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  1. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I saw yet another article today about issues with the MX making me more reassurance that my decision to move on was a good one though I didn't come to gloat. Sorry for those that are having problems or are still in limbo waiting. Glad to hear at least Tesla is providing good customer service...
  2. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    As the OP, for the record (not that anyone really cares as some have pointed out), I did get my deposit back and will be picking up a different brand vehicle when my current lease expires in March. I'll definitely consider a Tesla in the future (my wife is due for a new car soon). Right now with...
  3. Jeva

    Latest DATE of reservation invited to configure.

    Are they giving you a delivery ETA window?
  4. Jeva

    To finance Tesla or not

    They state $6k down by default but it's not compulsory.
  5. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    Yeah I get that...it's just not something on my agenda. Bless the rest of you for trying to do the right thing :)
  6. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I'm in the middle of coal heaven between KY & WV...lol
  7. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I bet...after replacement, most people experience much less pain as you no longer have things like bone on bone contact because the cartilage is gone. We are both due for a knee replacement but are still "too young" yet. Avoidance of gas prices was never a driving factor for me to get a Tesla...
  8. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    Thanks for everyone's input...interesting to read. I have not canceled yet and won't until if and when I find an alternative. I might go back and sit in the MS again but my wife and I both have bad knees (sports injuries, many surgeries between us) and climbing out of a low car is quite...
  9. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    The reasons I was originally interested was: 1) I'm a techie and love the tech features of the car with the large touch screen,etc 2) Loved the performance/acceleration 3) it definitely has a cool factor. I don't care about it being electric per se when it comes to mitigating the cost of fuel -...
  10. Jeva

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I think I'm going to bail on the X. Very likely I wouldn't be able to get one until mid to late next year (who knows with Tesla at this point) and I've been on the fence about spending $100k+ on a car even though I can afford it relatively easily. I grew up pretty poor and it just seems...
  11. Jeva

    Most of us are underestimating the importance of the Hepa Air Filtration System

    It maybe makes sense if you plan to be in the car for hours and hours and hours. The second you open the door or open the window, it's "dirty" air all over again until the car is closed and air filtered. I have about a 2 hour total commute daily. Even in the most polluted city, the air...
  12. Jeva

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I like it! Sadly, the state of our education system is such that I wonder how many people know what a joule is.
  13. Jeva

    X instead of S - Why?

    For the record, I have 2 large labs bu they only ride in the Honda Element - we have the pet edition :wink: I'm too anal to let the dogs get into any of my nicer vehicles unless it's completely unavoidable which is very unlikely.
  14. Jeva

    X instead of S - Why?

    LOL...if that's my worst typo today, it's going to be a good day :)
  15. Jeva

    X instead of S - Why?

    I had originally looked at getting an S several months ago and really liked it. My only "complaint" was that I'm not only tall but long-waisted so I sit pretty high and the roof line interferes with my view of stop lights, etc but that happens to me in a lot of cars and isn't a showstopper. I...
  16. Jeva

    Tesla Finance: Production X Leasing Details & Top-Tier US Bank Financing Rates

    Is that for financing, leasing or both? Usually, a down payment is not required on a lease and is actually not recommended because you lose that money in the event something happens to the car early on. Also, where does the $7500 tax credit come into play in the above form?
  17. Jeva

    Will the second row seats fold flat? If so, how?

    You are pretty close to me Al...you can get the X and when you need to haul the pups, we can swap and you can drive our Pup Taxi (Honda Element) :)
  18. Jeva

    I've got VIN! Who else?

    I'm not expecting to see it for a while but curious as to where it shows up on the My Tesla page?
  19. Jeva

    I'm starting to think the X still isn't ready...

    Sadly, I think you're right. It seems supply constraints are the bottleneck and not manufacturing output. My lease on my current vehicle is up in March. I feel like by then, I'll have a pretty good idea of when I should expect to be able to get mine. If things have slipped and it's looking like...
  20. Jeva

    Tracking and reporting of reservations, orders, and deliveries

    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying - how is 9/6 months and years difference from 9/29 unless 9/29 is from another year. If so, you can understand my confusion since the year was not given.
  21. Jeva

    Creative Mods for the Model X Nose

    maybe lower the "grill"
  22. Jeva

    My Sequence number disappeared

    I figured it out. We called and apparently when my wife registered she made a typo in her email address (yahoo.con vs .com) so that's why we haven't been getting any emails. Also, she was doing it while mobile and was having connectivity issues so apparently she registered twice, once with the...
  23. Jeva

    My Sequence number disappeared

    I don't see it at all in the source code...I don't see anything on the page that would indicate I have a reservation at all. What does your My Tesla page look like?
  24. Jeva

    ~Unconfirmed~ 90d is $93k and base model starting at $75k

    Yes after incentives as is shown on their site...still a 30K spread regardless.
  25. Jeva

    Model X Email: All Rez holders to configure in 2015

    I never got the email either :(
  26. Jeva

    ~Unconfirmed~ 90d is $93k and base model starting at $75k

    The MS ranges from $57k to $87K so 20k doesn't seem like that big of a spread, especially given that there are no specification given on battery size for the numbers he is quoting.
  27. Jeva

    If you could choose any other SUV.....

    Porsche Macan
  28. Jeva

    Model X Email: All Rez holders to configure in 2015

    Well yeah, but I don't want to wait beyond where I am in line (and I'm pretty far back!) :crying:
  29. Jeva

    Model X Email: All Rez holders to configure in 2015

    @ larmor - Supposedly 30k+ - - - Updated - - - I'm not sure I'm willing to forgo the attractive options to reduce cost just because they haven't offered a lower kw model. Not all of us need the larger capacity battery. I'm with PrticulrJustice on this...I'm hoping the lower end models are...
  30. Jeva

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Bonnie will you drive to my house and when you come, bring donuts, pizza and beer. Also, bring the title to the X so you can sign it over to me and if the pizza is good I'll drive you home :biggrin: Seriously, when you get it - go out and enjoy it and forget about this place! :D
  31. Jeva

    TMC website overload

    I'm getting a lot of slowness and DB error screens
  32. Jeva

    Model X rear view mirror cable - a solution

    I still don't see the big deal about the cable...if you want an unobstructed view of the sky, get a convertible.
  33. Jeva

    Quoting Bug?

    Trying re-reading the original post...happens on multiple computers (including desktops). It has nothing to do with the hardware or operating system and based on feedback from others, it's not limited to the Firefox browser. My typing is also not the issue. This is the only site I've seen it...
  34. Jeva

    Quoting Bug?

    You're probably right although I backspaced posting this and no problem.
  35. Jeva

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Having different core builds requires either factory retooling or secondary lines for production which means more spend. Being that Tesla isn't exactly rolling in profits yet, don't hold your breath.
  36. Jeva

    Quoting Bug?

    Many times when I quote a post I begin typing and get four or five words into it and the cursor jumps to the line above (mid-word) and continues from the there so it then looks like this: ote a post Many times when I qu This has happened a handful of times (doesn't happen consistently) and...
  37. Jeva

    Does the Windshield Glass tint?

    If they made rear view cameras legal (in lieu of mirror), they could remove it altogether and put a mirror-esque screen on top of the dash.
  38. Jeva

    Model X Safety tests

    This was pretty much said in the event last night so no real news there.
  39. Jeva

    The new nose

    Maybe they should have named it model rorschach
  40. Jeva

    The new nose

    Looks like a snake to me from this angle (as does the X)
  41. Jeva

    Falcon-wing doors in snow

    First world problems
  42. Jeva

    The new nose

    So true...what a monstrosity on the Lexus/Toyotas
  43. Jeva

    Press videos from the Model X 9/29/2015 event

    Maybe you can merge the threads and create an "official" thread? Another short video
  44. Jeva

    Any of the first 5 on here ?

    I asked similar - Any of the first four on here? (note that the 5th was Elon)
  45. Jeva

    The new nose

    It looks like something's missing. They should've put a slightly embossed logo or something here. Excuse my quick and dirty photochop
  46. Jeva

    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    Are we sure there isn't one?

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