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    LeBron James Is A Big Fan Of The GMC Hummer EV

    You can't buy advertising like this.
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    Apple Car apparently back on

    Moderator note: The first fifteen posts in this thread are a merge of two related threads on the same topic. Apple Car Production Slated for 2024 With 'Next Level' Battery Technology Apple Car May Be For Sale By September 2021, Says Taiwanese Newspaper Apple has been working on some kind of...
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    Nissan Ariya

    Arriving next year to the US.
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    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

    Press Embargo over. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive | It's well worth the hype 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive Review: Deserving Of The Name? 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive Review: A Faster Horse 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Ford's Best EV Ever Consensus Ford did a good job...
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    Amazon unveils its Rivian-made electric delivery van

    Many thought this was vaporware, guess not. See Rivian's First Amazon Electric Delivery Van Out Driving: People React It's packed full of high-tech safety and design features. Amazon News provides us with an up-close look at the upcoming Rivian electric delivery van, inside and out. The...
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    Honda Electric SUV Concept Revealed With Next-Gen Driver-Assist System

    Honda Electric SUV Concept Revealed With Next-Gen Driver-Assist System
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    Polestar Precept To Enter Production

    Polestar Precept To Enter Production: Will Challenge Tesla Model S, Lucid Air
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    Toyota's new EVs

    Look like Patent design plans Burlappcar: Toyota's upcoming Electric cars.
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    A Telsa muscle car?

    Slow news day in the auto world. But someone has gone through the effort of rendering a Tesla muscle car. At first I was repulsed..................but after looking at it a couple of times..........Still, just do not see the point. TESLA GT MUSCLECAR - SABARRAS DESIGN
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    Hyundai EV concept going into production, debut 2021

    https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/hyundai/109135/new-hyundai-prophecy-confirmed-production Will be the Ioniq replacement. This will be interesting. Auto Express understands that the new ‘Prophecy’ production model will be a replacement for the current Ioniq – both that car and the 45-based SUV...
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    General Motors and Honda will jointly develop two new EVs for 2024 model year

    https://electrek.co/2020/04/02/general-motors-and-honda-will-jointly-develop-two-new-evs-for-2024-model-year/ "General Motors announced today that it will work with Honda to produce two next-generation EVs. Honda will develop the two models with unique interior and exterior designs – and they...
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    GM's new EVs headed for production

    I saw all of GM's upcoming electric vehicles: EV Hummers, huge Cadillacs, new Bolts E/UVs — AMA at 7 p.m. ET - Electrek Here’s are some quick impressions to get things started: GMC Hummer EV truck Fun-looking vehicle with Hummer heritage and large format. Inside and out matched rugged looks...
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    GM's new EVs

    I saw all of GM's upcoming electric vehicles: EV Hummers, huge Cadillacs, new Bolts E/UVs — AMA at 7 p.m. ET - Electrek Here’s are some quick impressions to get things started: GMC Hummer EV truck Fun-looking vehicle with Hummer heritage and large format. Inside and out matched rugged looks...
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    Tesla Cybertruck will come standard with ‘laser blade lights

    https://electrek.co/2020/02/21/tesla-cybertruck-standard-laser-blade-ligths-elon-musk/#disqus_thread "When Tesla unveiled the electric pickup truck, some analysts suggested that the headlights consisting of a single stream of light might not be up to code based on US regulations. It looks like...
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    Tesla’s Autopilot Driver-Assist System Tricked By Ghostly Projections on Roadways

    https://www.motortrend.com/news/tesla-autopilot-mobileye-driver-assist-tricked/ " For what it's worth, other driver-assist systems may suffer similar responses to projected imagery. However, the study only tested the Tesla and Mobileye setups "because their products are the best and most...
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    Changes from Concept to Production

    Did anything really change from the concept to production other than the rear hatch cut line? And of course wheels. Electrek is stating the front end was refined more, and I am not seeing it.
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    GM Is Bringing Back HUMMER, and It Has 1,000 Electric Horsepower!

    Breaking News: GM Is Bringing Back HUMMER, and It Has 1,000 Electric Horsepower! (Video) - The Fast Lane Truck GMC HUMMER EV – It’s coming soon. Our world is about to be flipped on its head. GM is bringing back the HUMMER brand. It’s going to be a GMC HUMMER EV. General Motors reveals these...
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    Tesla Model S Cybersedan

    Tesla Model S Cybersedan Is What Happens If We Cyber All The Things
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    CyberTruck may be classified as Medium Duty

    https://ww.electrek.co/2019/12/13/tesla-cybertruck-medium-duty-vehicle-carb/ Tesla's CARB letter hints at Cybertruck weight near 10,000 lbs, not in Ford F-150 class Car and Driver was right, it would weigh 5 tons, FIVE FREAKING TONS. Report: Tesla Cybertruck Will Be a Heavy Duty Truck - Here...
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    Porsche Developing Trick Stability Software Using Four-Motor E-SUV

    Porsche Developing Trick Stability Software Using Four-Motor E-SUV Engineers in Stuttgart are working on a system that utilizes not two motors but four, one for each wheel. If that sounds suspiciously like Rimac’s design for its electric hypercars, you’re not wrong. Porsche, however, is...
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    MCI all-electric coaches UNVEILED

    http://www.mcicoach.com/charge-ahead/Electric%20Coached%20brochure.pdf MCI all-electric coaches UNVEILED - BUSRide Research and development According to David Warren, director of sustainable transportation at New Flyer, achieving a range of “over 200 miles” is more complicated than it...
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    Solid State shows promise

    Solid-state batteries show promise ""Certainly, the game has changed now," Joe LoGrasso, a director at the United States Advanced Battery Consortium, told Shift. "The Koreans and Japanese have a lot of development that looks promising. It's now a global race to get to the best solution."...
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    What changes to production Cybertruck ?

    Yes, there will be changes, IMO, the arches around the wheels will go, either widen the body or make track narrower. It will clean up aerodynamics. It will for even faster production, and dare we say it, "look even more futuristic". And of course the knobby tires god for something more road...
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    MCI Electric Bus

    MCI debuts D45 CRTe CHARGE battery-electric model at Calif. event FlixBus tests long-range, 100% battery-electric MCI coach Get on the ball Tesla,this market is ripe for the taking.
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    Ford Mustang inspired EV

    Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV CAD Images Leaked? Renders Surface
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    Model 3 performance price $1k increase and new black wheels available

    Tesla Model 3 batch spotted with new factory black wheels - Electrek
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    Tesla is back at the Ring

    Tesla Model S Spied Back At The Nurburgring Cars have further modifications.
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    Thought this deserved its own thread. EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Model Y Prototype Spy Shots - MotorTrend - MotorTrend
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    How the Tesla Model 3 became the World's Safest Car!

    Interesting and very informative video.
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    Tesla Is Looking Into Ways to Lighten the Model 3

    Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Interesting, I wander if this is an economic move or an efficiency one.
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    Parts the Tesla Model S Shares With Other Cars

    12 Tesla Model S Parts Other Cars Have - Cars That Have Tesla Model S Features I keep seeing reviews on YouTube state there are Mercedes Benz parts in Teslas. While many manufactures work with the same OEMs, I wanted to know for sure. Interesting article.

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