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  1. brantse

    Trouble on my commute this morning

    This morning on my drive to work, my early S60 (P110xx) just decided to quit driving on me. Just about 12 months ago, I had a very similar occurrence. Just like the last time, alerts flashed up, the gear selector indicators turned red, and the car had all functionality except...
  2. brantse

    Annoying wiper "clicking" sound

    In the past week or so, my car seems to have started making a "clicking" sound during each wiper stroke. It always seems to click when starting the stroke and sometimes when beginning to reverse the stroke, from the top. It sounds just like a very noisy small relay, which I suppose it most...
  3. brantse

    Autopilot Competitor

    George Hotz is racing to get an open source autopilot competitor on the market. Comma.ai claims to have packaged the Tesla Autopilot in a $999 aftermarket device Very cool stuff. I hope it finally brings us a way to upgrade our classics with AP. The units are supposed to cost $1k + a $24...
  4. brantse

    Recent Repairs

    Long story short, I finally had my car taken in for some relatively minor issues. The first issue that came up months ago, was that one of my parking brake pads fell apart (lining fell off backing plate). Although just replacing the pads is a very minor thing, it appeared that the condition...
  5. brantse

    Replaced Halogens with LED's

    Last week I had a headlamp burn out, which interestingly enough is indicated by the "toy car" on the instrument cluster. As my car is not equipped with the tech package, it is equipped with halogen lamps. Considering there's probably not a lot of vehicles out there without the TP, this won't...
  6. brantse

    New Competition from Mercedes Benz

    I don't think this has been posted here yet, although I saw it on insideevs.com. Introducing the Mercedes-Benz AA Class
  7. brantse

    Am I crazy to pass on a reservation?

    After obsessing about all things Tesla for years, I was finally able to purchase a CPO Model S last summer. Now, I have no need for the ☰, but feel like passing up on a prioritized reservation is crazy. I'm shocked that no friends or family are seriously even interested in entertaining the...
  8. brantse

    Daylight Savings Time

    For the past couple mornings, I've been blinded trying to back out of my driveway. It always takes me a minute until I realize that the display is in "Day" mode and it's still very dark outside. Has this been a common occurrence with time changes, or new to a recent update?
  9. brantse

    Parking Brake Pad Separation

    I've had an occasional, but pretty consistent metallic sound coming from my right, rear wheel for some time now. I actually believe it began the last time my car was at the service center, in which they replaced my brakes with the "cold weather" version. The sound was a very hollow, sheet...
  10. brantse

    Wrong TPMS Sensors....or not

    Long story short, I purchased and installed Oro-Tek OBE-007 TPMS sensors on a second set of wheels, to use in the winter. Cross-referencing several manufacturer's literature gave me about a 50/50 likelihood that these would work correctly for my early VIN MS. I believe that these sensors will...
  11. brantse

    Firestone Wheel Alignment?

    Reading that another owner (techmaven) mentioned that Firestone does a lifetime wheel alignment, I thought now is as good a time as ever to purchase this. I happen to have a Firestone close by, so ran over there to confirm that they could do an MS (the website included it in the vehicle...
  12. brantse

    'Supercharging' at Home

    Anybody else ever notice this before? I glanced at my phone app as my car was completing a charge this morning and noticed that I was 'Supercharging'. The car was connected to my 14-50 and in my garage.
  13. brantse

    Is the "Rated Miles" count really dynamic?

    There is often much discussion regarding the rated miles being affected by influences such as driving style, weather, terrain, etc. Isn't this really just a measure of available energy divided by some fixed wh/mile (ie. ~289). Perhaps that fixed value varies from vehicle to vehicle based on...
  14. brantse

    Shout out on ABC's Black-ish

    Did anyone else see the episode this week? As Dre was trying to convince his daughter to go to a local college, he offered to bribe her with a "Tesla X". Hopefully she's not planning on doing a 2-year degree :frown:. I was shocked and so excited to hear the shout out. It begins around the...
  15. brantse

    Car not picking up phone calls

    Has anyone else been having any issues with this lately? It appears to have just started since I was recently upgraded to version 2.7.77. Now most of the time the my car's system doesn't connect to calls, when either placing or receiving them. I have tried reconnecting the phone...
  16. brantse

    Model S had to be towed home

    About 5 minutes into my drive home today as I was approaching and beginning to brake at a light, my classic S60 instantly surged forward momentarily. Unsure as to what had happened, I braked hard and the car slowed like normal. The light had then changed so I tried accelerating to find the car...
  17. brantse

    Getting Ready to Mount Winter Wheels

    I snagged a set of 19" FIVE:AD wheels on ebay for $300. I have no idea what the story is with these wheels, but they were brand new, however, 2 were black w/ red accent, 1 was bronze, and 1 was silver. I liked the look of the black/red so much that I figured it was worth the effort to...
  18. brantse

    Owner's Manual

    I would be very curious to check out the owner's manual when it is available. For those who have reservations, is there any mention of it in your tesla page?
  19. brantse

    Installed a Charger Meter for under $20

    I want to be able to get a better idea of my "true" energy consumption and understand what really is the most efficient way to charge (ie. 40A max or something lower), so I picked up a very cheap meter on ebay. The meter comes with and only uses a single CT, so it assumes that the charger is...
  20. brantse

    Are Slightly Larger Tires an Option?

    So, I'm looking for winter tires and have come across some very gently used tires that are a slightly larger OD (235/50-19) than the the standard 245/45-19. Standard tire OD is 27.7", whereas these would be 28.3" or about a 2% difference in diameter and speedo readings. Does anyone know if...

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