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  1. fishacura

    Air Conditioner Noise

    All of a sudden, yesterday, I noticed my air conditioning is super loud outside the car. My car sounded like an airplane engine. I have only had the car since Feb and don't recall this but it could also be because it was 94 degrees and hasn't been quite that hot often. Maybe I am just...
  2. fishacura

    My Supercharging experience... Is this right?

    First long trip this past week. M3LR. Did 2 different charges at two different supercharger locations. Both times I charged from 17% to 95%. Both times this took ~50 minutes. I had planned on it but is this really right? Their own literature says 175 miles in 15 minutes. I got less than...
  3. fishacura

    2022 LRM3 Wheel Paint

    UGH!!!!! 2 months in and curb rash on the wheels (aero covers are off). Anyone know of a good touch up paint for the stock wheels?
  4. fishacura

    Wiper icons

    Anyone else who feels the wiper controls would be off staying on the bottom left of the screen all the time (or at least the ability to toggle and leave there vs disappearing)? I just find it winds up causing extra button pressing by going away and always requiring a button push on the...
  5. fishacura

    Where are my other stations?

    In looking at online videos of the radio I see others who have multiple stations listed for each frequency. With HD radio certain stations broadcast sister stations under a .1, .2 .3 on the same frequency. My radio only shows one per FM band. Is there a setting to find the others? Did they...
  6. fishacura

    256 GB USB - Any Luck?

    I am trying to use a 256GB USB but it doesn't look like you can format a drive this large using the FAT method which is supposedly required in order to work. That said, I see a ton of recommended USB drives for the sentry/dashcam that are this size. Has anyone had any success using one this...
  7. fishacura

    Charging stats

    I can't for the life of me find any charging stats in the app. Can anyone tell me where they are? On the main charging screen it just shows the car charging and time remaining. No history. If I go to account there's a charging history section but nothing shows up. It's blank. I keep seeing...
  8. fishacura

    My accessory choices with links

    While waiting for my car from Late Nov until last week, I researched and purchased many accessories. Thought I would post them here with my recommendation. These (for me) were the best combination fitting need and price. Many accessories are identical but sold under a variety of company names...
  9. fishacura

    Browser issues

    I'm still new to the car (2 weeks). Is it normal for the browser simply not to work for periods of time? It seems like more often than not when I click on the icon I get the bar showing it is thinking but the browser never opens. Is this normal?
  10. fishacura

    Is there a way to watch Amazon Prime video in the car?

    Anyone figure out how to watch Amazon Prime video? Doesn't seem to work via the browser for me.
  11. fishacura

    Lug Nuts questions

    Question in lug nuts for my new M3 18 aeros. Took the covers off and added the caps. Decent look but would prefer closed lugs. A few questions. 1. I've known the OEM lugs were open but my question is why. Looking at the back of the aero covers it doesn't look like they attach to the lugs...
  12. fishacura

    What are some alternatives to buying homelink?

    I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I need to pay $325 to get a $60k car to open a garage door. Is this true? Any workaround/app anyone knows of other than a service call to install the home link module? Love the car but this feels like a huge miss much bigger than say Sirius or...
  13. fishacura

    Window question [are the windows supposed to lower when door opened?]

    So when the doors on my new M3 are opened, the windows crack (sometimes...doesn't seem lilke it's all the time) and then close when the door is shut. I have searched "windows open and close" and other things on this site and on google and I've found more info on venting than I want (lol) and...
  14. fishacura


    Thinking of going with these. Seem to have solid reviews. Anyone used them and have an opinion? Also open to other opinions for flaps. Thx...
  15. fishacura

    Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic Spray

    Taking delivery in the next couple of weeks and we're in the midst of some pretty nasty road conditions this winter. Does anyone know if I can apply Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating - 16 Fl Oz. to a new vehicle? Is there any protective coating applied at the factory that...
  16. fishacura

    2022 LR M3 OEM wheels

    For the LRM3 cars currently being delivered (assuming they are considered 2022). Is there a specific wheel anyone can confirm is on the car? I've seen things like TS5, TST, TSS as particular wheels that are out there but can't seem to find either a model number or picture of what's under the...
  17. fishacura

    Electrician coming - final verification

    OK the electrician is coming today (YAY!!!) Still a month off from delivery but this is a great first step. I THINK I have it but want to confirm with everyone that this set-up will be ok: I ordered the Bryant 9450FR NEMA 14-50 outlet for the garage...
  18. fishacura

    Down Payment Question

    Getting ready to order an M3. Looks like February delivery. If I finance through them can I change my down payment? Not sure what I'll have to put down by then and want to be able to alter it before delivery. Possible if I finance through them?
  19. fishacura

    Thinking of placing the order...wanted expert insight.

    Hello all. Just joined here. Been considering an EV for months and after a ton of consideration I think I'm going with the model 3. Was considering the Y but the price jump between the long rang 3 and the long range Y (currently about $8k) doesn't seem worth it to me. But I would LOVE some...

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