated that the headquarters told them that they would have Model X in the next couple of weeks by the holiday. Therefore, I think it is good news for us.
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    Tax Credit and Purchasing Decision For X

    I'm trying to make a decision about reserving an X based on the info that we have about the car so far. Part of this decision is a consideration of when the $7500 rebate is going to expire and when the X I want can be potentially delivered. I know that the part of the rule for the rebate is that...
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    Steve Jurvetson On Tesla Motors

    DFJs Steve Jurvetson discusses Tesla Motors and Autonomous Driving - YouTube
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    JB Straubel presentation at University of Nevada, Reno 10.11.15

    Tesla Motors - JB Straubel - University of Nevada, Reno - 10/11/15 - YouTube

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