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  1. Kmartyn

    MY for long distance ski trips

    Friend looking at purchase of model Y. They go on long ski trips and pack a lot of stuff. Illinois to Ophir, Colorado (1363 miles). Needs to know internal cargo dimensions with seats folded down depth and width, to determine if all their stuff will fit. Any related suggestions or experience...
  2. Kmartyn

    HW3 soon moving from emulation to native mode

    The suggestion of this article, is that the software rewrite mentioned by Elon in yesterday’s Third row video, is a move from emulation, to native mode on HW3. Tesla Autopilot Mystery Solved — HW3 Full Potential Soon To Be Unlocked | CleanTechnica This rewrite also combines all the cameras...
  3. Kmartyn

    New battery degradation monitoring tool

    Data certainly suggests TM3 battery will not lose more than 10% over 6 years, probably less, depending on how often you Super Charge. It is doing better the average for the first couple of years. This tool is at the link below. Geotab - EV Battery Degradation Background info here: What can...
  4. Kmartyn

    MASTER THREAD: V 2019.40.1.1 170kW charging, Neural Net for Auto Wipers, Auto Lane Change quicker

    2019.40.1 will included SR+ charging to 170kW. Included improvements to lane changes and the automatic wipers. Source: posted on Twitter by EAP participant. The rate of improvement by Tesla is amazing. This may be their secret sauce, as more EV competition hits the market next year.
  5. Kmartyn

    Using magic eraser (no soap version) on the inside of the window.

    Your wiper experience is different than mine, which so far has been near perfect since the update. Before it was not consistent and started a little too late for me. Earlier I tried coating the front window with Aquapel, and this seemed to help, but after a couple of months I was getting a bit...
  6. Kmartyn

    How Smart are Teslas

    I was just thinking that in the automobile industry there are dumb cars that are very analog and there are very smart digitally enhanced vehicles. Teslas are the most digitally capable cars I know of. Our other car is a Leaf, and it has a few nice features but it’s not so bright. Many ICE...
  7. Kmartyn


    With confirmation that 2019.32.12.4 is a bug fix version, and information suggesting 2019.36 (detected on Stats app) will bring the new features Elon was talking about, I thought we needed a thread to catch the details. Stats only shows %, so until you get something in the range of 5-10...
  8. Kmartyn

    Torque vs touch sensing for driver involvement.

    I expect more than a few of us get a little annoyed at times giving the right amount of resistance to auto pilot’s movement of the steering wheel. My experience is that it does not consistently detect the presence of your hands on the wheel, hence the occasional nags to apply more force. I...
  9. Kmartyn

    M3 comparison with Bolt and I3 by Munro Associates

    This was a very informative technical look at theses EVs.
  10. Kmartyn

    Toronto Lawrence Ave Delivery center

    I got a delivery date of June 7th for this location, and expect they will fairly quickly book up all the available delivery slots, due to end of quarter rush. I thought this would be interesting to track. It will give others an idea of what date to expect. Does anybody have a delivery date...
  11. Kmartyn

    Too much focus on FSD?

    Tesla said it was time for a great EV, and others laughed it off. Tesla made a big gamble and won. All major automotive manufacturers now have to respond, or face extinction. VW has publicly thanked them for this wake up call. It took a tremendous amount of resources, and the result is some...
  12. Kmartyn

    M3 with April manufacturing date

    There seems to be the understanding that Tesla is producing only for Europe and China in the first month of the quarter (April) This poll should help test that theory. If you have a recent delivery check to see the manufacturing date, and answer the poll accordingly. You can change your vote...
  13. Kmartyn

    Waiting for white interior

    I have read on a few different forums, that there are plenty of black interior SR+ being delivered and available. May even be an overproduction in this configuration. Some have got a 48 hour delivery on the black interior. However most white SR+ interior orders, particularly outside of...

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