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    Leak on passenger side A Pillar

    Curious if anyone has had issues with a leak from outside the car coming down the A Pillar into the passenger side floor? I have noticed after a car wash or heavy rain there is water staining on the A pillar trim and leaking down to the floor...anyone had this problem? It seems to be coming...
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    Lost 5 Miles of capacity in 24hr?!?!

    My 60 has consistently charged to 90% daily, sometimes multiple times a day and this has been ranging in the 175-177 mi range @ 90%. I had my speedo display replaced on Friday and updates software to the latest 6.2. On my first nightly 90% charge, I hit 176 mi and all was good. Last night I...
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    Seattle to Sunriver, OR in S60

    I'm curious if anyone has done this in a 60, or any Model S, and how long it took door-to-door.  It looks to be about 6hr of driving and 1.5-2hr of Supercharging.  Any advice or details of the trip would be great!
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    Brakes stuck after sitting?

    I had an interesting experience when trying to drive my tesla for the first time after having it sit in my garage for 8 days when out on vacation. I put the car into Drive and with creep on, it did not go anywhere. I thought creep was off, but it was engaged. I gave the accelerator a little...
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    Roof/Ski Rack Range Impact

    I recently installed the Whispbar rack on my car and did some range impact testing in various configurations. I have not seen many actual numbers shared on this topic and the range impact when hauling skis, bikes, kayaks, cargo haulers, etc., so figured I would share what I have observed so...
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    iPhone 6 + 6.0FW = Skipping Bluetooth Audio

    I know others have reported issues with the latest iPhone and recent calls and other issues pairing the phone, but what I am experiencing is a "skipping" in the bluetooth audio (music only) that makes it un-useable. It skips every 2-3 seconds. Tried rebooting but it didn't help. Anyone else...
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    S60/65 w/ 380HP RWD motor

    So do existing Model S60/85 on the road now have this 380HP motor? Or are our motors still 316HP? I am having a hard time understanding the update to the website and what lots of people are calling "marketing updates", but is there a different motor in 10/2014 builds than in the 6/2014 builds?
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    Bottoming Out

    This morning as I was slowly going over a speed bump in my work parking lot, I encountered a very powerful and loud "thud" on the underbody of the car. I have coils and have always been very careful when navigating any sort of situation when clearance might be an issue. I am not sure why I...
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    Does XPEL prevent this type of damage?

    I got hit on the hood and windshield today by a pretty large rock (golf ball sized?) and it left quite the damage. A deep gouge down to the aluminum and another down to some darker finish. I know XPEL helps with road chips but would it have prevented this type of damage from a larger object...
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    Cleaning Textile Seats

    It has been pretty hot lately in Seattle and I accidentally left a roll of deodorant/antiperspirant on my front seat while it was parked in the sun. It leaked onto the seat and has left a stain/mark on the textile and fake leather portion of the seats. At first I wiped it off and it seemed...
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    Unused tail light on trunk lid?

    While driving behind me this morning, my wife noticed that the lights on the interior of the trunk lid light assembly never come on in any of the modes. I searched video on Youtube and could not see anything that shows these actually coming on. What are they? Is this just a piece of plastic to...
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    Front diffuser damage

    My wife is not used to driving such a low car and has a bad track record of hitting immoveable objects when negotiating tight spaces. She has been making an effort to pay attention, but today I backed out of a parking space that she parked in and felt the front of the car lower off the parking...
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    No Tech Package - Keyless entry

    I took delivery of an S60 today with no tech package and was curious on a particular feature. I know the tech package had the auto-present handles, which would unlock the car and present to the driver with the key in the drivers pocket. I was told that with no tech package, they would not...
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    NEMA 14-50 charging question

    I know Supercharging/CHadeMO is a different type (DC) charging than the NEMA 14-50 (AC), but does the charging profile look the same? In other words, does the charging slow down as you get closer to a full-battery?
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    Dual Chargers in Seattle?

    I have a 60kwh on order (only 6 more weeks!) and have been thinking a lot lately about the charging on the go and using this car for day/overnight trips I might take around the area. Ideally I would never have to drive my "other" car again, so I was curious on the best options to get for...

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