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  1. TSLY

    Sentry mode live camera view malfunction (2022.36.6)

    After updating to 2022.36.6 my Sentry mode live camera view is malfunctioning. I do have Premium connectivity, updated app, rebooted Tesla MY, rebooted iPhone, etc. I get timeouts, error/refresh messages. Toggled Live Camera on/off, nada. Is it just me or are others experiencing this too?
  2. TSLY

    Tesla should number Key cards

    How is a valet supposed to ID one key card from another? Valet parking is bad enough without confusing them or having to suffer from them misplacing yours. Tesla should number Key cards. That's a no brainer! Scotch taped a white dot on mine, just to avoid any hassle.
  3. TSLY

    Cool MagSafe iPhone Holder (Behind Steering Wheel)

    Found this MagSafe iPhone Holder on Amazon that folds behind steering wheel. Matches MY/M3 interior, disappears when folded, very low profile. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B6HZB7L2?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  4. TSLY

    Brilliant/Lucky Underground Garage WiFi Solution

    Finally figured out how to access WiFi for my Tesla in my condo's underground garage. First, I bought Eero Wifi extender for my Eero WiFi Mesh system. Placed it on my patio 4 stories above my car. Got faint signal but wouldn't connect. But I didn't give up! A few hours later it hit me. Why not...
  5. TSLY

    Warning/Caution log?

    Warning and Caution messages occasionally pop up on my Status screen. But they're so small, and disappear so fast, I can't read most. Am I missing something or is their no log that catalogues status messages so they may reviewed and referred to later?
  6. TSLY

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    Another update? Another half hour wasted in a Century City mall garage pilfering free WiFi. And I'm not alone! I'd wager a majority of Tesla owner's can't access WiFi in their garages. Why can't Tesla firmware be DL'd to a cell phone (at the owner's convenience) so the owner can choose when and...
  7. TSLY

    Tesla intrusion without phone key/card?

    I live in a condo with a 100 car garage. My neighbor claims her M3 was broken into and a briefcase stolen from her trunk. Case found on street, there was a robbery! No damage or sign of forced entry and she claims the car and trunk were locked. Are Teslas vulnerable to a tech hack enabling...
  8. TSLY

    WAPO on FSD

    Well researched article in todays's WAPO. Enjoy! https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/02/10/video-tesla-full-self-driving-beta/
  9. TSLY

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    Had longstanding service appointment today -- with loaner -- to adjust misaligned panels flagged at delivery. It was a non starter! There was no loaner available, although the appointment was predicated upon a loaner. An advisor tried to BS his way out of it, which only peed me off...
  10. TSLY

    Moronic placement of backup cam in V11

    The placement of the blind spot cam in V11 is sloppy, negligent, moronic, and lazy -- not to mention dangerous! Take your pick. Firstly, it cuts off approaching traffic behind you in the traffic sim. Secondly, the backup cam should be on top, the traffic sim should be below. Thirdly, the cam...
  11. TSLY

    New York Times Autopilot/FSD synopsis

    Whether you agree or disagree, this NY Times synopsis of Tesla Autopilot/FSD is historical, not an opinion piece. It may be old turf for some Tesla buffs but I found it enlightening. It disavows my suspicion that Tesla dropped radar contemporaneous with the chip shortage or to economize. Musk...
  12. TSLY

    Does this look like a new tire?

    Tesla Service had to replace a front tire due to a screw puncture. The sidewall was dirty and tire has red and white marking in tread. Frankly, tire doesn't "look" new. Tesla says the dirt is due to residue on the machine that installs the tire and will wash off. On one hand I feel lucky it got...
  13. TSLY

    My tire has been screwed by a screw!

    Got PSI warning. Sure enough found a screw in my tire. SoCal indies treat TO (Tesla only foam tires) like Dracula. Tesla roadside arriving tomorrow. $81 patched, $355 replaced. Due diligence mañana. Pretty sure it's fixable -- one month old, clean puncture, slow leak. However, if I need to...
  14. TSLY

    Service appointment I don't need? Or do I?

    My first service appointment is this Monday, 11-22-21, and I'm not sure it's actually necessary. As a street smart, clueless, first time Tesla buyer, I did my due diligence, hit the web, got the apps, and scoured TMC and Tesla-Info for tips and tricks on taking delivery. As a result I catalogued...
  15. TSLY

    Hide-A-Key (with magnets) placement?

    Got cool Hide-A-Key box with 2 magnets, but MY has such an inordinate amount of (non-magnetic) Aluminum and plastic that I'm finding it hard to locate a stealthy spot to place it. The front passenger seat rails are the best I've come up with thus far. Your magnetic hotspot ideas are welcome!
  16. TSLY

    Don't blow your $ on accessories before delivery

    Like many here, I bought a bunch of accessories in anticipation of my MY delivery. Since taking delivery, much of my enthusiasm has evaporated into disappointment. The only accessories I can recommend thus far is the Spigen matte screen protector, due to its quality and foolproof installation, a...
  17. TSLY

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    Car washes are Tesla's mortal enemy and inherently evil. To PPF or not? Ceramic coating? Anyone know a good mobile detailer in SoCal? A few of the thoughts that darted through my head hanging out here on TMC waiting for my MY (delivered 10/21). Followed by hours of commensurate Googling...
  18. TSLY

    Dashcam resolution?

    A little disappointed in resolution and clarity of dashcam/Sentrycam. Reading plates is iffy. Any setting to increase resolution beyond this low-res 4x3 imagery? Do I perhaps need to calibrate cameras?
  19. TSLY

    Delivery Day Delight!

    Delivery went off without a hitch. Handed the driver a cashier's check and he handed me the keycards to a well built MY. I christened it "Volksla" because it evokes the vibe of a hippie Volkswagen Minibus from the 1960s. Attempted to tip the driver but he declined saying it was company policy...
  20. TSLY

    POLL: 2022 Model Y Release Date

    On what date will Tesla release the 2022 Model Y? I vote for October 20, 2021 during the Q3 Earnings Call. What date do you think it'll be and why?
  21. TSLY

    Clean Energy for America Act - Retroactive?

    Anyone know if this Bill will be retroactive if it passes?

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