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  1. hallcp

    When will there be a 400 mile Model X?

    I'm sorry, I haven't been following the various subtle Tesla upgrades but that recent announcement about the Model S getting 400 miles of EPA range certainly caught my eye. My wife saw it too and now she wants to trade in our 2018 Model X for a new one, on the assumption that some future...
  2. hallcp

    Anybody else having voice recognition issues since the last 2 updates?

    A month or so ago Tesla released an update which seemed to really fix the voice recognition system. For a few days we were turning on seat heaters and showing/hiding the backup cam like nobody's business. Then something happened. Now nothing works. It either recognizes the command, shows the...
  3. hallcp

    Procedure for replacing a lost Tesla keyfob as of Sept. 2019

    I recently lost my Model X keyfob so I tried to research on-line what to do. One place I found said you needed to buy a keyfob, then have it programmed by Tesla ($160). So I bought a used one off eBay. Well that information was not correct. Yes, it needs to be programmed by Tesla, but the cost...
  4. hallcp

    What exactly is included in the $2,000 Autopilot option?

    So the price to add "Autopilot" to my six-month old Model X appears to be down to $2000. Can someone explain exactly what features that would give me? I gather it can do highway driving, and maintain the distance between me and the car ahead, like Adaptive Cruise Control, is that correct? That...
  5. hallcp

    Headrest catches me in upper back, it won't go high enough

    Does anyone else have this problem? With the seat upright and the headrest at maximum height, that lower tail of the headrest catches me in upper back and really hurts. The only solution is to crank the seat angle back a bit, but I'd rather be upright. Any ideas on this one? Both sides are the...
  6. hallcp

    Where is CANBUS connector in Model X?

    There are a lot of videos on youtube showing how Model S owners simply drop down their little cubby box in the dashboard, and reach in to pull out a white CAN bus connector (presumably for Tesla techinicians). With a cable matching CAN bus pins with some on an OBD2 connector you can stick on a...
  7. hallcp

    Mat recommendations for 5-seater cargo area?

    Has anyone bought a rear cargo area mat they like for the 5-seater Model X? As I see it there are 4 options: 1 - Separate mats for the front and back half of the cargo space, so you can access that forward bay too 2 - A flat mat that covers both bays but can be rolled up to access the forward...
  8. hallcp

    Sudden drop in range while still in driveway

    My wife has noticed something odd about our Model X. She says that when she gets in the car it will say something like a range of 207 miles. But 5 seconds later at the end of the driveway it says 196 (or something like that). Is this something other people have seen? I'm thinking it's just the...
  9. hallcp

    An industrial David versus Goliath

    I just finished reading George Woodbury's wonderful 1950 book "The Story of a Stanley Steamer". Near the end of the book he tries to explain why a car as wonderful as the Stanley Steamer can never be re-introduced. See if this sounds relevant to our present situation: "Mechanically, there seems...
  10. hallcp

    Tesla ride compared to a Stanley Steamer

    I just finished George Woodbury's 1950 book "Story of Stanley Steamer" in which he restores and drives a 1917 Stanley Steamer. I found his description of the ride in a steamer uncannily familiar! Remember, steamers had no gearbox and were also silent, like our Teslas. From page 143-144: "The...
  11. hallcp

    Does re-using my old license plate complicate Tesla delivery day?

    We just sold my wife's car and hope to take delivery of a new Model X in a couple of weeks. Of course we have the license plate from the car we just sold, so I thought re-using that plate would simplify the delivery day. But my Delivery Specialist in San Francisco says it complicates things...
  12. hallcp

    My delivery expectations

    I have recently seen several posts from people complaining about problems with their new Model X, often interspersed with "my Porsche never had these issues". Look, it's an expensive car, and I want to be sympathetic with them.... but ultimately I am not. It seems to me the problems fall into...
  13. hallcp

    What are the most useful accessories for the Model X?

    While waiting on my Model X delivery I am obsessing over what things I need to have on hand to make those initial days after delivery go well. There are a lot of possibly useful things to buy, but since I don't have my car yet it's hard to evaluate them. Here's what I have so far: - The...

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