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    Maxton Design Canada (now also US)

    hey did you want to sell it? I’m interested. I believe I am local to you!
  2. S

    Ikon Carbon Lip installed

    Nice. Does the lip lower the front bumper?
  3. S


    Rallyarmor. No drilling. Doesn’t rub your paint. More protection. Very flexible urethane material. Imo looks better than those basic mudguards.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    KONIG’s all their flowformed, FAST FC04, FC08, APEX ec-7(mustang, tesla fitment). There’s a spreadsheet on here with a list of 18s that fit performance. Those are just off the top of my head. i went with fc04 18x9 et30, so i could fit conti dws 255/45/18 all around for that meaty look for...
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    Forgestar CF10 vs. Konig Ampliform

    Oh i thought i saw a B version for 9.5. Maybe it was 18s.
  6. S

    Aftermarket accessories list

    Check ebay and aliexpress. A lot of the products in the US are made in China and rebranded to their company name. Might as well get it cheaper from the source.
  7. S

    Forgestar CF10 vs. Konig Ampliform

    Ampliform, but the B version, which has much more concavity. I was told it doesn’t fit the performance brakes, so I didn’t get it. But if its non-P Should be fine?
  8. S

    Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white

    Looking good. You bought the $45 one right? I’m trying to get this $100 guy to come down to that same price. Lol. PM how much you’re looking for with your original one. I was also looking to decrease downtime! we could literally start a chain of Sending the extra bezel.
  9. S

    Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white

    Thanks for this diy! I can’t stop looking at that steering wheel man. Absolutely going to take it off one day haha
  10. S

    Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white

    Awesome. @Nikola Pro is this something you can make pre-cut without taking the steering wheel off?
  11. S

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    i believe only canadawheels sells/ships replika and fastwheels brands.
  12. S

    Condensation In Left Pillar Camera

    Yep. Got the same issue today.
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    What to look out for when choosing a chrome delete contractor?

    Check for their Instagram page and try to find teslas and they would usually post what color/material/brand they use in each post.
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    18in Model 3 Performance wheel options for track use?

    Konig’s, Apex Ec-7, fastwheels FC04,FC08. All are inexpensive flow formed lightweight about 20lbs in 18x9.5
  15. S

    Post pics of your black model 3 with aftermarket wheels or spoiler!

    Thanks. Continental DWS06. I haven’t decided if i want to swap dedicated summer/winters as I’ll be selling the stock 20s.
  16. S

    Post pics of your black model 3 with aftermarket wheels or spoiler!

    I’m loving these 255/45/18 sizing that closes the stock height gap by 1/2”
  17. S

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Fastwheels FC04 18x9 ET30 titanium Continental DWS06 255/45/18 Squared
  18. S

    Martian Wheels MW03

    I think this guy is on the forum? https://instagram.com/the_clean_3?igshid=bwltqb4a7axn also give martianwheels a message. https://instagram.com/martianwheels?igshid=1gjhvh3nftwg4 seems like he can have any size and offset custom made similar to signature and other forged customizing companies.
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    Steel Wheels for Model 3 winter driving

    Depends on the strength of the wheel? What company is the wheel? Is it strength tested? Etc. there are people running 18x7.5 and those tires are definitely good enough with the weight load per tire since this car is heavier than your normal sedan. curious where did you buy the steelies?
  20. S

    Can I run 40 profile tires on Tsportlines?

    No problem, but it’ll be thinner sidewalls and really short looking tires that makes your wheel well gap even bigger. You’re going to lose about 1” of total height and about 1/2” of sidewall.
  21. S

    Shoot -- my brand new model 3 doesn't have enough ground clearance!

    Is an air suspension within your spending range? Airtekk, airlift, etc brand. You’d jack up going in and out of the garage. Then stock or lowered height for regular driving, which helps with efficiency than driving lifted all the time.
  22. S

    Making your M3 unique

    I was fortunate enough to be a test car for www.rallyarmor.com mudflaps. Now that it’s available to buy. I’m afraid I won’t be so unique anymore!
  23. S

    wrapped door handles + freezing temperatures = nightmare

    Pretty sure this was an issue without wraps either
  24. S

    Ebay/Amazon Chinese 3-piece plastic front lip

    What about www.scrapearmor.com ? I saw it on a IG feed..
  25. S

    Mountain Pass Performance Coilovers for RWD M3

    Please send me the answer! Never had coil overs before!
  26. S

    List of 18" wheels for P3D+

    Fast wheels fc04 and FC08. A bunch for their heavier wheels fit too once you put in 18s and performance model on their site search A few are running Apex Ec-7 mustang wheels for their track use.
  27. S

    TSportline added their logo to all their wheels - voice your disappointment!

    Just don’t buy. They’ll understand. They’re too expensive for oem replicas anyway.
  28. S

    List of 18" wheels for P3D+

    Konig’s ultra form, freeform, ampliform as well. Their entire flow formed lineup seems to fit from contacting them and others on this board.
  29. S

    Long Range Dual Motor lower than SR+

    That’s the biggest gripe i have about the website. The performance model isn’t low at all. It’s got like a 3-4 finger gap depending on your finger size. The website shows it with like UP moderate springs, which is about 1.5” drop.
  30. S

    Accessories purchased for my P3D

    Wow $32 for license plate frame...? I plastidipped the stock ones black. If you’re buying the logo vinyls then definitely consider the whole thing- nikola pro chrome delete. However, the logo vinyl sucks. the chrome shows on the edges. Again, I plastidipped the logos black. FYI, the phone...
  31. S

    Does Chrome Delete Void Lease?

    It’s a 3rd party company that inspects your car before lease return. They use their report and pictures. I removed my Plasti-dipped trim Incase they charged me the full cost for a new trim. I had some curb rash on a wheel and I had to pay $500, which was basically the cost of a new wheel.
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    Building of the Faurrari

    Have you looked at apex EC-7? 18x9.5 35ET
  33. S

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Nice! You had to drill the studs to 14mm yes? Is there a lot of clearance in the rear brakes? I’m looking at 19x9.5 sqr set up volks as well for my performance. Also what sideskirt is that?
  34. S

    Mud Guards...

    yes ive had these for a week+ now. My lower doors are so clean vs before. All the residue,soot,leaves,etc are on the mudflaps!!!
  35. S

    Building of the Faurrari

    How long has it been? I’m planning on getting the same wheels from Canadawheels
  36. S

    Mud Guards...

    it uses two existing holes on the bottom that you pop the clips outs.
  37. S

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Good idea! Since it’s a really flat piece, you could do it yourself easily with a small roll of vinyl and knife less tape.
  38. S

    Mud Guards...

    Yes. I actually mentioned to him about you using the hard plastic ones. He was happy to hear about it. Only reason it’s taken so long to release the Mudflaps was because he couldn’t buy a bumper from Tesla to R&D and prototype, so he had to wait to find a totaled model 3 that was willing to part...
  39. S

    Mud Guards...

    Bro what? I was a SQC guy too! 2007! I hit up Costas the owner of Rallyarmor. He installed the test version and luckily enough it seems to be perfect. Very happy with it. Should be released in a couple of week. He’s a very detailed oriented guy, so he wants to make sure everything’s perfect. Two...
  40. S

    Best Use for Frunk?

    Sweeeet, what spec is the travel roller?
  41. S

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Normally Gloss scratches easily?
  42. S

    Mud Guards...

    Rallyarmor is releasing their mudflaps soon. Made from urethane(very flexible material). Comes with bracket and hardware. NO DRILLING REQUIRED.
  43. S

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Sweet, i decided to go with gloss black instead of matrix black so it would blend with my black color better!
  44. S

    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Hmm any idea how matrix black looks on a black car? I haven’t seen any...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Nice ! Tire and wheel specs?

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