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  1. habanero69

    Do ALL New 2022 Model S Ordered Come With the Yoke? I ordered in October and it shows it will be supplied with the yoke. I'm sort of on the fence..

    I think I'd prefer to just go with the standard wheel, but if it shows up with the yoke it won't be a no-go. Is there an official way to reach out to tesla to see what options are other than trying an unlikely phone call to a human or ask/confirm in the app where the car is in order/verify status?
  2. habanero69

    Model S 2022 - Is There the TESLA Lettering (strip?) right below where the trunk closes like the 2016 and earlier have ?

    I cannot definitively tell from rear end angled Model S 2022 pictures on the Tesla website or other ramdom site pictures, whether there is the the thin tapered strip (chrome/black) with the raised TESLA block font lettering that exists. I dont see after market parties providing skins or letter...
  3. habanero69

    Alarm Mode and Lightening

    Has anyone had issue with the Alarm being set off by either lightening or thunder? Its happened several times and I don't know what the exact 1 of the 2 is the cause. I believe it's the lightening, but the loud thunder rumble might really be the cause. Once I get the ap alert, being away...
  4. habanero69

    Possible Wifi Fix for Those That Can't Connect - Check Network Name Error

    I've been dealing with a new Y since delivery on Sept 12th, where it will not connect to ANY wifi network other than my or my wife's iphone's hot spot. My 2 home networks, nope. My ATT portable LTE hotspot, nope. A local Starbux hotspot, nope. Zip, nada. Always failed with "network connection...
  5. habanero69

    My New Y Nearly Stopped.......... for a tree leaf

    Picked up new MY Saturday. Was driving today on divided four lane state highway. Median separated the double lanes had trees of all sizes, most fairly large. Car was on cruise, but not autopilot; 60mph. Out of the left corner of my eye, I caught a decent sized tree leaf beginning to tumble...
  6. habanero69

    iPhone Ringtone - Musk "Bring on the Cybertruck"

    Thought it would be cute as ringtone or sound effect to use as you wish. M
  7. habanero69

    Einhorn - Tesla on Brink.... again.......

    Hedge fund manager David Einhorn slams Tesla: 'The wheels are falling off'
  8. habanero69

    HVAC Fan Seed Falls Back to 1 After Leaving Car

    I did the last firmware upgrade and one annoying issue has cropped up that I could not find thru search. When I exited the car before, when I returned, the A/C fan was where I left it OR maybe up 1 level. Now when I return it is always on level 1. In South FLorida, that sucks. Should it not...
  9. habanero69

    Tesla Article - Seeking Alpha

    Kinda harsh against Elon... Article is 20+ pages so make sure you click "next" at bottom of each paragraph. The Big Tesla Swindle - Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha
  10. habanero69

    Exit Car, Single Beep, Close Door, Doesn't Shut Down

    I have searched for the answer, but there are so many conditions, I don't believe I get an answer to the issue. Here are the exact steps... 1) pull car into garage 2) put in Park. Radio is on, A/C is on, MCU on, etc 3) open door, car beeps once as I exit and close door; happens too fast to...
  11. habanero69

    Apple, GM, Uber, Lyft, Hyperloop & others join U.S. Department of Transportation Automation Committe

    Where's Elon ? Full list of committee members below: Co-Chair: Mary Barra- General Motors, Chairman and CEO Co-Chair: Eric Garcetti- Mayor of Los Angeles, CA Vice Chair: Dr. J. Chris Gerdes- Stanford University, Professor of Engineering Gloria Boyland- FedEx, Corporate Vice President...
  12. habanero69

    Auto Pilot Will Not Engage

    Symbol (steering wheel) says it is able to be activated, but the double stick push to turn on does not. Rebooted car. Still will not engage. Auto speed works. Ideas? :(:mad:
  13. habanero69

    UHFS Audio - Front/Rear Fader Setting Will Not Stay Put

    I don't know if this started after the v8 upgrade or not, but I did not notice it prior. I also haven't figured out a pattern as to when it resets to mid point rather than about 70% towards the rear where I want it. Sometimes it seems like it happens during the day during one of my stops...
  14. habanero69

    WHERE is the QA in Tesla?

    What I continue to not understand is WHY QA is not doing a better job at catching issues BEFORE the car leaves the factory? We tend to see the same issues over and over here. I know these forums mostly show the cars with problems as those that have zero probably don't post as much, although I...
  15. habanero69

    Offical Place to Submit Recommendations/Enhancements to Tesla?

    Is there an official place to make recommendations/enhancement requests to Tesla? I know it's probably not here. And on Tesla.com's forums that doesn't seen like the place either. Is there an official place where they may even acknowledge the request, etc.? If not, there should be. o_O I...
  16. habanero69

    Audio System Questions

    I've done some searches before posting but other than a couple of mentions, my questions are not fully answered. So here goes... I have a new MS60 that I took delivery last Friday. I have just started to utilize the audio/sound system and I have a few questions and/or issues. I have the upgraded...
  17. habanero69

    Audio System Questions

    I've done some searches before posting but other than a couple of mentions, my questions are not fully answered. So here goes... I have a new MS60 that I took delivery last Friday. I have just started to utilize the audio/sound system and I have a few questions and/or issues. I have the...
  18. habanero69

    Took Delivery - Couple of Issues

    I took delivery on my MS60 yesterday. :D There are however, a couple of problems. :( The car is cosmetically perfect from what I can tell inside and out. Thrilled with that. Now, for the issues... 1) voice recognition doesn't. No matter what I say, it says "unclear" try again. Rebooting...
  19. habanero69

    Closing of Hood Resulting in Damage?

    I don't have my car yet, about 2 weeks away, but I've been reading the S owners manual cover to cover in hopes I will be pretty well informed once the big day arrives. :D I see that they make quite a big deal about where to place your hands on the hood when closing in order to prevent damage...
  20. habanero69

    Radar Detector Windshield Mounted

    I have a Valentine V1 that I will be trying to use in my MS. I've seen posts where people have had issues with EZ-Pass and such working when attached to the windshield. Is there something in the OEM windshield that will affect my ability to windshield suction cup mount my V1? I have in...
  21. habanero69

    Temporary or On-Demand Extra Battery for Long Range Trips?

    Several finance/investment firms are indicating that Tesla MAY allow owners to temporarily buy extra battery range for purposes of long trips. See below. Why couldn't they do that now? Tesla will only manufacture two battery packs to create production efficiencies. The first will be...
  22. habanero69

    EU S and X get 100kW Batt

    SORRY DUPE. Somebody beat me to it... Tesla Model S and X with 100 kWh battery pack and ‘~380 miles of range’ approved by European authority When will USA? o_O
  23. habanero69

    Garage Floor Tiling - Tesla Style

    I will be laying 12" square garage tiles in my single car garage which is 20 x 10 feet. What do you think of the pattern (sorry about the crude MS paint rendition; it will be perfectly square when installed). I bought replacement black tiles for the red should I ever need to swap out... M
  24. habanero69

    Charging Challenged - Service Panel Too Small

    I just had the electrician over to assess adding the 14-50 wall outlet. No go. My service panel is 125A and the ONLY addition I can make is adding ONE measly 115v 20A circuit. I would have to replace my house disconnect, wires from meter to main panel and the main panel itself to add a 14-50...
  25. habanero69

    Tesla 3 - The Undoing of Elon? [external link]

    As a soon to be Tesla MS owner, I'm hoping this author is OFF BASE... Why Tesla Model 3 Will Be Elon Musk's Undoing | Fox Business

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