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  1. Retrospected

    so....some Model S will be out of WARRANTY soon *battery pack pricing

    Same happened to mine a few months ago. Got a message saying battery charging will be limited (not the winter message). It wasn't limited, it was unchargable... I was able to drive it to the SS with the range I had left, and they diagnosed it as a fault in the battery pack. They replaced the...
  2. Retrospected

    Cold feet?

    I'm looking forward to it. It looks simple enough but I'd like a step by step to mitigate my mistakes or wasting material.
  3. Retrospected

    Mass Save Connected Solutions Incentive

    "Which Batteries Qualify? National Grid Customers: The battery storage systems supported by this program are: Pika Energy Harbor Smart Plus & Flex SolarEdge Sonnen Sunrun BrightBox Tesla Powerwall Eversource Customers: Please contact Eversource to determine what battery storage systems are...
  4. Retrospected

    2013 Model S P85

    2013 P85 at 108k miles. Drive unit was replaced twice (2nd time was the "better" built motor) and haven't had issues there since. Battery just went a couple months ago, and was completely replaced under warranty. 3 Door handles were replaced by Electrified Garage, which are built with a better...
  5. Retrospected

    2018 model s Premium front and rear seats

    Has anyone ever tried retrofitting this generation to a 2013? I can't find any real answers looking through the forums.
  6. Retrospected

    Possible to enable max power and / or battery heating remotely?

    What I've always done is plug the car at home at about 70%, but schedule charging for 4am (if im leaving the house at 7). I live in MA, so during winter months it's easily below freezing. A few hours of charging from 4-7am warms the battery enough to enable regenerative braking, but it hardly...
  7. Retrospected

    Thinking of buying a used performance Model S, and have some questions

    I bought my used 2013 P85 in late 2017, where it had 85xxx miles. During that time I have had: 2 rear door handles replaced (through EG), Coolant pumps replaced (though tesla, out of warranty), TPMS.. sensors (the things that sense TPMS readings/ through tesla), and most recently the entirety of...
  8. Retrospected

    Jack stand 4 sides

    Not a bad idea. Maybe I could see spending around 350. I guess my other cost could be just getting another can of caliper paint, which would be negilible to the cost of another JackPoint set.
  9. Retrospected

    Jack stand 4 sides

    So I was going to try DIY caliper painting on my next day off, but ran into a little dilemma I've never had with previous vehicles. There's only one spot to lift from each corner, so there's no easy (or inexpensive) way to raise all 4 tires off the ground. I've read through lots of threads, and...
  10. Retrospected

    Tesla Mobile Connector Charger Gen 2 MCU Charging for Model S/X/3

    I'm guessing you get more stock in the future. Let me know if so.
  11. Retrospected

    Best Dashcam for Model S

    I love the footage the camera offers, and the ease of the app, but I've personally had to replace my 900 two times in the last 8 months. First was weeks in when a firmware update corrupted the camera, and the second time was a month ago when it just stopped powering on.
  12. Retrospected

    Tesla used P90DL Facelift $54k

    Haha, how do they even choose these pictures? "What do you think the people want to see, Mark"? "Oh, I don't know.. give them some pictures of the rear seats from two different angles, a rear inside door, a super zoomed in of the screen, and throw in that broken thumb control. That will for...
  13. Retrospected

    P90DL. No affiliation

    a couple weeks ago there was a P90DL in NY, 55000 miles for something like 51K. Obviously it was beige though..
  14. Retrospected

    P90DL. No affiliation

    Jeez, In the next year or two they may be going to 50's. That will be an exciting time for me to upgrade..
  15. Retrospected

    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    Can you explain the texture and fabric/plastic of the mats? They look pretty nice, but Id rather not have the complete plastic feel that Tesla and weathertech sells.
  16. Retrospected

    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    Good to know. Thanks!
  17. Retrospected

    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    Is there any real difference in floor mat shape between 2013 and 2015? The price seems awesome, but not sure if they'll fit a 13.
  18. Retrospected

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    You seem to be spot on with what was described. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any post describing what you just have before I had it looked at.
  19. Retrospected

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    So, fortunately Tesla was able to look at the car today and attributed the problem to a faulty tire pressure monitor sensor..sensor. The part that communicates with the TMPS was malfunctioning and was the one responsible for sending all of the error messages. They replaced the part and assured...
  20. Retrospected

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    Well I'm not sure if it would be the 12V specifically being dead, as the headlights have been running for like 5 hours now, which Tesla states is part of the 12V ststem. Also my dash cam still works well, which is plugged into the 12V outlet. I may try that if I'm able to get the trunk open .
  21. Retrospected

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    I do live in MA where we've been having some cold days, but today's relatively warm. I don't think the 12V has been replaced in 3 years, so let's hope that's the issue. I'll update with what Tesla says when I find out .
  22. Retrospected

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    So, on my way to school today when I sat in my 2013 P85 to find it throwing every error message I think it could. Car needs Service, ABS needs service, traction control needs service, airbag service needed ect.. please Contact Tesla Service. So, I went ahead and tried the soft reset. No luck, so...
  23. Retrospected

    BlackVue Dashcam DR750S-2CH 128GB

    Still available? I may be interested.
  24. Retrospected

    Accessories for sale (Mats, snow screen)

    For the all weather mats, this include all the floor mats, including frunk and trunk?
  25. Retrospected

    21" New Arachnids with Tires and Sensors

    Super great deal. You should make a quick sale.
  26. Retrospected

    Caliper Rebuild Kit?

    I’d too like to know. I imagine a rebuild kit isn’t used often, with the whole regenerative breaks and all.
  27. Retrospected

    Model S all weather mats

    Diet? I don’t see stretch marks from before or anything :p
  28. Retrospected

    All season mats for Model S

    Some pictures?
  29. Retrospected

    BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD is now available PRE-ORDERED

    Wow, I never noticed ratings before. Maybe that’s why my GoPro videos get screwed up occasionally. Thanks!
  30. Retrospected

    BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD is now available PRE-ORDERED

    If it does come with a removable SD card/microSD, why pay 110$ more for the camera when you can just get the cheapest SD card, then amazon something like this? https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-microSDXC-Standard-Packaging-SDSQUNC-128G-GN6MA/dp/B010Q57S62
  31. Retrospected

    BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD is now available PRE-ORDERED

    I’ve never had a Blackvue. After looking pricing options, are there internal memory cards? Like no SD? Seems like a poor idea, but I imagine there’s a reason.
  32. Retrospected

    Aftermarket wheels

    Holy *sugar*. I know they’re more prone to potholes, but two in one week!
  33. Retrospected

    Tesla Model S Gen 1 TPMS Sensors

    I’ll do 100 shipped.
  34. Retrospected

    New 21" Twin Turbine Wheels/Tires/Center Caps/TPMS/Lugs/Etc

    What? 1800!? Where was I?:eek:
  35. Retrospected

    TSW Nurburgring 20" as All-Season Wheels

    Do you have spacers too? Those wheels really do look gorgeous. I’m looking at the package you have from the link, it looks like 2200 all set and done.
  36. Retrospected

    Aftermarket wheels

    What are some quality companys who make wheels comparable for our cars. It seems Forgestar, and Avant Garde come up quite often, but what are some of the brands that’s held up well for you? Ive seen the giant thread of people posting pictures of their aftermarket wheels.
  37. Retrospected

    Avant Garde 20” M590

    Square set up, silver or perhaps a dark finish.
  38. Retrospected

    Free - Gen 1 TPMS Sensors x4

    I’d take them! I’ll pay the shipping price.
  39. Retrospected

    Tinting/colouring interior lights in Model S

    What did you use?
  40. Retrospected

    Selling 21 Arachnid Wheels silver

    *sugar*. My bad. I thought this was another post, a dude selling 5 turbines (not slipstreams..) for 1500. Yes, you’re completely right though, this is about double what some people have paid.
  41. Retrospected

    Selling 21 Arachnid Wheels silver

    You bought 5 21” slipstream wheels, with tires for $750?
  42. Retrospected

    Selling 21 Arachnid Wheels silver

    Current going price seems to be 2700-3200. Good luck.
  43. Retrospected

    21" Oem Gray Turbine Wheels & Tires $1500

    I’m tempted to drive down, but I remember how much I hated going through NY.
  44. Retrospected

    Forgestar F14's, 20" squared Matt Black

    Pretty specific, but perhaps someone was looking to sell a set. Id much prefer a square set up, deeper concave would be nice too.
  45. Retrospected

    Website to sell Used Tesla?

    You made it buddy! You’re here! Being more detailed, go to the marketplace>used Tesla.
  46. Retrospected

    Public Charging Etiquette - Unplugging Teslas from J1772s

    So from what I gather in this post, many people seem to believe that you shouldn’t use a public charger for convenience, only necessity?

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