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  1. jimmyz80

    Swap my Staggered Grey Turbine 21s for your Staggered Grey Twin Turbine 21s?

    I'm not 100% set on changing my wheels yet, but the look of the Twin Turbines is growing on me. I know some people prefer the look of the older Turbine wheels, so I thought I'd put a feeler out to see if anyone with a newer S might be interested in swapping their Twin Turbines for my Turbines...
  2. jimmyz80

    Model Y Longest Cargo?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone measured what the longest possible cargo length would be in a Model Y? I have a Model S and have been toying with replacing it with a Model Y. The Model S can fit a 10' board, pipe, etc. inside with all the doors and windows closed. It would be nice if this was also...
  3. jimmyz80

    Profiles Lost & "Needs service, car may not restart next time"

    My 2017 Model S (HW2.0 MCU1) just updated to 2020.48.12.1, and something alarming happened afterward. I got in the car and had a "Needs service, car may not restart next time" message, plus all of my driver profiles disappeared. "Allow Mobile Access" was also turned off and I had to re-enable it...
  4. jimmyz80

    Powerwall Automated Load Shedding?

    Has anyone seen or invented any good ways to shed large electrical loads during a grid failure? Our Powerwall design is going to end up backing up the whole house, since it'd be a huge job to separate our pool and spa equipment onto a separate sub panel. It would be nice to just have some...
  5. jimmyz80

    Wall Connector Power Sharing Behavior?

    Question for those of you who have multiple Wall Connectors wired in a power sharing configuration. Even if one of your cars is completely asleep, does your other, actively charging car indicate the charing current is bouncing around? When I just had a single Wall Connector, I'd plug in the...
  6. jimmyz80

    Sub Panels with Large Loads

    We moved into a new (to us) house in El Dorado Hills, CA a few months ago and finally pulled the trigger on ordering some Powerwalls to shield ourselves from PG&E power outages. Based on my initial research I ordered three Powerwalls, mainly for the increased output current so we can have our...
  7. jimmyz80

    WTB: 19" Model S Wheels - Norcal

    Just moved to CA with my 21" turbines and realized there are no chain options for them - d'oh! Would love to find a deal on some 19" wheels or a wheels/tire combo that I could pick up anywhere between SJ and Tahoe. I will be down in SF tomorrow 1/24/20 if anyone has anything immediately available.
  8. jimmyz80

    Existing Solar City - Navigating Adding PW2s and Add'l Solar

    I recently moved back home to CA after spending about a decade in NC, and our new (to us) home came with a 7.2KW Tesla Solar system (installed under the Solar City name). PG&E has been an absolute disaster since we've moved in, so I want to protect ourselves as much as possible from grid...
  9. jimmyz80

    Model S showing 3-phase charging on 120V UMC? Huh?

    For some reason lately, my 2017 S75D is showing the 3-phase charging indication when I charge using my UMC on a 120V outlet at home. I know it's not the UMC since I just recently had it replaced, and the problem is persisting. I'm assuming something is busted in my charging inlet, or the...
  10. jimmyz80

    Preparation for Cross Country Shipment?

    In about two days we're having our Model S and Model 3 picked up for shipment from NC to CA, as part of our relocation. Aside from disabling Sentry Mode to slow the battery discharge, are there any other things we should plan on doing to prevent a bricked car(s)? I'm hoping the shipment will...
  11. jimmyz80

    New PG&E Customer Needing Guidance (Teslas + Solar)

    It looks like I'll be making the move from the Raleigh, NC area to El Dorado Hills, CA in a few months, since we're in contract on a house now. I'm old hat to Teslas and EVs but this will be my first ever house with solar, and first time being a PG&E customer in well over a decade. Some data...
  12. jimmyz80

    Change in Rear License Plate Mounting Bracket?

    A few days ago I was putting a new license plate frame on my wife's Model 3, and noticed how poor the mounting design was. The plate mounted directly against the painted metal of the trunk lid, and when tightened down, the plate would have to bend to match the curvature of the trunk lid. This...
  13. jimmyz80

    Gen. 2 Wall Connector (NOT Signature Edition)

    I bought this before our Model 3 arrived, and ended up just using a 14-50 outlet and UMC instead. So this Wall Connector is still brand new in box. It has the 8' cord, so please do not purchase this one if you're looking for the 24' cord - consider where you will be installing it. $400...
  14. jimmyz80

    WTB "narrow" S/X Phone Dock Brackets (Got a spare set?)

    I have the phone dock in my Model S currently set up with the "wide" side brackets since I used to have an iPhone 7+. I just switched to a narrower phone, and can't find the "narrow" side pieces that came in my kit at delivery. Does anyone have a pair of the narrow pieces they'd be willing to...
  15. jimmyz80

    Quick Sanity Check on Dual Wall Connector Plans

    Since it looks like my wife's Model 3 will be arriving in the coming months to join my Model S, I really need to get off my butt and convert our garage from a one EVSE to two EVSEs. I think I have a sound plan in mind, but want to make sure there are no obvious flaws before I have at it. I'm...
  16. jimmyz80

    Wiring 1000W 12V Inverter Into 2017 Model S?

    With Hurricane Irma possibly headed in my direction, I'm trying to my ducks in a row for backup power at the house. I previously had a LEAF, and bought a 1000w inverter that easily connected to the 12V battery. I'm not entirely familiar with where the 12V battery or DC-DC converter is on the...
  17. jimmyz80

    LOUD buzzing noise from front of new 75D

    My S75D is about four months old now and just has a few thousand miles on it. Tonight it made a very loud buzzing noise from the front end while parked, that I've never heard before. This was after the car had been parked for hours in a cool ~70F garage, and then was briefly woken up by me...
  18. jimmyz80

    CHAdeMO Adapter Button?

    Just wanted to sanity check something... Does the button on the CHAdeMO adapter only unlock the charge port? I've only used mine a few times, but the button will never open the charge port on my car. I've tried with it both plugged into the CHAdeMO station, and also just on its own, but...
  19. jimmyz80

    Three chimes when exiting?

    I tried searching a bunch on the forum, but have been coming up empty handed. I'm hoping this is something that's been figured out by the crowd here since I'm at a loss. Over the past few days I've parked the car a few times and as soon as I open the door and get out of the seat, I get three...
  20. jimmyz80

    Going mudding in a Model 3?

    I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on the ride height of the Model 3 RC cars we've been seeing pop up over the last few weeks. They all look like they're equipped with a lift kit and ready to tackle the Rubicon Trail or something. Given that the RC cars are being tested and tuned for...
  21. jimmyz80

    Why does Tesla do rolling FW updates?

    It seems like Tesla always staggers the deployment of any firmware updates, such that it takes days or weeks for everyone to get it. I work for one of the large cloud computing companies, and this approach seems antiquated based on current tech. They could easily deliver the file to every S/X...
  22. jimmyz80

    Calipers - What changed in late 2016?

    The red brake calipers available on tesla.com have a disclaimer that reads "This upgrade is only available for vehicles built prior to 11/22/2016". Out of curiosity, does anyone know what changed after that date? Are older calipers no longer compatible with the refreshed cars?
  23. jimmyz80

    Summon epic failure with 4-post lift

    I've only had my car for a few days so far, but I've tried a few times to see how successful summon would be for parking under my 4-post lift (Pro Park 8 Plus). So far every attempt has ended the same way; the cars gets itself started going under the lift, and then hooks a turn that would...
  24. jimmyz80

    Random bag of screws?

    Anyone have any idea what these are? They were in the the trunk of my S that I picked up on Thursday.
  25. jimmyz80

    24 More Hours?!?! (Delivery Tomorrow)

    Right on time as my delivery coordinator promised; my S60D was delivered to the Raleigh store today and I get to pick it up tomorrow. Wish they had time today to move the delivery up, since this 24 hours is going to be painful lol. Does anyone have any good guidance on things to make sure I...
  26. jimmyz80

    Passenger (Right) Side Roadster Headlight - Excellent Condition - No Peeling

    My driver side halogen headlight was peeling badly and Tesla no longer sells the halogen headlight assemblies, so I upgraded my car to the HID assemblies that Tesla sells for $3k. The peeling driver side headlight went in the trash, but I have this passenger side headlight available. Given...
  27. jimmyz80

    *Update* 2010 Roadster 2.0 VIN 869 (2.5 Dashboard) Fusion Red

    I posted this roadster for sale in this section about a year ago, when I was only toying with the idea of selling it. Now I have a Model S slated for delivery in May so I've dropped the price a bit, upgraded a few things, and made sure this car is 100% perfect for its new owner. I'm posting...
  28. jimmyz80

    Talk me into 100A wiring vs 50A wiring

    So here's my dilemma... I have a Model S showing up in a month or so which will only have the 48A charger, and I have a Model 3 hopefully showing up sometime later this year that I'm assuming will also be a ~48A car. These charging rates will meet my needs easily, since I rarely drive more...
  29. jimmyz80

    Replacement headlight options? (No Tesla Stock)

    So now that I have a Model S on order, I need to finally replace my peeling driver side roadster headlight so I can sell the roadster in the meantime of Model S production. Tesla no longer stocks the halogen headlight assemblies, and wants $2,500 for the upgraded HID assemblies. I guess worst...
  30. jimmyz80

    Wiring for Wall Connector Power Sharing?

    I've read through the installation guide for the new Wall Connector, and I just can't wrap my head around what the actual wiring would look like to utilize the power sharing feature. Currently in my garage I have a 14-50 outlet that's connected to the main breaker panel outside with 6-2 NM...
  31. jimmyz80

    Feedback on my potential purchase?

    I'm planning on consolidating my roadster and my LEAF into a new Model S purchase, but don't want to break the bank in the process. I was hoping the group could help sanity check my option choices in case I'm doing anything stupid. :) To start with, I've done fine with the range on my LEAF but...
  32. jimmyz80

    Thoughts on any Q1-end discounts?

    I'm getting an itchy trigger finger to finally swap from a Roadster to a Model S, so I've been pestering the local store lately with questions and spec'ing out the car I'd want. I curiously asked whether they foresee any quarter-end sales happening, similar to the "firesale" that happened back...
  33. jimmyz80

    2010 Roadster 2.0 VIN 869 (2.5 Dashboard) Fusion Red

    As much as I love this car, I'm in line for a Model 3 and may be buying an airplane in the next few months, so the wallet could use a bit of a break. :) I am the third owner of this car, and have owned it for almost a year and a half. It's been problem free and drives amazingly well. As with...
  34. jimmyz80

    J1772 Cable & Other OpenEVSE Related Parts

    J1772 Cable & Other OpenEVSE Related Parts These parts come from a Schneider EVSE that I was using, but the circuit board failed in it. I know this stuff is useful to the EVSE DIY crowd, so I thought I'd offer up a good deal on it all here. Included is the following: -ITT Cannon 30A J1772...
  35. jimmyz80

    OVMS Cooldown Alternating 70A/13A. Huh?!?!

    Last night I decided to enable ACC on OVMS in my roadster, so that I could have the car run a cooldown cycle upon plugging in and prior to charging. This functionality works great. But I'm seeing something really wacky if I manually initiate a cooldown via SMS after the automatic cooldown has...
  36. jimmyz80

    Center console light?

    While installing my new stereo this weekend, I noticed something surprising. The bottom cover of my center console appears to have a light of some sort in it, as if it were designed to illuminate the little tray area on the floor below the center console. Do all roadsters have this, and has...
  37. jimmyz80

    Completed my double din conversion and Pioneer 8100NEX installation!

    Last night I wrapped up a long three days of work on the roadster, swapping in all of the double-din interior pieces, and installing a Pioneer 8100NEX with all the bells and whistles. I must say that the double din conversion is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart. There's quite a lot of...
  38. jimmyz80

    Reverse light wire for backup camera?

    I've been doing some searching on the board but haven't found anything conclusive on the topic. Does anyone know a good source in dashboard for a +12V signal to the reverse lights? I'm in the process of converting my 2010 from the stock JVC single-din stereo, to a new double-din unit and it...
  39. jimmyz80

    Sound insulation question

    Recently I got my hands on a copy of the Tesla documentation for the sound insulation installation, and it looks like there were two levels that could be purchased: Level one was basically some dynamat type material on certain areas of the floor, some padding that was installed on vertical...
  40. jimmyz80

    Attempted Peeling Headlight Restoration

    I'm sure everyone is aware of the common problem of peeling headlights lenses that affects our cars, and I'm also sure everyone is aware of how massively expensive these crazy things are to replace... So anyway, my 2010 roadster had one of its peeling headlights replaced by the previous owner...
  41. jimmyz80

    Fabric wheel well liner installation tips?

    I just picked up a set of the fabric wheel well liners for my Roadster 2.0, to replace the stock plastic ones. For anyone who's installed them or had them installed, do they just install using the same hardware as the plastic ones? Any tips or gotchas to be known about the installation...
  42. jimmyz80

    Main amplifier for JVC equipped roadster?

    The previous owner of my 2010 2.0 roadster had told me that the original subwoofer amp died, and he replaced it with a similar Rockford Fosgate unit. So tonight I poked my head under the passenger side of the dash, and sure enough he did a nice install of a pretty slick little amp for the sub...
  43. jimmyz80

    Potentially buying a 2010, need a bit of guidance

    I'm currently shopping for a Roadster and have found one locally that caught my eye. I definitely don't want to make a mistake and pick up a potential land-mine, so I was hoping the forum might help me sanity check the decision and make sure I'm taking all the proper pre-buy steps. The car is...
  44. jimmyz80

    Any Roadsters in the Raleigh area?

    I'm seriously considering buying a Roadster very soon, since I need to turn in my LEAF lease this coming February. The only problem is I've never even sat in a Roadster, let alone ridden in one or driven one. Would anyone in the Raleigh area be willing to let me check out their car and give me...

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