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  1. MrBravo

    Wiring EVSE on 230V Three-Phase Without Neutral

    Hi Vincentlevet, Unfortunately I can not share the image from my tesla charger app, because I am not using a Tesla wallbox. Currently I have a wallbox that I made myself, but basically with the above schematic. Sorry. The Tesla car app on my phone shows what the display in the car does (as...
  2. MrBravo

    Wiring EVSE on 230V Three-Phase Without Neutral

    I did not need any special equipment. When connecting the charger to the power supply I did like in the drawing in my original post: - supply L1 - charger L1, - supply L2 - charger L2, - nothing - charger L3, - supply L3 - charger N, - supply PE - supply PE.
  3. MrBravo

    How do clear "replace 12v battery" warning?

    Today I replaced my 12V battery on my 2015 Model S and the "replace 12V soon" warning did not go away. Tried the two wheel reset and all the usual tricks. I suspect this was because the new battery was at 12.01V when I installed it. I decided not to charge it beforehand thinking that the car...
  4. MrBravo

    Drive Unit Version

    Got the version Q yesterday in Brussels, Belgium. This is most probably the latest version that RWD cars get (1025276-00-Q). Hoping this will last the million miles.
  5. MrBravo

    POLL: Have you had to have your 12V battery replaced?

    Can you update on your experience with the BattMobile Batteries after a while and after the one you get goes dead. It would be good for all of us to know. By the way, it seems absolutely unacceptable that the battery for a car needs to be replaced that often. My previous car was a 15 year old...
  6. MrBravo

    SMA Sunny Home Manager + Mennekes Amtron

    I am in the process of installing solar panels on my roof. And would like to create a system, where the car is charged on excess electricity and it is exported to the grid only if the car battery is charged. The solution that I have found is to add Sunny Home Manager to the SMA system, and use...
  7. MrBravo

    AirBnB destination charger programme in Europe?

    Yes, it exists in Europe. You can see the the chargers on the map here. Unfortunately, I don't know how to join. Charging when staying somewhere is always a big plus for me. Good luck!
  8. MrBravo

    Wiring EVSE on 230V Three-Phase Without Neutral

    UPDATE: I have wired the charger as described. The result on a single-charger (16A) Model S 85 is as expected. I can charge with speed 32-33 km/h. It shows 27/28 A.
  9. MrBravo

    Germany - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia

    I have gone from Belgium to Latvia and back 2 times already. But I never did it by road through Poland. I always went through Sweden and then took a ferry. The best ferry route to take in my experience is Karlshamn-Klaipeda, because it is the shortest. I had some good people from Sweden and...
  10. MrBravo

    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    Yes, I use the Tesla app on the phone. I just now tried again and the token problem is gone. Generated a new token successfully! :)
  11. MrBravo

    Wiring EVSE on 230V Three-Phase Without Neutral

    Since nobody replied, I sent this question to Tesla service e-mail address. They kindly answered to my questions: - Do I understand correctly that the Tesla Wall Connector is wired to the plug as I have drawn below? - Will the car on-board charger mange correctly if the electricity is...
  12. MrBravo

    Wiring EVSE on 230V Three-Phase Without Neutral

    I have just moved in a new house in Belgium, where I have a 3-phase electricity without neutral (L1, L2, L3, PE). In my previous house I had only 1-phase (L1, L2, PE) electricity. In both cases the voltage between any two phases is 230V, but between a phase and ground is less. I know that there...
  13. MrBravo

    Software update question

    Yes, now there are at least 3 people who reported having the update on ev-fw.com.
  14. MrBravo

    Software update question

    According to http://ev-fw.com/, nobody has received 8.0 yet. It is very likely that you are just getting 7.1 (2.36.31) security update.
  15. MrBravo

    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    For me no driving data was recorded in this time at all. Only one supercharging was recorded.
  16. MrBravo

    Electrician Recommendation in Brussels, Belgium

    Maybe a stupid question, but can you connect it to 3 phase connection without neutral? Or it will handle only 1 phase connection (230V between 2 phases)?
  17. MrBravo

    Electrician Recommendation in Brussels, Belgium

    I have just moved to a new house and need a good electrician in Brussels who could help with installing a charging station in a "neuterprobleem" environment (40A 3 phase connection of the house with 230V between each 2 phases). I have a 1 phase 32A EVSE from the old house, which worked with the...
  18. MrBravo

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    You can do your statistics if you check supercharge.info, but building itself seems to be quick - a week or two, or can take a lot longer. I would not put a lot of hope on the "promised" timing. They will build them when it is strategically best... probably once you can drive through Spain to...
  19. MrBravo

    Tire rotation - $200?

    Why don't you just do it yourself? Any particular reason? It is very easy to do and I truly enjoy it. Saves me some 50 eur every time as well, although that is not why I do it myself. Just don't forget to switch on "Jack mode" if you have air suspension.
  20. MrBravo

    Dumb question about car jacks

    I ordered this BGS jack on Amazon (BGS Hydraulischer Wagenheber, 2,5 Tonnen, Aluminium-Stahl-Konstruktion, 1 Stück, 2889: Amazon.de: Baumarkt). The quality is amazing. The jack is very heavy (28 kg), therefore it is very stable. If you get something similar, you will not be disappointed. I am...
  21. MrBravo

    Suspension Problem on Model S

    I am looking at that picture of the ball joint and cannot believe that one cannot hear that and notice before failure occurs. I have had ball joints in much better condition replaced on my previous cars. I think that the OP was completely neglecting any suspension sounds and that is something...
  22. MrBravo


    Is anyone selling a Tesla Chademo adapter?
  23. MrBravo

    Tesla requiring a charger be installed before delivery?

    Not true in Europe. They do not care where you charge.
  24. MrBravo

    Dual chargers

    I am in Belgium and am also considering installing a second charger. I very often see 3 phase 32A charging stations available where I am driving. It seems useful if I were to charge more outside home and on Superchargers. Additional benefit would be that you would also get 32A on single phase...
  25. MrBravo

    Should the door handles present when pressed on the back doors?

    Not before the weekend. Out of the country. For reference, my car is 76xxx from May 2015.
  26. MrBravo

    Should the door handles present when pressed on the back doors?

    It works on my car, but I do not use this a lot.
  27. MrBravo

    Paper card falls inside the drivers door. What should I do?

    That for sure will not work in Belgium. Any court case in Belgium will take years and is very expensive for both sides. After all, the court building in Brussels (Palais de Justice, Brussels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is the largest one in the world. :smile:
  28. MrBravo

    Paper card falls inside the drivers door. What should I do?

    I called Tesla about this. The employee said that this is "one of the strangest problems" he has been asked about. :smile: The local service center sent me a quote of 110 eur for the work. Does not seem that much for the hassle, but I am not sure it is worth doing it at all and could just go...
  29. MrBravo

    Paper card falls inside the drivers door. What should I do?

    I am good at having interesting situations... Yesterday as I came back to my car someone had stuck an advertising card on my door like this. I took a photo with another one of these laminated paper advertisement cards. I did not notice it, because the parking spot was narrow (as they always...
  30. MrBravo

    RÖMER Kidfix in Model S

    A forum member asked about the fit of the Bébé Confort Rodifix, and since it might be relevant for others, I post some photos here. I hope it helps others to choose. This is how Bébé Confort Rodifix looks in the back seat of the car with standard leather seats. I keep a cut sleeping mat below...
  31. MrBravo

    A 10 minute Survey of Tesla Model S Owners

    Dear Greeta, The question "How often do you charge?" is really strange. There is no way to answer it, because any Tesla will be plugged in any time that it is in garage and not driving. And it usually charges after it is plugged in until finishes, or when the state of charge falls to a level...
  32. MrBravo

    Amazing driving skills of a Tesla driver in Brussels

    Yesterday I was walking not far from my home in Brussels, on Rue Froissart. I saw a blue Model S owner getting out of her parking with an amazing skill: she went up the ramp out of the parking garage of her building backwards! On top of that, it was so tight that she had to fold her mirrors on...
  33. MrBravo

    RÖMER Kidfix in Model S

    Just to give an update... in hope that this helps someone. I contacted Romer. They replied: So in the end I bought Bébé Confort Rodifix (Bébé Confort Siège Auto Groupe 2/3 Rodifix Black Raven Collection 2015: Amazon.fr: Bébés Puériculture), which is the same model as Maxi-Cosi Rodifix...
  34. MrBravo

    Low Mileage Drivers - Seeking Input

    I don't commute at all. I walk to work 20 minutes every day. But in my garage there is a Model S and I enjoy it every weekend. :smile: Why did I buy it? For the weekends and roadtrips in the summer. Is there a cheaper way? Yes. You can always take a train (here in Europe). If we all acted...
  35. MrBravo

    Wheel-nut torque

    You might find this thread interesting: IMPORTANT: New Model S torque specification for mounting wheels
  36. MrBravo

    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    At the last earnings call they were discussing the drive unit quality. It seems relevant to this topic:
  37. MrBravo

    Renting an EV in Tenerife

    I'm planning a trip to Tenerife this spring with my family. And since we will be staying in one of those zero CO2 houses (Casas Bioclimticas), we were wondering if there is a place to rent an EV somewhere? Has anyone done this? I found this site (Alquiler coches Electricos Tenerife Ecars), but...
  38. MrBravo

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    BMW 316i Coupe, e36, 1998 (2k EUR) ==> Model S85, (83k EUR)
  39. MrBravo

    New *low* mileage record for first month of ownership...

    I bought my car France and had some paperwork problems. It stayed in the Paris service center for 3 weeks until that was sorted. And in the first day I finally got the car and I drove 10 km after which the HVAC short circuited and they took the car for another week. So I know and understand the...
  40. MrBravo

    Speed limit indicator on Belgian highways

    I have not gone on those R0 stretches, but in the Brussels tunnels I have had times when it shows 30 km/h instead of 70. It is true that this is mostly due to construction works. And in Wallonia it seems to be worst. But I have the impression that it nicely picks up the motorway start signs...
  41. MrBravo

    RWD performance Improvement from v7.0 - how much?

    To me the improved smoothness of the ride at lower speeds seems to be the most important improvement we could get next. I would like to see an improved feel of transition between acceleration and deceleration as well.
  42. MrBravo

    Fremont SC only drawing 10A on my car.

    We had a similar situation at the SC north of Stockholm (Sweden). I plugged in at the service center supercharger and came back in an hour (after breakfast). The car was drawing 10A. The person working for Tesla said they "have a problem today". Could it be that they had a similar problem but...
  43. MrBravo

    European single charger upgrade in the works?

    Based on the answer of Rocky_H I asked the question to Tesla again in a different way. Here is the answer: They repeat "for the moment" twice, which to me suggests that there could be something on the way.
  44. MrBravo

    European single charger upgrade in the works?

    Update: I asked the same question to Tesla on their ServiceHelpEU e-mail. They answered with: jkirkebo, thank you for very informative comment! Can you post a link where the issue you are mentioning is discussed in detail? I would love to read it to understand.
  45. MrBravo

    European single charger upgrade in the works?

    In that case I admit not to know how to charge my car! :redface: I have a Dutch Ratio 30A one phase chargar with type 2 plug. I have the "neuterprobleem" in Brussels, where 230V is between L1 and L2. Never tried, but UMC should not work with this type of electricity. I have a single charger in...
  46. MrBravo

    European single charger upgrade in the works?

    Some time ago I contacted my local service center in Brussels for a different issue. I asked about charging and why a single charger in Europe takes 16A on a single phase. He mentioned that there is an update of the single charger in the works that would allow European single charger to take...
  47. MrBravo

    Always connected enabled, still slow to connect

    Thank you! This works. But it should not be this hard. It should work from the first try... Let us hope for an update to the app that fixes this.
  48. MrBravo

    RÖMER Kidfix in Model S

    We are looking for a good carseat for our growing child. We like a lot German Romer brand, because of the quality. But now with the new Tesla Model S, I was wondering if anyone is using BRITAX RÖMER KIDFIX SL or KIDFIX XP (CAR SEATS | Britax Rmer Childcare) car seats? There is no Tesla on the...
  49. MrBravo

    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    For me the knowing that I can be quicker than anyone on the road is enough. That alone makes me smile. I sometimes use the acceleration I have, but far less than ever before. Also, there is no noise of the engine, which makes me more aggressive.

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