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  1. SylvainG


    Anybody knows the parameters to the new UNLATCH_DRIVER_DOOR command? I tried without any parameter and with lat/lon (since you have to be close to the car to unlatch the driver door) and in both cases, the door didn't unlatch and 400 was returned as a result code.
  2. SylvainG

    Difference between 2022.24.5 and 2022.24.6

    Beside Tesla Vision, what's the difference between 2022.24.5 and .6? I updated to .5 last Thursday and I'm being offered .6 now. My car doesn't have a radar to begin with.
  3. SylvainG

    Any advantages of having a subscribed LiveOne account?

    Hi, if subscribe to a paid LiveOne account (either Plus or Premium), will I be able to replay songs in Streaming service if I log on with my account? Currently, I can only skip forward, not replay. Also, will the stupid idea of starting a song from the beginning every time the door is opened...
  4. SylvainG

    Any advantages of having a subscribed LiveOne account?

    Hi, if subscribe to a paid LiveOne account (either Plus or Premium), will I be able to replay songs in Streaming service if I log on with my account? Currently, I can only skip forward, not replay. Also, will the stupid idea of starting a song from the beginning every time the door is opened...
  5. SylvainG

    API call latest_vehicle_data still returns 408 when asleep

    Hi, not sure if this is the forum for this, I have a question regarding the Tesla undocumented API. My Model 3 version is 2022-12.3.12 and a call to api/1/vehicles/{vehicle_id}/latest_vehicle_data still returns 408 when my car is asleep, just like the usual vehicle_data call. The only time it...
  6. SylvainG

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    https://teslanorth.com/2020/08/06/petition-canadian-government-kwh-billing-ev-charging/ Went for my first long trip and at one station, it charged at 63 kWh so barely Tier 2 while charged for full Tier 2 time :-<
  7. SylvainG

    Supercharging just above the Tier2 bottom limit

    Through Teslamate, I noticed that my supercharge was just above the lower Tier2 limit, which is twice the cost of a Tier1 cost. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? It stayed like that for over 12 minutes. That's shady in my opinion.
  8. SylvainG

    Question about charging to 100% for a long trip

    Hi, I'll be going on a 500 km trip and I'll be charging to 100% before leaving tomorrow morning. I'm currently at 80%. From what I read, it's preferred to be at 100% as you're about to leave. How do I configure the schedule programming so I reach 100% as I'm about to leave tomorrow? I've set...
  9. SylvainG

    Finally impressed with TACC

    I haven't tried at night yet, but until recently, TACC was useless on two sided roads, even during daytime. Did a back and forth trip last weekend with 2022.8.3 on 85 km of two sided roads with speed limit ranging from 50 km/h to 90 km/h. On the first 85 km, got just one slow down and one...
  10. SylvainG

    Rain detection when parked

    I do wish Tesla would implement a feature similar to cabin overheat protection but for rain. When rain is detected while parked, it would automatically close the windows if left open. I made a Python program running on a RasberryPie and leveraging rain detection of my weather station but that...
  11. SylvainG

    I love having access to my car remotely through the API

    Here's a small Python code I wrote tonight (don't be hard, it's my first Python program, learned it tonight as I wrote this). It queries my weather station (Acurite 5in1) through its WeeWX URL and if it detects it rains and the car's windows are open, it closes them :) import teslapy from...
  12. SylvainG

    Mirrors not returning to their preset position after changing profile

    So my wife and I share the car. We have each our own profile and lately, when getting in the car after her, my mirrors are not at their set position. I adjust them, save the settings and back to square one when the profile change. Even choosing the same profile, I can see the mirror moving. I...
  13. SylvainG

    A way to get the battery temperature?

    Is there a tool or an app that allows you to view the battery temperature? It's more for curiosity than anything else. Thanks
  14. SylvainG

    Is it still recommended to use seat heaters instead of heat in 2021+ Model 3s?

    That saying is, to preserve battery during cold days, lower the cabin temperature and use the seat and steering wheel heater to stay warm as they use less power. But with the 2021+ and its heat pump, until the temperature goes down to -10C or lower, is the heat pump efficient enough that you...
  15. SylvainG

    Best WINTER wipers that fits the Model 3

    Hi, what is considered the best winter wiper blades for the Model 3? Thanks
  16. SylvainG

    Anyone tried the 'Neatcar' app? I think it's only for Québec though

    Reading Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec (French EV site) they mention an app they are promoting, 'Neatcar'. The app finds carwash nearby and allows you to pay for the wash from the app. If you subscribe to the paid service, you can get up to 40% off on carwash. By using AVEQ...
  17. SylvainG

    Streaming always restart the song currently playing when entering the car

    Is there a way to "Remember" where it's at so it keeps on playing instead of always restarting the song that was currently playing when you got out the car earlier?
  18. SylvainG

    How do you feel about the soft bristle brush at a manual car wash?

    So it's the time of the year where day high is below 0C so I went to an enclosed manual car wash this morning. Wanted to use my mit and bucket I brought to wash the car after using their pressure washer but although the place was almost deserted, except for the employee and another customer...
  19. SylvainG

    Planned departure ineffective in cold climate

    I've set my planned departure for 7h30 this morning . Temperature outside was -1C. At set time, yep, temperature in car was 20C but the windshield and rear windows were still frosted! So I activated the defrost but by the time the windows were defrosted, it was now 27C in the car! That's no use...
  20. SylvainG

    In 2nd quarter, almost one out of 20 vehicles sold was zero emission (4.9%) in Canada

    Of those, 49.1% were sold in Québec and 24% in BC. All is not lost for the other provinces, more zero-emission vehicles were registered in every province in the second quarter year over year (although last year was 2020 so it's not hard to beat). Registrations grew at the fastest pace in Prince...
  21. SylvainG

    Firmware update and deep sleep

    If the car only (mostly) updates over wifi and the car goes into deep sleep while parked at home, when does it get its firmware?
  22. SylvainG

    Carrying countertop

    I need to carry a 2'x8'x1.75" countertop (pine, not too heavy) on a distance of 8 km. It will of course hang (about 2 feet) outside of the trunk. On another car, I would simply tie the trunk shut and not think about it but on this Tesla, is it possible? How will the automatic closer handle that...
  23. SylvainG

    Booster for the dreaded dead 12V battery

    Now those 12V lithium boosters needs lots of amps to crank the ICE, but that's not the case for an EV. Are there specific to look at when buying a booster for a EV? No issue yet, just want to be prepared :)
  24. SylvainG

    The use of a sunshield

    So I was wondering how useful a sunshield is. I've put one in my Model 3 last night but my daughter do not have one. Both car are side by side, facing due South. It's 26C and sunny outside. I checked the interior temperature reading from the app on both car. Both read 42C so no advantage on the...
  25. SylvainG

    How to turn on defroster now?

    So, on Android with newest version (4.1), how do you turn on defroster? There are no defrost icons.
  26. SylvainG

    Québec has almost half of all the EV in Canada

    According to this article https://www.aveq.ca/actualiteacutes/category/statistiques and autotranslated to English here (slow) https://www-aveq-ca.translate.goog/actualiteacutes/category/statistiques?_x_tr_sl=fr&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui Almost half of all EV (46%) that are in Canada...
  27. SylvainG

    repairing paint chip

    So got my first paint chip (mid door, above the film protected rocker panels :mad:). Which paint is best? Tesla's own paint? ScratchesHappen? Other? Thanks
  28. SylvainG

    First time having PPF on a car, is this "to be expected"?

    So I had Ultimate Plus XPel installed on the whole front end, the lenght of the pillars, mirrors, rocker panels and the top of the back bumber where the trunk is last week. Today was the first time washing it since then and found these 'anomalies'. Before I go complain, is it something to be...
  29. SylvainG

    WiFi sapping all available DSL bandwidth

    Didn't notice this at home since I'm fibre connected and have a 1 gbs connection, but here at the cottage, until I receive my Starlink dish, I'm still on DSL :( Today the internet was really sluggish and after troubleshooting why, I figure out it was my Model 3 :( My ping time to (Google...
  30. SylvainG

    And here I though, I was the fortunate one to owning a car with no visible misalignment

    Do you think my Tesla shop will fix that? Just kidding, fixed it myself 😁
  31. SylvainG

    Autopilot and changing lines

    Hi, I notice that sometime when changing line, activating the momentary turn signal (first detent) does NOT deactivate AP. I have to either move it to the second detent or move the steering wheel for it to disengage. Most of the time, it works but not always. Is there something I'm doing wrong...
  32. SylvainG

    Hot spot while driving and LTE service

    With the addition of using a hot spot while driving, what service will be unavailable if I do not register to the premium connectivity package and simply connect the car to my phone hot spot?
  33. SylvainG

    First time doing a software update...

    Updating to 2021.32.21. Staying in the car, surfing the web on my phone. The number of clunks, whirles and sounds the car makes when updating is well, unexpected.
  34. SylvainG

    Thumb Up/down songs in Streaming audio with multiple profiles

    Are the songs thumbs up/down in the Streaming service tied to a profile our are they the same for all the profiles?
  35. SylvainG

    Is the WiFi on the Model 3 really this weak or is it just mine?

    So at home. I had to put a repeater in the garage because my Tesla (parked in front of that garage) couldn't see my WiFi. Even then, it only got a 'dot and one bar'. I assumed the garage metal door was interfering with the signal. Tonight, I'm at the cottage and my WiFi reaches the lake front...
  36. SylvainG

    What happens if rear ended when stopped

    So, hoping it never happens but was wondering : If the brake setting are set to Hold, you're at a red light with the foot off the brake and someone rear ends you. Would the brake remain engaged and limit the car movement so I don't hit the car in front of me?
  37. SylvainG

    Anyone carry an emergency 12V tire compressor to allow to drive to a garage station to get a flat repaired.

    This is assuming you can't reach Tesla road service assistance or it will take too long for them to get to your location. If you're carrying one, which one and does it work well to inflate to 45 PSI? Thanks PS. I couldn't find Tesla's own compressor on their website this morning.

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