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  1. caddieo

    Tire rotation

    I have my tires (19" Goodyears) rotated during my regular service visits to the SC. For some reason, my front tires had excessive wear at about 18-20K so they were replaced and put at the rear while the original rears became the fronts. At my last service just short of 40K, tread depth on both...
  2. caddieo

    Supercharger - Mt. Vernon, IL

    Good to know! My wife uses her card points to get good pricing from Hampton Inns.
  3. caddieo

    NEMA 14-50 in the garage for $450 - is that fair?

    Most of the expense will be for labor. My first installation needed a complicated 30 ft. run from the panel, up into the attic and then down the far wall to where I wanted the 14-50 and it came to a little over 1K. And this was in Florida. My last installation was only 10 ft. away from the panel...
  4. caddieo

    Tesla moments

    Actually, this is not funny. The last time we drove from FL to Chicago using the ICE minivan, we were so tired (non-stop, 18-19 hours) that after unloading and eating, we hurriedly started getting ready for bed. That's when we realized the cosmetics bag was still in the van. So I went to get it...
  5. caddieo

    Tesla moments

    This reminds me of the time I was exiting my S. A fellow club member smilingly said, "Wow, I really like MY Tesla". Noting the puzzled look on my face, he then said, "Well, some of my money paid for that with government subsidies, etc.. I had to bite my tongue to avoid discussing subsidies in...
  6. caddieo

    Did you use Tesla installer for NEMA?

    Use a local electrician. The main factor affecting cost will be labor time. In my first case, they had to do a tube/cable run of about 30 feet up into the attic from the panel, then down the far wall to where I wanted the outlet. In my second case the panel was only 10 feet away on the adjacent...
  7. caddieo

    Supercharger - Mt. Vernon, IL

    I get your point and agree with the spacing relative to the others on the other interstates. I was just wondering what amenities would be available.
  8. caddieo

    Supercharger - Mt. Vernon, IL

    Over the last 2 years, I have been patiently watching as the chain of supercharges along my favorite route between FL and Chicago was built up. Not necessarily in this order, we had Chattanooga TN, Brentwood, TN, Country Club Hills, IL, Effingham, IL, Champaign, IL, and now Mt. Vernon IL. THAT...
  9. caddieo

    How Clean is Your Electric Vehicle?

    I believe the methodology is wrong. They are comparing the CO2 out of the tailpipe in ICE cars with the CO2 from electricity production for EV's. A more valid comparison would be to compare the CO2 footprint from the production of the energy source for each type of vehicle - i.e. the footprint...
  10. caddieo

    I love electric car so much, But how it comes without a center console

    The stuff my wife and I need to put in the console space varies from day to day and we do not like being constrained by fixed spaces and compartments as to what stuff we can dump there.
  11. caddieo

    Why I'll Never Buy Another Gasoline Powered Car

    ^^^^This - particularly the observation that for many, a car is just an appliance. I live in a gated community where just about everybody, with little or no stretching, can get an Tesla. The most enthusiasm I have seen to my MS have come from the guys at the bag-drop area of the golf course...
  12. caddieo

    2017 Chrysler Pacifica (Minivan) PHEV 30 mile AER

    Based on her storage needs for gardening and similar supplies and equipment (and the associated dirt, etc.) my wife has nixed the idea of an MX or any other SUV to replace our current Honda minivan. Minivan again, it has to be, and this has definitely piqued her interest especially since her...
  13. caddieo

    [Rant] locals clogging the Highland Park, IL supercharger

    ^^^^THIS. Not surprising. Psychological studies and experiments have confirmed that those who have more are more acquisitive and cheating-prone.
  14. caddieo

    Blurry Rear View Camera

    During my last car service visit, I mentioned to the adviser that the loaner had a very sharp rear view camera while mine was blurry all over. When the service work was finished, he told me that a new camera was on order and he would send a ranger over to my house to install if after it arrives...
  15. caddieo

    Chevy Bolt is Ugly, Model 3 Still Poised to outsell if Attractively Designed

    Based on current attitudes, the Bolt and others from established brands will gain traction (pun intended) only if car dealers' attitudes towards BEVs change. As it is, we keep hearing stories of how Volt or Leaf buyers are either steered towards ICE products of else given misinformation or...
  16. caddieo

    Supercharger - Louisville, KY

    This is a shorter route than the one I took on a recent round trip between FL AND Chicago via eastern KY and Cincy. However, the 190 mile gap between Brentwood, TN and Louisville is still a concern. Are there any plans for an intermediate station, say, in Bowling Green or thereabouts?
  17. caddieo

    My P85D's efficiency is still improving with firmware updates

    Thanks for your reply and insight. I had only skimmed over the release notes when the update occurred so I went to the car and read them again. The last item was indeed about torque sleep and improved efficiency. "Problem" solved.
  18. caddieo

    My P85D's efficiency is still improving with firmware updates

    Although I do not have the detailed data used by the OP, I have also noted improved efficiency since V.7(2.7.56). My routine driving pattern in my city and county involves 30-45 mph streets with a couple of 50-55 mph main roads. I am confining my observations to this and not to days when I...
  19. caddieo

    Error message: "Schedule service when convenient"

    I got the same message a week AFTER I had made an appointment for my annual service. In my case my last full service was more than 12K miles ago so I am wondering if this is an automatic message triggered by the recommended service interval of 12,500 miles.
  20. caddieo

    How fast did Model S ruin you for ICE?

    It took a while for me since 2 of my 3 ICE's needed some work so I had to focus on them for a while. But afterwards the transformation was complete in a day or two. We still have an ICE - a minivan, since we occasionally travel with a lot of cargo on routes devoid of superchargers . Plus, I'll...
  21. caddieo

    How to protect Model S Key fob

    My original fobs still look like new. No cover. Why? I do not put anything with it that can damage it. It sits alone in my pant pocket with a handkerchief and nothing else. No keys. No key chain. No coins. At home, it sits alone in a small metal cup (for RF shielding).
  22. caddieo

    Distance to dealer and service an issue?

    You would probably receive more direct or detailed advice from owners in your region if your address was a little bit more specific instead of just "United States". Nevertheless, I echo Llyod in assuaging your fears. I got my MS in 2013 when the nearest service center was 185 miles away and the...
  23. caddieo

    Watch out for solar panels!!!

    Unfortunately, this manner of "thinking" also permeates the current political scene which reflects more on the voting population than it does on the candidates.
  24. caddieo

    Charging Locations

    I had that happen a couple of times during a recent FL to IL round trip. I soon noted that it did not happen if you clicked "continue trip" when programming for the next SC while charging at the current one.
  25. caddieo

    How often do you have to reset by holding both scroll wheels?

    Did it a couple of times during my first 6 months of ownership. None since (2-1/2 years/28K miles)
  26. caddieo

    FL to IL Round Trip Sans Gas

    Looks good! I wish I had known about this beforehand. Thanks.
  27. caddieo

    Blind spot monitoring in side mirrors?

    I've been happy with leaving the rear view camera on in the upper half of the screen. Anything visible in the space outside either lane marker is in your blind spot.
  28. caddieo


    I used both the car Nav and my iPad Nav on a recent round trip between Fl and Chicago as well as for running around Chicago during my stay there. For the most part, the car Nav and iPad Nav gave out the usual accepted routes but differed on 2 occasions. Going through Atlanta, it directed me to...
  29. caddieo

    FL to IL Round Trip Sans Gas

    Average speed varied between 5-10 mph over the posted limit with occasional bursts into the high 80's. We used cruise control on open, less congested and boring stretches. - - - Updated - - - I did it anyway as promised. Same numbers except theWh/Mile and Travel Time. I'll use my numbers ( no...
  30. caddieo

    FL to IL Round Trip Sans Gas

    No, Did not think about it but will add it later after I get some other scheduled stuff and urgent paper work out the way. Thanks for the reminder.
  31. caddieo

    FL to IL Round Trip Sans Gas

    FINALLY!!! With the completion of the Supercharger chain through eastern KY plus Cincy, it became possible for me to execute a round trip from Florida to Chicagoland for Thanksgiving week - the first one without the ICE minivan. Although range anxiety is an intellectual non-issue, the emotional...
  32. caddieo

    Tesla-box: Anyone else receiving these spams?

    They look like Chinese 100 Yuan notes to me.
  33. caddieo

    Supercharger - Superior, MT

    Maybe the Montana State Police should follow the lead of the LAPD and have a few MS cruisers. That should result in some interesting encounters with the local Luddites.
  34. caddieo

    Tesla moments

    Although this isn't really outstanding, it's a first-of-its-kind for me so I have to report it. Driving well within the prescribed speed limit inside our gated community, I came up behind a black Porsche 911 that was just dawdling along. Noticing my approach, he turned his hazard blinkers on and...
  35. caddieo

    My Trip to Florida August 31 - September 3

    Too bad they don't have Paducah yet. That would have shortened your trip considerably.
  36. caddieo

    Easiest Car to wash, ever?

    It's even easier and faster if wrapped. Everything just slides off.
  37. caddieo

    Owners putting a higher trim badge on is one thing but this is pretty funny

    A little bit of cognitive dissonance here. Why the Tesla badge when Toyota is trying to outdo Tesla with its "fool cell" Mirai?
  38. caddieo

    Benefit of plugging car in before scheduled charging?

    Olle, although it may not get as hot here as in central or south FL, it is still hot enough. My garage occupies the SW corner of the house and my car sits next to a S door and W window that gets a full blast of afternoon sun. I have not monitored the peak garage temperature but I feel certain...
  39. caddieo

    Survey: Tesla as primary car?

    MS is the primary car but we kept a 7 year old Odyssey for 2 reasons: for those 2-3 times a month when my wife and I have to take separate routes for our respective agendas with the proviso that the one with the longer route takes the MS. Secondly, we still use it for cross-country trips on...
  40. caddieo

    Spare tire solution

    There is a thread on making a donut spare started by member JST which is quite detailed. I suppose you could look it up in a list of his postings. It fits nicely in the frunk of non-D models.
  41. caddieo

    Bugs on Car

    I have a spray bottle of Optimum Opticlean and microfiber cloths in the trunk for spot cleaning (and more of the same in the garage). Easy to do when the splatters are fresh although I generally wait until the end of the driving day.
  42. caddieo

    Supercharging Hypothetical #2 -- Abusive or not?

    ^^^^^This. +1...... 'nuff said.
  43. caddieo

    Heads up: Replace Key Fob Battery

    They replaced my fob battery at the 2-year service last month and gave me an extra for the other fob which was left at home.
  44. caddieo

    Help Me Learn To Park My Model S Properly

    I agree with this. Because of the wider rear versus the front per efusco's triangle analogy above, I find that I have no trouble lining up the driver's side of the car exactly parallel to the line. Then I get out of the car and when I walk past the other side, I see that it is slanted relative...
  45. caddieo

    Tesla shows prototype of metal charging cable snake

    Looks like something appropriate for the superchargers. A little bit of overkill for my garage.
  46. caddieo

    Climate change: Obama to unveil Clean Power Plan

    I can just imagine that the image of dirty power plants will make the anti-EV crowd resuscitate the "long tail pipe" theory on why EV's are not so green after all. Anyway, better and easier to control 100 smokestacks than 100 million tailpipes.
  47. caddieo

    Low Coolant Warning

    Just guessing - but the fluid level may have shifted a bit due to the slope and thus triggered the sensor.
  48. caddieo

    Vampire drain after fully charged and still plugged in.

    While I was away for 5 weeks, I had the car programmed to start charging at 12:15 AM with the end point at 123 miles. Every 3 days, I got a notification on my iPhone app that the car started charging about 9-10 miles below end point but in each instance always charged back up to the pre-set end...

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