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  1. M

    Our Tesla Crash

    BMW = Better Make Way...
  2. M

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    What rate did they give you ? I was waiting for the smart meter for about a year and now have one but have been left on the regular tariff (28p)
  3. M

    Recommended charging cables - 3 phase, 32 amp, type 2

    He sent me a new button & I simply soldered it in. It was very easy to do and he even provided the heat shrink & tinned the wires.
  4. M

    Door Sill Plates for Model S

    I fitted the Tesla Offer Sills to my Model S and really glad I did they look so much better than the OEM ones, although looking for some protection film for them, as look like they would scratch up like the OEM ones did. As they wire in to the footwell lights no batteries or on/off to worry...
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    TPMS assigned to wrong wheel

    Just had some Tesla TPMS fun myself (2017 MS). Firstly Kwik Fit were brilliant, had jack pads, knew about jack mode and replaced the valve rather than the TPMS sensor. The problems came when I was switching between my winter wheels (19) and summer wheels (21). When I picked the car up the TPMS...
  6. M

    Tesla paint repairs (Milton Keynes)

    I had a dent in the front wing (builder dropped something on it) sorted out by a paintless guy for 220. He said he could do double skinned etc. which the Tesla body shop said was impossible for paintless. It might be worth trying a paintless repair guy first depending upon the damage. He did say...
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    Home Link no longer works

    I have never managed to pair my homelink module to the car (Liftmaster PR433-4) however inside the box is a learn & a test button - alternatively you can probbaly jump the 2 wires and see if the unit is triggering the door. If it is the same unit as mine when the remote triggers it a relay...
  8. M

    Removing rear jump seats in model s

    I would say more like 30kg they are pretty heavy/awkward to move about.
  9. M

    2021 Model S is unable to connect to my garage door opener

    I have the Homelink adapter to make my gate function and despite numerous attempts I can't get it to connect to it. 2107 MS
  10. M

    Removing rear jump seats in model s

    Sorry I am in the UK so probably not practical to buy mine.
  11. M

    Homelink - UK

    Can anyone offer any advice to pair my 2017 MS Homelink to the Liftmaster ? I have paired a remote to the LM and that woks the gate. I can start setup, the headlights flash and then I press the pair button on the LM and there is some activity but when I test the Homelink on the car it doesn't...
  12. M

    Older cell phones not working due to software update to Bluetooth 2.1

    Whilst it is frustrating, I had the opposite problem and my 06 Audi BT connection did not support the address book for my Samsung S10. Overall I would say it is better that Tesla keeps the BT updated in the car which will have a longer lifespan than most mobile phones.
  13. M

    Carbon Filter AND HEPA filter on BioWeapon equipped Model S?

    Having seen the layout of the car & fitting my own HEPA filter after the SC failed to carry out the upgrade to Biohazard spec I would say that a) it would be impossible to bypass the HEPA filter as the air enters the car through it and b) with the HEPA in place the cabin filter is superfluous...
  14. M

    Homelink - UK

    Thanks for the recommendation - Easygates were excellent and from a photo of my Gate motor found me the manual & the the correct lift master plus provided wiring instructions. Did you attach the liftmaster to the oustide of the gate box, inside or somewhere else with the wiring ? Hopefully it...
  15. M

    Tesla made/fitted green reg plates

    They do seem a bit random in Winchester. I booked for a wheel alignmnet and they just reported the tyre tread depths and then reluctantly took it back in for a paid alignment. I booked for the bio-weapon upgrade at the same time and collected the car with just the wheel alignmnet done after 2...
  16. M

    Electric car charging prices 'must be fair' say MPs

    I can't see them doing anything about this apart from allow the market to sort it out, it is a bit like saying motorway petrol and breakdown recovery must be fair. Sounds sensible but nothing is done.
  17. M

    Accident damaged Tesla Model 3

    Sorry to hear about this. Do you have any photos of the tyre tread - wondering just how illegal they were ? Do you think they contributed to the accident ? It does seem rather harsh and probably an added risk for a Tesla due to the lack of routine service visits.
  18. M

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    How long are you having to wait from survey to the install ? Mine seems to be stuck waiting on the DNO approval (SSE) since beginning of June. This is a workplace install so maybe they are worried all the load be during the day but is the only one on our estate.
  19. M

    Charging adapters ~ Type 2 UK

    My Tesco has several Type 2 Adpaters that use the blue cable that came with the car and work fine - 22kw or 7kw. You have to "claim" the charge or it kicks you off after 15 minutes and sometimes even if you have claimed the charge. They Type 2 are all free to use. You claim the charge via...
  20. M

    12v Battery

    Thanks for the advice - I am probably being a bit paranoid as read some posts about 12v battery failure and as my car is 3.5 years old (but new to me) I don't know the history of replacement but an assuming it is on its original battery. Perhaps it is wiser to schedule a replacemnt now anyway ?
  21. M

    12v Battery

    I have bought a Ctek battery monitor to keep an eye on my 12v battery. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-40-149-Vehicle-Battery-Monitor/dp/B0188TGF6W It has Fork connectors when hooking it up do you think it is necessary to disconnect the main battery loop and if so will that cause any issues ? I...
  22. M

    HEPA Filter non Tesla supplier

    After booking my Model S into Tesla for the Bioweapon/Hepa upgrade I was a bit disaapointed when I collected the car it hadn't been done nor was there any explanation why not. So I decided to try sourcing my own filter for it. I found this one on eBay and now having fitted it thought I would...
  23. M

    Was I given a 70d instead of a 75d?

    There are 2 range versions in the menu - I can't rember what they are called now but one is lower than the other so perhaps you are on the lower one. 235 sounds about right on the "realistic" setting based on my 2017 75D BTW
  24. M

    Nightmare! Devon Holiday Scratch...!

    You may find Chips Away refuse to help as their policy is not to work on Tesla due to the HV risk...colleague had them refuse to repair a wheel scratch even if the wheel was removed from the car prior to their arrival. Local smart repairer fixed it in situ...
  25. M

    Rearview Mirrors Tilt in Rev but Drivers Side Does Not Return

    I have the same problem, RH drive car but curiously the left hand mirror still. It seems to happen when having parked in reverse not gone forward but might try the SC given car is still in warranty.
  26. M

    Square to Staggered?

    Sorry - just found it in the service menu and was correctly set
  27. M

    Square to Staggered?

    I have the exact same setup- there is a slight rubbing on full lock of the front arches. I have standard air suspension if that makes a difference. Where do you set the wheel config in the car please?
  28. M

    MCU2 Upgrade Audio EQ Balancing - Coming From MCU1

    Thank you for taking the trouble to do this and post results - it saved me a lot of trouble having gone to MCU2
  29. M

    Model 3 Automatic Garage Opener

    Years ago I wired a remote for the garage into my car's main beam circuit so flash the headlights and it "pressed" the button on the remote for me - needed a bit of soldering and wire running but worked really well (remote was 12V)
  30. M

    Somebody upgrade MCU2 and lost free premium connectivity?

    Same here. Was worried about losing the Radio but Tune In works fine apart from the odd occasion. (UK based)
  31. M

    Removing rear jump seats in model s

    I removed mine & yes very easy. I ran the bolts back into the sliding nuts so they wouldn't escape as it looked a pain to fish them out without risking dropping them. There are a couple of hooks that stick out in the boot but they are OK or can be used for a luggage net etc.
  32. M

    Facelift Model S Access to firemans loop connector on RHD vehicle

    Afterall, the fireman simply cuts it
  33. M

    Facelift Model S Access to firemans loop connector on RHD vehicle

    Do you have to disconnect both ends ? Surely if one end is disconnected the circuit is broken ?

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