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  1. Cnixon

    Has tesla de-activated radar on my model 3

    Did your wipers get activated at the same time as your reduction in speed?
  2. Cnixon

    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    Is OpenPilot patented...that could explain the delay.
  3. Cnixon

    Tesla Vision - Removal of UltraSonic Sensors

    ...all made worse because some of the competition now have 18 month waiting list. I would have gone for the Skoda Enyaq Coupe but now I have to fall back to the MY. I know it will be ok but I didn't want ok again.
  4. Cnixon

    Early delivery of Model Y

    Thanks. I don't think I am too bothered about the uss but it is so hard to figure out where the spec. is up to! Financially this lease is significantly higher cost for a LR MY than my P M3.
  5. Cnixon

    Early delivery of Model Y

    April was my requested date. Initial esimate was mid March. I will almost certainly be putting it off but I was looking for any potential design changes to look out for as evidence that this was 2022 model year stock.
  6. Cnixon

    Model Y Performance £ premium

    I knew it was likely to be seen to be down to the ecconomics of supply and demand but as i said initially the LR being from Shanghai and the P from Berlin bizarrely built using different techniques could be behind the difference. In US they are built together with same transport overheads etc.
  7. Cnixon

    3-pin charging with extension lead.

    You also need to keep the UMC and extension socket dry. Obvious but just had to say it.
  8. Cnixon

    Early delivery of Model Y

    I ordered a lease Model Y dual motor LR for delivery April 2023 when my existing lease ends. Tesla texted me a few days ago to tell me it was ready for collection. The lease company told me "they do this sometimes!!". I believe Tesla might be off loading 2022 stock to the lease Co. I would...
  9. Cnixon

    Survey Do You Need a UMC?

    I use it all the time...how will I open the flap...:eek:
  10. Cnixon


    Mazda red. Just more expensive. Bit cynical because this is the colour I thought my Model 3 was going to be. Unfortunately the old multicoat was a dull flat boring red. Apparently its going to be free upgrade for those who have ordered already (EU lhd?). But not sure if the silver is a good...
  11. Cnixon

    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    And dare I say it but Tesla gets cudos for being able to fix it over the air. Free advertising in essence.
  12. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    This was a response from IO back in May 2022 when I asked about IO 'topping up' during the day (i have underlined the relevant bit)... "Generally speaking, what is happening looks fine - we shouldn't be waking the car other than to charge it. I can see that many of our attempted charges do fail...
  13. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    I have to wake up at 5:30 do I? I will show you a graph of this to prove my point.
  14. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Na not right! I have tried both. Setting 100% in IO app and 60% on car does work and it does 'game' the system to give you extra time slots during the day but it also wakes the car up every hour to replenish any losses and finishes up costing a few pounds at peak rate without gaining much...
  15. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    IO failed to stop my charge this morning. Still charging at 10:30 gone past the set app limit. The app and account pages also not working for me. This is one of the problems with handing over control to 3rd party.
  16. Cnixon

    Tesla app cut off on phone screen - Android

    Hi, I am in the UK but..In US do you have set peak and off peak times? To go back to the OP #1 there is no way to input an off peak end time so you're not missing anything! [Edit. I see I have to switch it on first then it appears]. Our supply companies are starting to introduce tariffs which...
  17. Cnixon

    Model Y Performance £ premium

    Sorry, I forgot to mention supply and demand. That was what I was thinking when I said demand isn't huge supporting the price premium. I was interested but just not at that price point when the Model 3 and rest of the world MY only pay about £4k premium for the upgrade. I suppose there is...
  18. Cnixon

    Model Y Performance £ premium

    Correct me if I am wrong but not many car manufacturers would have cars that are built to different specs parts, designs? but with the same 'model names'. Is there any reason why the Performance Model Y is £10,000 more expensive. The upgrade probably costs Tesla only a few £100! Power increase...
  19. Cnixon

    So what do you say in reply to your car?

    I do say thank you to my car when it does something 'just a bit earlier' than I was 'planning to do it!';)
  20. Cnixon

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    Not read all of this thread but PEN fault detection is a "requirement" not a separate device. It can be achieved in different ways. Any hardware being installed today should comply with the Electical Regs as should the competent installer. So stop worrying and start enjoying. If you really...
  21. Cnixon

    Octopus intelligent test car

    ...and boy will you love your page per day bill!
  22. Cnixon


    Can someone explain the above?
  23. Cnixon

    Tesla Model 3 headlights alignment example

    And how many other car makers encourage you to fiddle with the headlight height to the point where we are dazzling lorry drivers?
  24. Cnixon

    Phantom braking from new gantries

    Jeff..and what car do you drive?
  25. Cnixon

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    Chicklade possibly, that road is too long - I was travelling from Torquay to Basingstoke. My spotter got there first and by then it was too late. I'm gonna keep on waving though.
  26. Cnixon

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    I was devastated the other day. A model 3 on A303 waved to me, last Monday, I was passed before I realised.
  27. Cnixon

    eCall emergency call system needs service

    I have to book a 3 day appointment for my e-call warning. Other issue was flaky hotspot connection.
  28. Cnixon

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Not sure how to update the index but here's an update.
  29. Cnixon

    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    Recently I have had to start the teslaa connection 'manually' in the app because the vpn does not start. Any ideas?
  30. Cnixon

    Hotspot instead of Tesla connectivity

    I think I may have suggested this Hotspot idea earlier somewhere. This may not work for everyone but I use Teslaa Android Auto app and it seems to help me The problem seems to be when I am connected to my home (strong) wifi. Sometimes it does not have time to swap from home wifi to hotspot...
  31. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Brief reply, but it did! and I have the records to prove it. Discussed with IO who suggested that I should set the charge limit in the IO app rather than the car. Bit messy but I have set the car to 90% and IO to 50 to 80% as required. That seems to have fixed the issue but it has also lost...
  32. Cnixon

    Dashcam error

    I have recently noticed that when the dashcam fails (cross in red dot) the usb drive becomes really hot. I use a crucial mx ssd with a usb3.0 adapter. It is normally fairly cool so something must be driving it nuts!
  33. Cnixon

    Dashcam error

    You can miss the dashcam not working because the tiny cross on the red dot is not the easiest thing to see.
  34. Cnixon

    MIG model Y. When will we see it in the UK?

    When I had my first test drive I got in the passenger side. I had watched so many lhd videos I was pre-programmed.
  35. Cnixon

    Traffic jam assist

    Ok, maybe It am late to the party on this but today I used AP in crawling traffic - activated from stationary....no nagging...at all....yay!
  36. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Like I said in an earlier post I believe IO wakes Car up on the hour, every hour regardless of anything else even if within the peak charge period (and fully charged). The pain is that the car will top off the charge each time It can cost more waking up during the day and squirting in a couple...
  37. Cnixon

    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Before IO I used ev.energy and I am sure I did not "waste" about 2kwh (1-2%?) from being woken up and "topped off" during the night. Except for the charging outside of the 6h slot. I may go back to ev.energy to see if there really was a difference.
  38. Cnixon

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

  39. Cnixon

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Oh well my Premiums gone so better get Android Auto up and running again (TeslAA) - it sort of works but it can be a real faf. I have obviously stopped sending any stats and user data back to Tesla! In case it uses any of my phone Data!!
  40. Cnixon

    32a Commando Socket with UMC

    It will be fine. I have a downward angled socket. It's been dangling for 2 years now!
  41. Cnixon

    New Model 3 White got Keyed - only 5 days old.

    They do. SC will refer to Dartford. Google will give you their phone no. I can recommend.
  42. Cnixon

    What are these?

    Mmm... mines just had both upper suspension arms changed too. Looks like this problem is not going away. Is this going to be a regular visit to SC..much like ICE have oil changes only more costly out of warranty?
  43. Cnixon

    [UK] 2022.8.x

    Mine is laggy. Not as bad as the ipace...bang what pole....oh that pole.... Someone measured it to be ½ second behind reality!
  44. Cnixon

    What are these?

    My AWD rears wear significantly faster than fronts. I am ready for rears soon 20k ish but fronts look like they will do double. Drive in Chill most of the time. Was planning on front to back swap.
  45. Cnixon

    Storm Eunice vs Tesla Model 3

    Ok. I have been educated via google. You will have to claim off your car insurance but I would not let anyone other than Dartford fix your car.
  46. Cnixon

    My M3 sounds like an old Citroen 2CV (suspension noise)

    Now the passenger side has started. Going in to be fixed next week.
  47. Cnixon

    New Octopus Go vs Alternatives

    Can't even get them to fit a smart meter. I get my gas off edf they said if i take their ev tariff offering they would fit a smart meter tomorrow. So Octopus are definitely not trying to sort the meter fitting out!
  48. Cnixon

    Repair Costs [for squeaky suspension noises]

    This is a fairly lightly loaded part. It should last for life. I have never had ice cars needing this replaced even out of warranty. I suggest this noise is a defect, full stop. Doubt it will be mechanical failure issue (In uk we have annual compulsory inspection).
  49. Cnixon

    Help needed with damaged model 3

    Am i right in thinking the on screen card list changes to show which card present when you place card between cup holders and arm rest. Could it be in a service mode?

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