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    Autopilot - First time it’s saved me!

    Travelling on the M25 today in reasonably heavy traffic, sitting in the middle lane, using Autopilot, and moving at about 65, my M3 suddenly pinged at me and shifted to left. An aggressive driver in a Nissan 350z came up behind me way to fast, and then moved into the right hand lane, cutting up...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Used the 16 bay supercharger at the Double Tree Hilton at Reading. Not the best to get to as its 10/15 mins off the M4, but plenty of free chargers The other downside is that there isn’t a motorway services. Oddly the other 5 cars charging were all model x
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    Does anyone wave anymore?

    Had a weekend away in Wiltshire and got waved at about 4 times, waved back. So it’s still happening!
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    TACC - moved from AP to FSD?

    Am I going mad, or have Tesla removed the TACC from Auto Pilot? It’s now listed as one of the upgrades in the FSD package. it could be that I’m misunderstanding what TACC is, as i though it was the system that slowed you down to match the speed of the car in front of you.
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    SR+ Heated Rear Seats Paid Upgrade live: $300

    It’s not showing on my app either iOS version 3.10.3
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    How to force updates

    I’m fairly sure the technique for forcing the update worked for me. I had opened and closed the software page probably 6 or 7 times and no updated showed. I then held it down for about 5 seconds, and lo and behold it started.
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    Software update

    If you hold down the advanced button on the software screen, it will force the car to check for an update. Just did it and mine is happily downloading now.
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    Cruise control

    Discovered this weekend that the cruise control adapts to bends in the road and slows down to take them. At one point it slowed me down from 60 to 35 to take a sharp left hander. That was a pleasant surprise.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Same here, so we skipped the initial launch and the first patch
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Mine came through at 11:30 last night.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    either of you get the update yet?
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    UK Owners with v10?

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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    I got these, and I’m happy with them, especially for the price. FOONEE Car Trunk Mat For Tesla Model 3,Cargo Tray Trunk Floor Protector Mat,Custom Design Cargo Liner Rear Waterproof Pad, All Weather - Heavy Duty https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WYY6ZZP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_xGkMDbEMYJSKN
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    UK Owners with v10?

    it is, I did wonder that, so double checked. I’m appear to be in a very special 6%
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    SR+ Fog Lights

    There is, for sure, the option to turn them on in one of the menus. My SR+ has got blanking plates where they should be (logged with a SC to retrofit if possible) and I’ve got an option to turn them on, even though it doesn’t work.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Guess what. yup still not got it
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Still not got it
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    Service centre appointments

    Sorry, Kuruma
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    Service centre appointments

    Same her Kurama.
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    Service centre appointments

    Does the registered owner have to attended a service centre appointment, or can anyone take the car in?
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    Dashcam and Sentry USB

    How do you differentiate between the drives for dashcam and sentry mode?
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Still don’t have it.
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    Vendor I am considering making UK/RHD Model 3 carpets/floor mats. Interested?

    Put mine in today, after a good vacuum. only got the cheaper option but still very please with them. I would highly recommend them.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Still waiting
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    Sentry Mode - Use sparingly!

    Plus it seems to record when absolutely nothing needs to be recorded with my car. Hundreds of files showing no movement round the car at all.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Still nothing. I’m feeling left out
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    UK Owners with v10?

    I’m feeling left out now.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Still waiting.
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    How often do you charge?

    Mine was set to 80% when we picked it up, so have left it at that.
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    Walk-away Lock Confirmation Sound

    I did it for me as well to start with, I dont know what I did to resolve it, but I dont think it was saving it to my profile. Double check you arent saving it in Easy entry mode
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    PodPoint App

    I had an error message for about a day, then the software in the unit must have update as it went away and allowed me to register.
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Im in the same boat as you Epico. I do keep checking though
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    Vendor I am considering making UK/RHD Model 3 carpets/floor mats. Interested?

    Well, I’ve just ordered a set. I do hope there actually some left
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    Supercharging invoice?

    if you didn’t pay your deposit on a card, and they don’t have credit card details for you as you did all transactions as a BACS transfer, how will you get charged?
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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Yeah, still having issues where it claims that the write speed is to slow. Ive formatted the card to Fat32, do i need to partion it as well into two 32gb sections? This is really annoying
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    Little niggles after collection

    Ive discovered a niggle - the lack of handles above the doors. They are needed when using the stay in lane autopilot thing and it doesnt feel like your going to take the turn :)
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    1st super charge on model 3

    Did my first super charge at Birchanger Services today. They really need to install more than the 4 units that are there. When we arrived there were two free (though one space was covered in broken glass), but by the time we left there were 3 M3's waiting.
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    The White SR+ Aero wheels Club

    Ordered early July, collected on the 25th.
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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    It seems to be working so far, the only i have is that the file creation time is incorrect. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    SR+ Fog Lights

    When we collected ours sr+ the front fogs were missing, so we put in a service log that they shouldn’t be. Apparently a lot of people are making the same complaint, and the man doing the hand over said they were looking into if they could be fitted/retro fitted
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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    I got these as well, no complaints at all. Good price, decent thickness and came quickly. Mine are still a little out of shape at the moment, and need to settle. The trunk mat is a really good fit in my opinion. I’m still struggling to sort dashcam though. I tired a USB stick, but the write...
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    Internal temp

    Looking at the app, my car is showing an external temp of 19.5c, but an internal of 28.5c I’ve sat in the car and it feels warmer than the outside, but not that warm. Does such a variance sound right?
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    Latest update

    Collected today, and was wanting to update to 2019.32.2.2, so did it as soon as I was at home on wifi
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    Horn sound on locking/unlocking

    Don’t think I did. But I’ll check that.
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    Horn sound on locking/unlocking

    Found it, turned it off. Left the menu, went back in. It’s turned itself back on .
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    Horn sound on locking/unlocking

    Is there anyway to turn this off? Ive looked through the manual, and cant seem to find instructions on how to turn it off (if its even possible). Im probably missing something really obvious
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    Last minute change to collection centre

    We are going to see what we can get.
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    Last minute change to collection centre

    truthfully it’s only a little annoying for us, but we just got contacted by Tesla to tell us they have delivered our car to Heathrow rather than Dartford. I suspect we aren’t the only ones and this is going to cause a fair degree of hassle for some people.
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    Best home charger

    Had my Pod Point installation yesterday Can’t fault them at all so far. (Given that I don’t yet have a car to charge.) Turned up at 8am, bang on time, installation took about 3 hours, (was fairly simple as the unit was on the outside wall of my garage, (the fuse box is the garage on the same...

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