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    19" OEM Wheels + Tires for sale

    So, it's a long story but i got a bent rim and didn't feel like trying to get it repaired. So, 3 of the rims are 100 percent perfect. Powdercoated as seen in the pic. Comes with stock 2021 tires from Tesla. These tires have 5k miles on them and plenty of trip and no uneven wear. The rims were...
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    Will 20's fit on my 2019 stealth m3?

    I've got a 2019 stealth model 3 that came with 18 Inch Aeros. Got the opportunity to put 20 inch oem sport wheels on now. I know typically on the full performance modes they come with bigger brake calipers but will I have any issues upgrading to these 20's? They are from. The 2020 model 3 so I...
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    Needing 1 oem 19" model 3 2021 wheel.

    Anybody selling 1 oem 19 inch sport rim for a model 3? Somehow I have a warped rim on wheels that have 5000 miles on em. I know I didn't hit a curb so I'm guessing it was valet? I dunno. Discount wants 500 for the wheel. Anybody got 1 for sale? Or a set of 4.....anything? Ha
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    18" Aero Wheels + Tires for sale

    They came off my August 2019 M3P- and the tires have 15k miles on them. rotated twice (no uneven wear). Not sure how many "32'ds" they have, but i can get that info if anybody needs it. The rims themselves do have a some curb rash on them. 1 is moderate rash (which has been touched up with...
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    Powder Coated Rims - the under side

    I think i know the answer to my own question here, but...Ive never gotten rims powercoated. These rims were brand new from a 21 Model 3. Previous owner took them right off and delivered them to the shop. I went to pick them up and i see that the under sides of the rims are pretty scratched up...
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    Different wheels

    Can someone help me out here? I know the bottom rims are 19s that came off of 2021 model 3. But these Grey wheels - are they oem 2020? Or after market?
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    Switching out 18's for 19's

    I have a model 2019 model 3 'stealth' with 18 inch aeros. I have the opportunity to buy a brand new set of 19 inch rims/tires from a buddy who just bought a SR+ 2021... Any issue with swapping them out? As in anything I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
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    Should Tesla SC provide this service at no charge? [edit: they did]

    I had rhe well documented a/c smell serviced July of this year. 3 months later or so I started smelling it again. The past few days it got BAD. So, I set a mobile appt and they are trying to charge 142 bucks. I texted back that it was just serviced a few months ago and asked nicely if they would...
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    Tesla solar roof info

    Where is the best place to start my research? I looked on the main page here for a forum and didn't see one. Also searched bit found mainly specific topic threads. Im looking to srart at square 1 to see if tesla solar is worth considering. Thank you!
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    Moisture in right pillar camera

    Got a notification that my right door Pilar camera was blocked. It was during a road trip and my first big rain while driving. Didn't think much of it. But 2-3 days later I noticed moisture inside the glass by the camera. Something to worry about? Will it eventually evaporate? Sign of a bigger...
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    Heater Issues

    I took my M3 into the SC after reviewing posts about people having the same problems i had (have). The heater, on auto, on hi doesn't blow that hot. and for whatever reason only blows in the floorboards. so, i turn it on manual and turn it to hi and 10 blowing just out of the vent. it blows...
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    Looking for cooler seats? My review of cooling seat pad from ebay

    I found this to be an issue for some hot natured folks like my self (hot seats)...Even with pre conditioning the cabin, i found my back hot and sweaty after riding for any length of time. Searched the forums and found someone posting about this cooling seat pad. No reviews and it was shipping...
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    Cooled seat pad

    Haven't seem much discussion about this but my 1 and only 'complaint' about my m3p- is the black seats are pretty hot. Like driving down the road, climate set to 68, back still sweating, hot.... Anybody bought a seat pad/cover that claims to be cooling? I see a few on Amazon but would much...
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    Autopilot error (dashcam for evidence)

    So, i feel like Michael Scott in the Office when he said "technology tried to kill me, Jim. technology tried to drive me into a lake" (when referring to following GPS navigation some years back). I am curious how often something this, for lack of a better word, potentially catastrophic happens...
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    Is this worth taking to SC to fix?

    took delivery a few weeks ago. friend pointed it out to me in the back seat...not sure if anybody has had a similar issue and gotten it fixed or not. not sure if a mobile ranger would be able to do it or not (likely not). which would mean me taking it into the SC for the first time over...
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    Foam Cannon + Pressure Washer...that all i need?

    a week into my M3 experience and it's time to give lil blue her first car wash. I have read many threads about this topic but can a "good enough" car wash be simplified into 3 steps? 1. foam cannon (let sit for 10 minutes - in shade or garage preferrably) 2. pressure wash/rinse 3. leaf blower...
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    Any hope of blind spot cameras?

    When you make a right turn, by first signaling of course, in our Honda pilot, the screen shows a blindspot camera. For whatever reason it's only for right turns. Any word of this feature coming to the tesla world? Iirc the cameras are already on both side mirrors yes? This would get rid of the...
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    Driver Side Window scratching chrome opon closure of door

    really hard to describe but i'll do my best and i'm wondering what i did wrong - or if there is something wrong. I was installing a puddle light in my driver side door. Simple installation....open door, pop out stock light, unplug, and plug in new one. stick back up there. Problem occured...
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    A/c fan seeming very loud

    So I have had my car for a few days and I notice when my ac kicks on a noticeable buzz/hum, if you will coming from near the frunk. It gets better when the climate control slows down and gears down a bit. I videoed it but not sure if I can upload it here or not. Is this normal? Or should I be...
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    Adhesive on glass roof

    just picked up yesterday and i noticed a few spots where there was adhesive left on the glass sunroof. i was running way behind so i didn't bother with having the SC take care of it. I searched the forums for a good solution to clean this but didn't find any. Anybody had the same issue? I...
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    Flooring it...

    super random question. and yes, i did search the forums and didn't find anything about it. Is there any detriment to 'flooring it' ? Beside using battery? Sounds stupid, but i'd like to show my buddies what this car can do by flooring it (safely) at a stoplight or service road...but i don't...
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    Picture of stock 18's vs stock 19's

    I'm having trouble finding a picture of the stock 18 inch wheels (with aero hub removed) side by side with the stock 19's. Can anyone do a brother a favor and post one if it's readily available? I see all the different pictures of owner's upgraded wheels and cant tell what my 2 factory choices...
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    Looking for Tint and PPF recommendation in Ft Worth Tx

    seached the forums and found a few recs in plano / dallas area. Anybody use a shop in Ft worth/Arlington area for tint or PPF and happy with them? Thanks in advance!
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    Data Connection problems?

    haven't pulled the trigger on the M3 yet, but i'm getting close. My question is; has anyone had issues with connectivity? either with your app connecting to the car for climate control, unlocking the car, etc. Or, with the maps or anything while driving? I am imagining a scenario of driving in...
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    "Must have" list of upgrades

    Hello everyone, I am at the final stages of making my decision to buy a model 3. Just fyi i'm leaning towards SR RWD with FSD (blue with white interior 18" standard rims). That being said, having watched tons of you tube videos and reading several posts here i realize there are a few "must...

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