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  1. Cram collision

    For Trade 2017 Model X P100D

    I’m in Maine what’s your price in the market to purchase ASAP minus your price.....
  2. Cram collision

    New parking Spot!!

    OCD Maine roads suck in the winter
  3. Cram collision

    New parking Spot!!

    Benpak lift that isn’t anchored
  4. Cram collision

    New parking Spot!!

    Just finished my barn an made a little parking spot for my MS during the winter. And yes I turned off summons and chuck the wheels!!
  5. Cram collision

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    What if your car has route access and is shut off from Tesla does the token still change?
  6. Cram collision

    Repack/Grease my own halfshafts

    I rebuilt mine on my salvaged 75ds I was able to to reuse the clamps 7000 miles later still ok.
  7. Cram collision

    How long did it take for the shop to paint your calipers?

    All depends taking them off the and removing the pads 6 hours includes bleeding the brakes. 2 hours if your just masking them on the car.
  8. Cram collision

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Strange I ran a tab up to 600.00 plus in diagnostics and software updates with Phil all before any payment and Never had any problems with cumunication.
  9. Cram collision

    Can someone Calibrate Autopilot 2.0 on a Model S Facelift

    I had a similar problem on my salvaged / black sheep tesla. I removed the bumper had the car on level ground and took a level and adjusted the radar box to level and this is the gray area adjusted the left to right to center 100 feet out with string and a lot of measurements. After about 300...
  10. Cram collision

    Tamborine rattle from front suspension with knocking noise

    I fixed my rattle by first applying a then layer of grease to the top of the strut and then a healthy amount of window urethan to top of the strut and then reinstalled. Basically made a urethane bushing and no more rattle and yes mine sounded like a small band playing against the fire wall. I...
  11. Cram collision

    Tesla cripple model S stranding family

    Something that's overlooked here is at the rate insurance company's are totaling Tesla's not even the rish will be able to afford insurance on a tesla soon. A model 3 will be like a teenager trying to get full coverage on mustang gt.
  12. Cram collision

    Tesla cripple model S stranding family

    This may be from another thread but this is my view. A total is subjective decision not always made by trained professional but sometimes a pencil pusher looking at the numbers not the condition of the car.
  13. Cram collision

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Well fixed the rattle that I would of bet money was the dash. What I found on my 2016.5 was on the blisten strut was a thin plate maybe 2.5 mil thick that separated the strut mount plate and the strut from direct contact with the tower had a thick decal or part number that had worn through or...
  14. Cram collision

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    In my job constantly cars are totaled for various reasons that have nothing to do with the state of damage but more to do with rental fees and parts availability and does the customer want it back. 70 percent of the time the decision is made by a adjuster sitting in his car saying no way am I...
  15. Cram collision

    Tamborine rattle from front suspension with knocking noise

    My money is on upper strut plate.
  16. Cram collision

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    I've been fighting the dreaded rattling of the suspension. As a tech my self it's been a struggle but believe I've may off figured it out. I'll know tomorrow, I'm removing the right strut on my 2017 60d and going to attempt to remove the top strut plate and examine it. They only service it as a...
  17. Cram collision

    Software Update 2018.18

    Mobile service just left me for a screen replacement and said nothing to crazy in the new update. My 60 d has it and realease note is the same and nothing different on the app ether, even after updateing it.
  18. Cram collision

    Screen failure on a first hot day??

    Ya nearest SC 150 miles away, hoping they'll send a ranger with a screen
  19. Cram collision

    Screen failure on a first hot day??

    Lost my speedometer screen today on my first hot day with the 2016 ms. I'm pretty sure it's hardware if I tap the screen it gets worse and once the car cooled down it some what came back. Has any one seen this before.
  20. Cram collision

    Tesla server down?

    App is down also, started yesterday acting up off and on.
  21. Cram collision

    Did drive unit fluid change today

    The front is a bit more of a challenge, you have to remove the front tub and trim and remove the belly pan or lower front splashshield. Then there is a insulated cover on the drive unit that has Velcro that is bear and most be partially removed to gain access to drain plug. I believe it took...
  22. Cram collision

    Waiting a month for a new Windshield??

    Ordered my windshield through the SC and it took 2 months to get a AP 2.0 windshield. They had a issue with production and if you have it changed by a outside vendor have the light sensor swapped. The new glass comes with it but there have been reports of the right headlight failing to turn on...
  23. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    I work closely with about 90 percent of the insurance companies out there and have yet to run in to a insurance company that's not offering coverage ,now some have stengent rules on payout if it's totaled again. I use progressive witch is tough on payouts if it's a total. Safco, liberty...
  24. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

  25. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Yes it is, if any one interested pm me and I can send in process photos and caroliner printouts from the frame machine. Your correct the front rails do actually bolt in with 4 bolts and about 4 rivots and structural adhesive. The strut towers are the tough part they most be welded with a pulse...
  26. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    A tough crowd ( sarcasm or honest feedback) it's both I get it. As for a sucker burn every day that is basically a insult to me and says I'm trying to screw someone. I was upfront private message me for details or maybe you missed that. Stop being a jackass and just move on obviously the car...
  27. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Honestly after the feed back and toughcrowd here I did list it locally for 52,000 on Craigs list. I apologize for not updating the listing sooner.
  28. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    In my listening I asked please Pm me on questions. I'm busy but will take time to reply to serious offers. In the Tesla world this car is the black sheep no (pun intended!! )I'm not going to post the vin or give a ton details public. I've been furtinate to have help from the Tesla community and...
  29. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

  30. Cram collision

    My Salvage P85 rebuild

    I'm very interested also, if you can find time please PM me on the diagnostic screen (details)!!
  31. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Tried doing this from my IPhone I apologize It's the come here now option !!
  32. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Please excuse Model spelled wrong in the listing title I phone buttched it
  33. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    60 d that's upgradable to a 75d if you want to give tesla 2,000 dollars and it's approved for uncorking
  34. Cram collision

    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Just to quickly filter through buyer for this car it has a rebuilt title. Specs 2016.5 facelift 75 kw battery Software is 2018 10.4 Winter package 5 heated seats and steering wheel 19 inch slip streams custom painted Roof glass with sunroof Miles 7,500 driven daily Dual motors AP 2.0 that...
  35. Cram collision

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Not releasing it will only hurt them in the long run, who wants a car that can only be serviced at a rate of 175.00 an hour. The Tesla fleet is starting to age and if the value of them plumit because of reparability that in return effects insurance rates, loan rates and then no one wants...
  36. Cram collision

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    How much for the passenger upper rail off the strut tower toward the front that holds the fender Very interested
  37. Cram collision

    Brand New MS75 Battery Needs Service Error

    I know your all set with your warranty but if any one else gets in a bind Napa has a battery that will fit the tesla s 12volt pocket and specs. I've had it installed now for 5 months with no issues.
  38. Cram collision

    Anyone else almost die on 2018.6.1?

    The biggest issue I've had is small hills or dips in the road, the car thinks it needs to swerve.
  39. Cram collision

    How often to people try to race you?

    My 60 d in temps above 40 f in Maine has yet to lose a 0-60 or light to light race (instance Tourqe) I even launched on a plow truck with stacks in a blizzard the T badge just says race me!!
  40. Cram collision

    Salvaged Tesla all tinted

    Windows are 3m premium pre cuts and a small typo 25 percent on the windows
  41. Cram collision

    Salvaged Tesla all tinted

    Tinted tailights and 20 percent window tint all the way around. I added a custom gun metal color to the rims with some red to the brembo brakes. The rims started with a light silver and I added 6 coats of tinted tri coat to build a really nice candy effect on the rims. Next upgrade 75d
  42. Cram collision

    Salvaged or no?

    From the pics doesn’t justify a total, as for new drive unit can’t understand why a shop would say it need to be changed without eyes on it and inspection. Practice like this will only raise insurance rates for Tesla owners. Half the total Tesla’s out there wouldn’t be if certified shops and...
  43. Cram collision

    2015 s70 part out

    Do you have upper strut tower for the passenger side.
  44. Cram collision

    Calibrating autopilot ,radar,and cameras

    Thank you for the response, I took the bumper off 3 weeks ago and adjusted it similar to your suggestion and after a couple days of driving AP turned back on and has worked flawlessly since.
  45. Cram collision

    -30C(-22F) this week. How is your car handling it?

    Maine - with a tesla cold feet and really foggy windows. Tuesday was a record cold -23F on the tesla dash.
  46. Cram collision

    Model S - shimmy in the front with AWD and not RWD

    My car does it over 50mph tried rotating tires, my thoughts are it’s a cv axle or a wheel bearing. 2017 tesla 60d
  47. Cram collision

    Update "failed", but it didn't?

    Something in the hardware was mia or not responding ( door Handle ,sensor , pretty much anything )it’s flagging a problem you need to look in to.

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